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Professional acting

Author: Strofer from United Kingdom
11 January 2008

Being a gamer myself, I was immediately drawn in to the Guild's little world. The characters reminded me of some of my own online friends. I was impressed by the quality of the acting, all the performers are more than competent and, judging by the 'Gag Reel' they posted, do a fair bit of ad-libbing. Even if you are not a gamer, 'The Guild' is funny for it's portrayal of the inter-personal relationships between people who are only used to talking to faceless colleagues. I was particularly impressed with Felicia Day who plays Codex and her depiction of the archetypal addicted gamer, struggling to cope with everyday life. Her reaction to Zaboo, one of her online friends, suddenly turning up on her doorstep is priceless.

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Awesome...Totally Awesome

Author: CSMITH424 from United States
8 February 2008

I stumbled on this while playing around on ITunes. I have to say this is by far the most entertaining and amusing pod-cast I have ever seen. The combination of "The Office" and RPG's is the most original concept I have ever seen. It is painfully obvious that someone on the writing staff is a Gamer. The only possible complaint I could have is that the episodes are too short. I would actually watch a 30 minute episode of this on television. Of course I am a geek, which drew me into this in the first place. I watched the first five episodes immediately, and as soon as I found the official website, I watched episode 6. I cannot wait for the newer episodes to release. I think I can say I'm truly a Guild junkie. Plus, Codex is HOT!!!

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Short but sweet

Author: jimmietee from United States
18 December 2007

This hilarious series addresses the real "lives" people spending large amounts of time with each other but only online.

Told in shorts, the series' blazing pace is maintained by Felicia Day's manic character trying to work out problems like her friend's characters dying as she is on the phone with her psychiatrist about her obsessive game playing or finding 'Zaboo', another character in her online guild who she has flirted with in game, suddenly appearing on her doorstep in real life.

The episodic format develops the characters as much in sight gags as in dialog. Never having quite enough time to fully explore any of the many nuances of both the characters or situations The Guild still frequently makes you laugh at each.

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Very enjoyable, even if you know nothing of gaming

Author: I_saw_it_happen from United States
4 June 2010

This is a great little show. While some people seem to have been able to see it in 'podcasts', I saw the three 'long' episodes, each one about as long as a short movie, and all of which run back to back very nicely. The show has a slow start, and the end of the first 'installment' is a bit hokey, but all in all, it's a fantastic effort which is thoroughly enjoyable.

I know next to nothing about 'gaming', and while I get the feeling that some of the more 'inside' humor relating to the gaming community may have indeed flown over my head, I think the real 'substance' of the show has less to do with gaming, per se, than the obsessions which otherwise socially reclusive people bond over. Anyone who has been obsessed with anything --- be it gaming, music, any strain of 'fandom', or any fixation on a past-time considered 'uncool' will be able to enjoy this show.

But most importantly, 'the Guild' doesn't waste too much time playing the 'cool kids/not cool kids' cliché that you might expect. Most of the social conflict arises between the defensive postures of gamers taking themselves too seriously. Some of the point of this show is, indeed, nobody is all that cool. And so embrace your inner geek and enjoy. Recommended.

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Funniest web...uh...thing....ever

Author: ffiisshh from Earth
4 August 2010

I watched the first three seasons of "The Guild" and I haven't laughed so hard in years. My wife doesn't get it; My friends do't get it, but I do, and that's all that counts. Although I am an older dude (in my 40's and I am an X-Box gamer) and I don't do any on-line role playing, I was heavily into Dungeons and Dragons as a teen, so I can totally appreciate and relate to all of the characters' personality types. I can especially relate to Vork as "the Dungeon Master" type, taking his little world way too seriously to the point of being oblivious to life's nuances. Bladezz - I knew a kid who looked and sounded just like him, in the 80's, ...Didn't we all? Clara, the mom who neglects her family in favor of the Guild (hey, that's me!). Tink, the ultimate opportunist....And Codex....ahhh....Codex, trying to keep it all together. Felicia Day is absolutely a comic genius...I wonder if she realizes this yet. Anyway, watch The Guild, you'll laugh yourself silly.

