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This was simply not a James Bond movie.
KayWeston16 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
What can I say? I fear this last installment of 007 will leave lots of die hard Bond movie fans (especially those older than 30) highly disappointed. No John Barry music theme throughout the movie (it only appears after the end titles); no classic line: "The name is Bond, James Bond"; no vodka Martini; no gadgets; no humor; no flirting with the ladies; this is just one of the many action movies out there. Too violent, too many killings, a very weak plot and in general all the characters are depicted in a very superficial way. It's not Daniel Craig's fault - his acting is admirable but it is obvious he had very little material to play with. Bond barely speaks throughout the movie! What were the director and the screen play writers thinking? When I go and see Bond I want to be entertained and I expect all the Bond movie clichés. What a shame if this is the way the future James Bond is going to be like.
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truly the worst movie i have seen in a while.
deme19952 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was absolutely awful. Terrible, worst Bond move ever. To start, we were the only ones in the movie theater at all. I watched the entire hour and 45 minutes and I still have no clue what happened. Every scene was exactly the same as the scene prior. And what's the deal with the "Quantum of Solace." Talk about pretentious. They might have maybe said quantum once, but never, in the entire film, was the word solace even muttered. The film was so boring that we were reduced to talking about whether the lights on the side of the theater wall were changed every season or whether they were the same throughout the entire year. Other conversation topics included AA meetings and texting about Wal-Mart. Although I did rather enjoy being alone in the theater. You could talk all you wanted and nobody would complain. My one friend has an uncle that lives in Panama and she recently visited him there. She insisted throughout the whole movie that the particular scene we were watching was filmed in Panama, but only portions of the movie were actually filmed there. I did have a nice lunch that day; a chef salad with no tomatoes and ranch dressing. I also enjoyed two diet sodas. My friends had a pulled pork sandwich and tuna salad. So all in all the film was depravitous, with a calculatory undertone. The solubity of it was the sum of the fact that we had to walk almost ten blocks in 40 degree weather to see this flop. Disgraceful, how dare they waste my precious time and money for this crock. I should be a movie critic(that was meant to be understood as introspective, do not read aloud by this writer.)...........fade away into the abyss.
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I don't believe it!
lionel-142 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I rate this as the most disappointing Bond film of all time. It bears no relationship to the Ian Fleming character he so cleverly created.

Neither does it have any of the excitement and invention we have come to expect of this fantastic series. A very poor script and a visual mess. The editing and pace of this film does not help, and it leaves the audience lost because of the uninteresting plot.

There are no Bond anecdotes whatsoever. Presumably the production team have decided to remove all those traditional moments that most of us thoroughly enjoyed, completely spoiling the subtlety and identity of the whole James Bond character and leaving Daniel Craig virtually without a single moment of humour in the entire boring saga. No gadgets to excite or amuse the audience, and nothing creative apart from one blurry very badly edited chase after another all through the film.

There was not even a titter of laughter at any point from the audience I watched it with, at the Odeon Leicester Square. Surely this must be the most dire Bond film ever made. there is not one single joke or light hearted aside in the entire movie.

Even the girls are very disappointing and fail to add the slightest hint of glamour or sexiness to this extremely boring epic .

It's possible that some of the original John Barry music may have helped the film gather pace, but even that has been reduced to short bursts of the Bond theme at the beginning and end. Instead, the score lacks any particular theme or memorable melodies that normally compliment a decent James Bond film.

I could hardly wait for it to end, and I am amazed that Craig or his agents did not demand some script changes to help keep him in character as James Bond.
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This Is The Game!
Geth Hunter25 July 2010
This is the Xbox 360 Review:

I am sick and tired of the brainless idiots who write in their barely formed words which,when translated from Retardeese,say that this is the worst Bond film ever made.I have to agree,the film sucked,But this is the page for the video game!Write reviews for the film on the film page,and write reviews for the game on the game page!If IMDb let me write in all capitals,I gladly would. Now that I've got that out of the way,onto the game itself.

STORY:This isn't really a Quantum of Solace game,because most of the game is set in a flashback Bond has about the moments in Casino Royale and Vesper,because there wasn't a Casino Royale game made and the plot for Quantum of Solace is rubbish.So yeah,you get to sneak around the Casino,or just stumble around drugged,there is the famous construction site chase scene at the start of the film and there is a much longer Miami chapter than in Casino Royale,where instead of just putting your foot in the door and then leaving,two of the 12 levels are dedicated to just that moment.I have to take away a mark for the hotel five hundred miles away from anything in the Quantum part,but it's still great.9 out of 10.

