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Aztec Routes of Mexico

Andrew Zimmern explores ancient superfoods, heirloom seeds and indigenous culinary traditions of Aztec Mexico; he eats wild boar with native cactus, stinkbug salsa and seven-chili rabbit before trying sweaty tacos ...

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27 Apr. 2011
Taste of the Tropic
Andrew visits the tropical locations of the Caribbean and the Americas.
Aug. 2013
Rhode Island
Andrew Zimmern visits RI where food is a blend of tradition and high tech.
26 Apr. 2016
Street Food USA
From food truck tongue tacos to state fair fried alligator, Spam sushi to elk sausage, Andrew Zimmern hits the streets to find the best street foods offered from coast to coast and everywhere in between.
3 May 2016
The Great Food Frontier
From pioneering chefs to revolutionary flavors, Andrew Zimmern reveals the rebels throwing the recipe book out the window with pine cone ice cream, camel ribs and more.
31 May 2016
Street Foods Worldwide
Andrew searches global markets to find cultural foods. From Jamaica's cow skin soup to Morocco's camel ribs, and Nicaragua's raw bull testicles to Panama's iguana eggs, market foods always reflect the truest taste of a country.
7 Jun. 2016
What's Your Beef?
Andrew explores beef-eating cultures around the world. From whole cow head BBQ in Texas to Guatemalan cow eyeball cocktails, raw bull penis in Bangkok to fresh blood in Tanzania, craving cow is a tradition all over the world.

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