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"Weeds" The Whole Blah Damn Thing (2008)

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Nancy stands in front of her comatose-ish mother-in-law, playing "how out of it is the woman on the respirator?" to see if Bubbie will react to her. Nothing.

Andy walks in wearing one of Bubbie's short house coats. He slept outside because Bubbie was creeping him out. He tells Nancy about Bubbie's death wish. Len comes downstairs, ranting. Refusing to talk to Andy about Bubbie.

Celia, in prison gear, meets with Roy Till. He says there's a small chance for her to clear her name. If she can find Nancy, determine how she knows Guillermo and what they're up to, he might help her. Guillermo's Puerto Rican. How he ended up running a big Mexican drug cartel is something of a mystery to the DEA. Till pumps up Celia to turn narc.

Guillermo and Nancy review the tape of her border crossing. They especially like her use of a latte cup as a toilet. No biggie, though, another guy in the crew once took a dook in a bread bag. Guillermo points out her missteps. She was stopped because of the peeing, because she went through right after shift change when border guards are fresh and eager, because she wore that ridiculous "check my s--- out technicolor slut suit on the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday. Why you calling attention to yourself?" He advises her to get some J. Crew.

He points out she was twitching way too much, from coffee. The face cream line was good, but she should have known the brand name and had an empty container.

She's fired up to try again. But this time she's taking Guillermo's ride.

Andy meets with Silas and Shane, secret conference in the weed-mobile. He begins: "There's really no easy way to say this..." Silas: "You want to kill Bubbie." Andy: "No. But mostly yes." He gives a pitch for doing the humane thing. Shane approves. Silas says they don't have a lot of family, do they really want to kill one off? "I wish you wouldn't make killing her sound so much like killing her," Andy says.

"Sure, death is not big deal. Because life is just blah, blah, blah," says Silas. Andy presents his dissertation on life: "Look, Silas. Life is just blah, blah, blah. You hope for blah, and sometimes you find it, but mostly it's blah, and waiting for blah and hoping you were right about the blahs you made. And then, just when you think you've got the whole blah damn thing figured out and you're surrounded by the people you blah, death shows up. And blah, blah, blah."

Somehow, this works. Silas is on board. Andy suggests a unified front, three-man approach, that involves Silas and Andy cowering in the van while Shane talks to Len.

Out of jail, Celia sneaks into Dean's hotel room. She finds his phone. A text from Shane saying the town they're in is full of "beach nazis."Celia has a location.

Down in Tijuana, Nancy waits for Guillermo's car to be drug retrofitted. She's tricked out her best cardigan, khaki shorts and golf visor. She watches as they put weed into spaces in the car. A man climbs into the space under the backseat. Her smuggling cargo has been upgraded to breathing status.

Silas walks in to talk to Len. He's not receptive to discussions about killing his mother. Len tries to psych Shane out by sitting him by Bubbie. He addresses her directly, saying she has the right to choose her death.

Len asks Shane if he'd want to kill his mom. If she asked him to kill her he would. Len is having problems letting go. He shows Shane how to pull the plug, putting the cord in his hand. Super parenting. Shane can't.

Nancy's through the border. She wants to celebrate in Spanish, getting language lessons from the guy under her backseat. She gets lost on the way to Guillermo's. She keeps hitting potholes, which backseat-dweller, banging around in his tiny compartment, does not appreciate. She pulls up to a warehouse. Then climbs under the door. The warehouse is empty. They're gone.

The guy in the seat wants out. She declines. "No, I want to, but you're a criminal of some sort and we're alone. Sorry. I'm sure you're quite possibly a very nice Mexican man who loves his mother, but you might want to make a hat out of my kidney. So well get you out soonish."

Len sits on the beach with a cooler. Andy tries to talk to him. Len gives him a beer, but only if he won't speak. Andy doesn't. They sit in silence. Len kicks him. "Say it, you want me to kill my mother." Andy points out that Len could have not translated his mother's Yiddish death wish, but he did. Andy gets him to admit he wants it all to be over.

They argue over who should do the honors. Len suggests Nancy. "Bubbie did say bringing not-Francie into the family would kill her," Andy says.

Nancy drives around with some drugs and one trapped Mexican. She drives home, always the criminal mastermind.

Andy greets her, somber and serious. Tells her they're saying their good-byes, that they've decided to pull the plug. And that she should do it.

Her phone rings. Guillermo. He's outside. Plug-pulling will have to wait.

She meets them outside. They had a security problem. They found her house using her GPS.

Celia is lurking in a car parked across the street. She tries to get pictures of Guillermo and Nancy together, but her disposable camera won't work. Nice DEA operation.

Doug and Dean hang out, watching the foot porn Andy made in a previous season. There's a knock at the door. It's the "cankles" city council president. She wants answers about some discrepancies in the insurance on the municipal building, which has since burned to the ground. Doug has answered the door in the throes of enjoying the porn, she notices. He shuts the door to grab some pants. Then grabs his Armageddon bag and slips out the window.

Back at the house, Nancy tries to say good-bye to Bubbie (realizing she doesn't know her real name). She holds a candle and gives a mostly heartfelt good-bye. Pan back to see she's standing at the circuit breaker box by herself. The family is in the other room around Bubbie. Nancy throws a circuit breaker. Not the right one. Then another. Then the right one. They watch Bubbie in the dark.

Cut to outside. Shane's voice: "She's still breathing." Nancy: "Shane, get Mommy a pillow."

Fade out.


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