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Hollywood legend Nicolas Cage is at his gonzo, gurning, goofball best as an American man on a mission to Pakistan to single-handedly mount a war on terror, in the most outrageously hilarious culture clash comedy to hit the screen since Borat, and directed by the comedy genius behind that film, Larry Charles. It’s made all the more berserk and bizarre by the fact that it is a true story.


Eccentric ex-convict Gary Faulkner has a vision from God, telling him he must single-handedly mount a war on terror. Faulkner, armed with a single samurai sword bought from a home shopping channel, travels from the Us to Pakistan to embark on his highly dangerous and foolhardy mission – where he runs into bemused locals, irate CIA men, and even America’s most wanted, Osama bin Laden himself.

Army of One is available to rent on VOD and Digital HD from 19th December.
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Film Producer David Bergstein Arrested In $26 Million Fraud Case

Film Producer David Bergstein Arrested In $26 Million Fraud Case
David Bergstein, the high-flying producer, financier and philanthropist, has been arrested by the FBI and charged with defrauding investors out of more than $26 million. His executive producer credits include Accidental Love, Father Of Invention, and last year's box office dud In The Heart Of The Sea, but none of the investors he's charged with swindling appear to have been involved in the movie business. According to an indictment unsealed in Manhattan federal court…
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Review: ‘Hangover’-Esque Comedy ‘Search Party’ Starring Adam Pally, T.J. Miller, Alison Brie & Thomas Middleditch

When a film has been delayed for several years, it doesn’t have to be a bad sign. Sure, more often than not you have a situation like the recent “Jane Got A Gun” or “Serena” or “Nailed”/“Accidental Love,” a film with a troubled production, disavowed by key personnel, recut by financiers and eventually dumped by […]

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Clive Owen, Jessica Biel attached to 'Invisible'

  • ScreenDaily
The pair are attached to star in Danis Tanovic’s drama from Good Films, which Good Universe brings to worldwide buyers in Cannes.

Production on Invisible is set to begin in London in October. Miriam Segal produces for Good Films.

Croatian playwright Tena Stivicic will adapt the screenplay from her play of the same name about the lives of immigrants in London.

Owen will next be seen in Luc Besson’s action Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, while Biel recently starred in David O. Russell’s Accidental Love.

Tanovic won the Fipresci Prize and Silver Berlin Bear in February for Death In Sarajevo.

Good Films and Good Universe are also collaborating on Dakota Fanning starrer The Postcard Killings, which Janusz Kaminski will direct.
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Demolition review: “Interesting and brave”

Demolition review: Jake Gyllenhaal gives another strong turn as he teams with Dallas Buyer’s Club director Jean-Marc Vallée.

Kat Hughes takes a look at the latest Jake Gyllenhaal movie, which teams him with Naomi Watts. Check out our Demolition review below.

Demolition review

Can you believe its been fifteen years since the release of Richard Kelly’s Donnie Darko, the film which launched actor Jake Gyllenhaal? Since then Gyllenhaal, more than some of his peers, has been drawn to some dark and different projects. He has still hit a couple of speed bumps along the way – Prince of Persia: Sands of Time proved that Gyllenhaal isn’t cut out to be action hero, and his attempt at romantic comedies (Accidental Love, Love & Other Drugs) both died at the box office. Unlike most though, Gyllenhaal learns from his mistakes and Demolition is yet another bold choice from the actor.
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Guy Lodge’s Top 10 Films of 2015

Guy Lodge’s Top 10 Films of 2015
To begin, a confession: I never wrote a top-10 list for 2014. At least, I never finished writing one. Life, work and Christmas got in the way, and January crept up before I knew it. A few weeks on, with 2015 films already filling my thoughts, I began to flesh out the list of titles I had drawn up, only to find myself already questioning the inclusions and the order: Why Film X and not Film Y? Why do I keep thinking more about Film Z than either? The longer I thought about it, the less connected to the list I felt — even as many of the films on it continued to warm my memory. Eventually, the moment simply seemed to have passed: Who needed my list at that point anyway?