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OMG! It's my guild on film (LMAO)

Author: Lazzarith from United States
30 March 2009

Self directed, produced, written and even acted by many of the cast, this series of shorts brings life of online role playing games and the culture it carries to light in such a hilarious manner. I couldn't help but laugh at every episode and try to see another guild member of mine in The Guild's characters. I was in stitches from the first episode and couldn't stop watching until the season(s) were over. Fantastic acting with humor that is original. Not just original in the sense of hey they went somewhere else with that... ABSOLUTELY original, like when someone finally invented the wheel. There is nothing like it.

If you know of someone, heard of someone, or you are that someone that plays Role Playing Games online, no matter the title of the game, you will see yourself in one of these character, or even a bit of yourself in all of them. I am amazed at how they zoned into the in-game language used and managed to depict life under a headset so well. If you cannot laugh at this series, then I doubt there is anything you would find humorous.

Time well spent!!!!!

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Great show!

Author: Eric Alves from Massachusetts
4 August 2008

This is a great series. The acting is very impressive and I can't wait for season two. I have not been as addicting to online gaming as the characters but the story line and comedy is very satisfying. The acting is also very awesome. Felica Day does an great job as portraying an addicted gamer with a weird friend that is now living in her home with a crazy mother. The entire cast does a great job and they are all hilarious. I, again, can't wait for season two and I'm sure it will win more awards for the series, including another youtube award (which doesn't seem to be listed on this site :(). But again no complains about anything dealing with this show. So great job everyone working on this show!

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Creative beyond doubt

Author: copperncherrio from United States
13 March 2011

Do not be fooled by the pictures, watch a few episodes and you will be quickly charmed. A guild (not game specific) of somewhat typical gamers meet each other and interact with one another in real life. Starring Felicia Day (possibly the prettiest "nerd"redhead) among other actors that you've may seen randomly throughout the world of pop culture.

The show studies their social quirks as well as chronicles their mishaps as well as social situations that they get into as a result of their social ineptitude. The writing and production scale of this show is fairly high. And there's a lot of work that went into this show and you would appreciate the creativity of The Guild.

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Not just for Gamers... But a show any gamer will enjoy!

Author: Haccubus from Michigan
13 October 2010

This series is intelligent, creative, hilarious and... very, very short! If there was only one thing I didn't like about it, it's that there isn't more of it to go around. But thus is the paradox of the web-series.

This show can appeal to not just a niche, but a full subculture, a vastly ever growing community of people: known affectionately as "The Gamers". "The Guild" takes you into the lives of 6 gamers who all play the same unnamed MMORPG on a 'locals only' server. Thusly all characters happen to live near each other as well as play with each other in "The Game". The series starts out with them first meeting each in real life, and the wacky adventures that proceed.

Most of the characters are top-notch. Codex's (Felicia Day) charm is unforgettable. She stars in the series and is as beautiful as she is painfully uncertain with herself. She is and will continue to be a fun and interesting character. Felicia Day is also the writer, producer and creator of The Guild and will clearly be someone to look forward to seeing in other projects in the future!

Vork (Jeff Lewis) & Zaboo (Sandeep Parikh) have a comedic-chemistry that is unmatched even in many higher budget productions. If you don't mind conversations heavily laden with web/game lingo, then you will likely find these two to be a goldmine of LOL's.

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Truly one of the funniest things ever!

Author: silverkelt from Maine, USA
28 January 2013

First, if you ever delved into the world of any online gaming community, you will understand most of the references, puns, innuendos and jokes.

Secondly, this maybe the funniest thing I've seen since Sienfield, and it will always be buried under the sub-climate of gaming.

There are so many great parallels that you can see in yourself if you have done the role playing online game thing.

I cant express what you are missing in this show if you haven't seen it. Go FIND it now.


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