GRAPHICS:Very nice,with good use of lighting.Animations look fluid,textures are very rarely repeated and character modeling is excellent,with special attention payed to Daniel Craig,which is good because he'll be staring at you for half the game,which I will explain later.Some cutscenes,especially the very first one,can have boring textures and jumps in speed,but still a good job of making everything feel like the movies.9 out of 10.

GAMEPLAY:The game runs on the Call of Duty 4 engine.It switches between first person walking and third person over-the-shoulder cover.Simply look at a piece of cover and at the tap of the A button (or X if your in Sony world)you dash to cover and can't get hit.The cover mechanics aren't in any way revolutionary but there are quite a few standard options.You can look over,blind fire,dash to cover in front of you,switch to a cover beside you and the like.Sprinting to an enemy automatically engages you in hand-to-hand combat,where you press the highlighted button and watch as Danny beats the crap out of them.For the fans of Sam Fisher,there are stealth parts put in for good measure.You can carry your trusty pistol which cannot be swapped as well as two enemy guns of your choice.There are shotguns and miniguns lying around somewhere in each level.Can you find them all?

SOUND:Good soundtrack,satisfying bangs coming out of guns and voice overs done by the actual cast and not by some teenager picked off the street.Some tunes may stick in your head,such as the violins in Sink Hole.Not much else to say.At least it's not like listening to Hanna Montanna.

LASTING APPEAL:Going around the game takes about 9 hours on normal,some may even manage it in 6.There are online modes and four difficulty settings,but no split-screen or four player deathmatches.An enjoyable rental title for a week or two.

CLOSING COMMENTS:Quantum of Solace is better in every way than the film that spawned it.Brilliant graphics,excellent gameplay,online multiplayer modes and great voice overs,Quantum of Solace is a game that Bond fans shouldn't miss.Now all we need is the next generation Goldeneye.Come on Microsoft!Come over an agreement with Rare!Anyway,9 out of 10.
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So disappointing
bmw-guy27 December 2009
Who do you blame for such a terrible Bond movie? Would it be the director, producers or both? Certainly can't lay it on the actors given the weak dialogue and lame story line they got stuck with. The action scenes are for lack of a better description, flash cut, meaning that each camera angle shot lasts for no more than a few seconds and when combined it becomes utterly disjointed and physically uncomfortable to watch resulting in a most tedious experience. Suffice to say that this movie failed in every element that makes a BOND movie a BOND movie: actions scenes were unwatchable/boring, bond women/drab, plot/lame, intensity/zero, fun stuff/none. I watched Quantum on my home theatre system via subscription movie channel. However, if I had gone to an actual movie theatre like I have for all previous Bond movies I would have been really offended.

So now for the depressing part; I read that Quantum was the second highest grossing Bond movie to date so my fear is that the producers of the next bond movie will have no incentive to deviate from their current formula and will deliver yet another most substandard effort. I will hope for the opposite, but I'm not holding my breath because Quantum was really, really, that BAD.
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thomasrbendall19 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
All action, no plot It was extremely disappointed, especially after Casino Royale was so good!

The plot and characters were weak. The end was dull with no real conclusion, the villain was just left, although he was killed, but not by Bond. I thought the best character was Agent Fields, and she got killed off after about half an hour!

A lot of people have also stated about the title, but I think it's good, It's mysterious, it was designed especially for Bond by his creator (Fleming) rather than by a balding producer or already bald director!

Too much trying to be like Bourne, not enough trying to be like Bond for me. Lets hope the next installment makes up for it.
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The end of the icon
Dave-18928 November 2008
This is the second Bond film with Daniel Craig and gone are the standards we have come to expect: "Bond, James Bond," "shaken, not stirred." Minor points, yes, but standards nevertheless.

The movie is plot less. Bond is emotionless. The movie lacks in so many ways except one: chase scenes. Characters are introduced without any basis. An unknown organization is named once but without any details. The leader is exposed but with know indication as to what they're up to. A poor end to a once great character (glad I have the old ones on DVD).