Still, any list of favorite things is a transient object. Ironically, that impermanence is what gives it value, reflecting a personal
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Watch: 43-Minute With David O. Russell & 'Mad Men' Creator Matthew Weiner About 'Joy,' And More

After the critical misfire that was “I Heart Huckabees” and the infamously troubled production of what would eventually become known as “Accidental Love,” few could have predicted David O. Russell’s second act. Starting with 2010’s “The Fighter,” not only has Russell found a new troupe of actors that loves working with him (including what is now essentially his muse, à la Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese, in the form of Jennifer Lawrence), but he’s also found great success during awards season. In ten days, Russell’s latest awards-season salvo, the Lawrence-starring “Joy,” will open during a crowded holiday season, and the studio is throwing the marketing machine into high gear to compete. If you’ve found yourself wondering what exactly “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner has been up to since the ending of his show, it turns out that he’s become the president of Russell’s fan club.
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Review: Jennifer Lawrence gives her all but can't quite make 'Joy' fly

  • Hitfix
Review: Jennifer Lawrence gives her all but can't quite make 'Joy' fly
David O. Russell's career can be divided right down the middle at this point between the movies he made before the horrible nail-related head injury and the movies he made after it. Now, I'm not implying he had a head injury, of course. I'm referring to the film that was eventually released as "Accidental Love," which finally snuck onto Blu-ray this year. It's a terrible movie by any metric, and one of the saddest things about it is watching just how flat every attempt at humor falls in it. I am an unrepentant fan of "I Heart Huckabees," the last of the "old" Russell films, but it felt even at the time like he had followed that particular sensibility as far as he possibly could. It was six years until he roared back to life, suddenly transformed into the most reliable "I will get you nominated for an acting
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Addicted to Fresno review – ill-considered coupling, accidental killing

Laughter is in short supply in this wacky farce about codependent sisters

There’s a lot of talent on screen in Jamie Babbit’s dysfunctional farce about codependent sisters embroiled in a spiralling web of ill-considered coupling and accidental killing. Sadly, the cast can’t save Karey Dornetto’s script from the slough of wacky despond as sex addict Shannon (Judy Greer) drags long-suffering Martha (Natasha Lyonne) away from the would-be welcoming arms of fitness instructor Kelly (Aubrey Plaza) to help her dispose of an inconvenient stiff.

Naff jokes about rape, the Holocaust, and the wretchedness of Fresno leave laughter in short supply as the shrieky action pinballs self-consciously from barmitzvahs to pet cemeteries. Tonally, it’s not a million miles away from the aggravating screwball of Accidental Love, but at least director David O Russell disowned that recut catastrophe.

Continue reading...
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Listen: 64-Minute Talk With Jake Gyllenhaal About His Career, Physical Tranformations, And Why Actings Is Like Super Mario Brothers

If he's not the most prolific actor working in Hollywood today, Jake Gyllenhaal is nonetheless one of the most interesting. This year, he’s in “Everest” and “Southpaw” (and the years-late release of “Accidental Love,” but let’s forgive him that one). He also wrapped “Demolition” a film that premiered at Toronto International Film Festival in early September and is slated for an April 2016 U.S. release. All this after a year in which he scored numerous nominations and plaudits for his portrayal of Louis Bloom in the incredible “Nightcrawler.” Yet, as Sam Jones, host of the TV show and podcast “Off Camera” explains, "the most profound change [Gyllenhaal has] made in recent years is one we probably didn’t realize we were witnessing, and that’s what I wanted to talk to him about. After his work in ‘Donnie Darko’ and ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ Jake found himself in the position of being
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Tracy Morgan to return to big screen for Ice Cube-Charlie Day comedy Fist Fight

Actor/comedian Tracy Morgan may still be recovering from last year’s serious car crash which resulted in the death of his friend James McNair and left him with several injuries, but it looks like he’s ready to return to film. The Wrap reports that Morgan is in talks to join Ice Cube (21 Jump Street) and Charlie Day (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) in New Line’s upcoming comedy Fist Fight. The role will be Morgan’s first since the June 2014 accident.

