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Joss Whedon credits "The Guild" as one of the inspirations for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008), which also starred Day.
Clara's living room and kitchen, Tinkerballa's bedroom, Vork's shed, and Bladezz garage are all sets based in Felicia Day's real house to cut costs down on production. Venom's bedroom in season 3 was actually the flip-side the room that Tinkerballa gamed from.
Several of the outdoor scenes were shot in residential areas without permission, causing Felicia Day to be constantly on edge while filming.
The frequent references to Codex's anxiety issues stem from Felicia Day's real life struggle with anxiety. As a coping mechanism, she often writes dialogue for Codex which refers to her own anxiety and fears.
Felicia Day is a professional violinist and has a Bachelor's degree in violin performance.
Much of the dialogue is ad-libbed and improvised.
The game that The Guild play is literally called 'The Game', and is even shown illustrated in several signs and on video game boxes in the backgrounds of various seasons. This was to avoid any copyright issues and make the game more general.
The show receives some of its funding from viewer donations.
The series has won several awards since its launch, and in February 2009, 'Rolling Stone' named it one of "The Net's Best Serial Shows".
In season 2, various photographs of Codex sleeping, sitting on the toilet and going on with her life unaware of being filmed, can be seen on the bulletin board behind Zaboo's desk.
As of August 2010 it had over 45 million upload views on YouTube.
The actor who plays Bladezz (Vincent Caso) and the actress who plays his little sister, Dena (Tara Caso), are real life brother and sister.
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Codex and Fawkes relationship was initially penned to last slightly longer than it did, and initially, Codex's keeping their dating a secret from the guild had been a massive plot point for season 4. Later, Felicia felt it would be much funnier to change this to Codex's lying about having a relationship with Fawkes to save face.
While in real life, each season is filmed a year apart over the space of a few months, for the storyline the time between each season is a few days/a couple of weeks.
Bladezz real name was revealed on an audition DVD in season 4 as 'Simon Kemplar'.

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