Daniel Craig doesn't know how to smile and the movie fails to deliver. A huge disappointment. Thus, the "4" (and I as kind).
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Bond is gone.
j_imdb-1043 June 2009
James Bond lost his sense of humor, he lost his personality, lost his gadgets, lost Q and lost Moneypenny. James Bond, and with him the original 007 concept, is gone. For anyone that likes cell-phones by the way: most of this film is based upon this only surviving gadget. Bond can't even pee without his phone, during half of the movie he is busy making calls ... The action shots are too fast, quick-cut, you can't properly see what is going on. The story is amazingly thin, the characters are flat and boring. A movie that makes no impression at all, a movie to be quickly forgotten. Please, please, please, give us the real Bond back!
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Bond's revenge makes for a poor plot!
skatman4422 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Bond movies are Bond movies. There are things that one has grown to expect when seeing a Bond movie. Things like great cars, cool gadgets, beautiful women with catchy names and bad guys that give Bond a run for his money. Although Quantum of Solace had great action for a Bond movie it is lacking in the all the other departments. There are hardly any awesome gadgets very few great cars, and the lead actress Olga Kurylenko doesn't show any skin or get with Bond. Since when did James Bond not get the girl in a Bond movie?? How can she even be called a "Bond girl" if she doesn't sleep with James Bond? Despite all this I thought Quantum of Solace had a weak story line. The fact that there was a secret organization that MI6 doesn't know about that is everywhere including within MI6 itself was great and film makers should have run with it as a bad guy like secret service, not a group of powerful people who are buying up land and creating a drought to take water from not important countries. On the other hand yes I get that Bond wants revenge for the death of his lover Vesper form Casino Royale and that sets up for a angry Bond and a movie with lots of action but Quantum of Solace could have went a whole different direction that would have made for a much more interesting film. All-in-all this was great action film that doesn't live up to the Bond quality we have been used to.
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Damaged Goods
MGMboy29 January 2009
Some reviewers and fans of the Bond films have complained that this film is a lesser effort in the series and pales in comparison to "Casino Royale". They have missed something important in their assessment of the film. When Dominic Green says to Bond that he and Camille Montez have something in common, that they are both "Damaged goods" he has clearly put before the audience the crux of the film that is "Quantum of Solace". The film picks up only minutes after the end of "Casino Royale" and we are presented with a very damaged and changed James Bond. As revealed in the first film by Vesper Lynd's assessment of him upon their first meeting on the train, James Bond is a man who came up from humble beginnings and was given a privileged education but never allowed to forget his low origins. This has made him a very guarded loner with a chip on his shoulder, a perfect candidate for recruitment by MI6. In his words to her later on in the film,Vesper has "stripped me of my armor." But by the end of that film he is a man scarred by the death of his love, the armor is back on never to be penetrated again. He is now becoming the Bond of legend and a man bent on revenge. So in "Quantum" there is no reason for the old fashioned quips or much humor in this man. Yet if you pay attention the character of James Bond as played by the incomparable Daniel Craig he lets us see that there are cracks in the armor. Something of a human heart still exists in him. This is played out in the scene after the plane crash where Camille asks him about his past. Craig shows it in his eyes in the most marvelous example of his layered and subtle acting style. Craig builds and molds a deeper, darker more complex Bond than we have ever seen before, a character more true to the books than in previous incarnations of Bond. The action in the film is superlative and stylish. The opening car chase is indeed a nail biter only surpassed by the Sienna chase moments later. This too is then topped by the DC10 aerial battle towards the end of the film. The stunts are breathtaking and propel the film at top notch speed. But perhaps the most stunning and original sequence is the gun fight in the restaurant at the Opera house. This is played without sound effect as the score of "Tosca" commands the ear and heightens the emotion of the scene. This is inspired and brilliant film making taking in account all aspects of editing, cinematography, score, and acting. And since I mentioned music I cannot leave out the incredible delicious score by David Arnold who has infused his Bond scores with the much need taste of John Barry. He captures the glorious Barry sound and builds brilliantly upon it. All the principle players give superlative performances. Judi Dench command attention as she always has as "M". Giancarlo Giannini redeems himself and is truly touching as Mathis. Mathieu Amalic is appropriately slithery and devious as the villain Green. As Agent Fields, Miss Gemma Arterton brings a light and fun light to the film. Finally in the role of Camille Olga Kurylenko holds her own opposite Daniel Craig. This is no mean feat and she is wonderful, athletic and touching in the film. In the end Bond does find a quantum of solace and ends the film in a telling way. A small gesture that lets us know he is now moving on but not without a tinge of sadness. This beautiful sad ending is a refreshing and moving way to end a Bond film. "Quantum of Solace" is a fast paced film that demands attention to the small details and respect for superlative performances by all involved from the director Marc Forster to the entire cast and crew.
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