Fist Fight will tell the story of an amiable teacher, played by Day, who is challenged to a fist fight by a stronger co-worker, played by Cube. Richie Keen (Maron) will direct a cast that also includes Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) as the school’s principal and Jillian Bell (22 Jump Street) as a guidance counselor. Evan Susser and Van Robichaux have penned the script, while Shawn Levy,
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Tracy Morgan Returns to Movies in Ice Cube's 'Fist Fight'

  • MovieWeb
Tracy Morgan Returns to Movies in Ice Cube's 'Fist Fight'
One of the big surprises at last night's 67th Primetime Emmy Awards was the return of Tracy Morgan, who presented the last award of the night. He received a standing ovation from the crowd for his surprise appearance, which came more than a year after he suffered severe injuries from a car accident last summer. Today we have word from The Hollywood Reporter that the actor is in talks to join his first movie since the accident, New Line Cinema's Fist Fight.

We first reported on First Fight back in June, when Ice Cube and Charlie Day signed on to star. The plot has been compared to the 1987 cult classic comedy Three O'Clock High, where a new kid challenges a nerd to a fight after school gets out at 3 o'clock. Fist Fight takes that premise and switches it up with two adult teachers.

Charlie Day is playing an introverted
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Av Club Writer Pens Angry Letter After Accidental Love Puts His Quote On DVD Box

Quotes from critics are a standard part of movie marketing. They show up in TV spots, on movie posters, and on Blu-ray packaging. so commonplace that most of us barely notice them anymore. However, one writer for the Av Club certain did when he was erroneously cited on the DVD box for Accidental Love, a movie he despised, and he penned an angry letter about it to the production company. When a two or three word pull is blasted across the screen in a trailer, you have to wonder about the context. It would be easy for a studio marketing department to find a few random words in an otherwise scathing review that, on their own, sound positive. This is exactly the situation Av Club writer and critic AA Dowd came upon when he was quoted as calling Accidental Love "a comedic masterstroke" on the back of a
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First Teaser Trailer For David O. Russell's Joy

First Teaser Trailer For David O. Russell's Joy
Reuniting his Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in a way that will hopefully make everyone in the world forget all about Serena and Accidental Love, David O. Russell’s next film Joy has a teaser trailer to share. Click below to take a look.This one looks every inch Lawrence’s movie. She plays real-life inventor Joy Mangano, a mum with three kids to raise and only her wit, ingenuity and patent-pioneering smarts to help her do it. Before long, she’s not watching the Home Shopping Network, she’s starring on it.Russell loves plumbing dysfunctional families for comedy and pathos, whether the surrogate kind (Three Kings, American Hustle) or the real deal (The Fighter, Silver Linings). This one looks like no exception.With Robert De Niro playing Joy’s dad, Edgar Ramirez her feckless husband and Isabella Rossellini, Diane Ladd and Virginia Madsen also aboard,
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Giveaway – Win Accidental Love on DVD

To celebrate the release of Accidental Love starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel – which is out in the UK on Monday, July 20th – we’ve got three copies of the film on DVD to give away to our readers…

Small-town waitress, Alice, (Jessica Biel) is just about to get proposed to by her boyfriend Scott, (James Marsden) when a nail gets accidentally lodged inside her head in a freak accident. Becoming increasingly erratic and unpredictable, Alice hopes that Scott will follow through on his marital intentions, but it s clear that his passions are cooling, rapidly. Determined to get help, Alice heads off to Washington, D.C. where she instantly falls for a dashing, but clueless Congressman, Howard Birdwell (Jake Gyllenhaal), who reluctantly takes up her cause. But what happens when love gets in the way of what you stand for?

The competition closes at midnight on Sunday, July 26th.
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Movie Review – Accidental Love (2015)

Accidental Love, 2015.

Directed by David O. Russell (as Stephen Greene).

Starring Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Marsden, Catherine Keener, Tracy Morgan and James Brolin.


A small town waitress gets a nail accidentally lodged in her head causing unpredictable behavior that leads her to Washington, D.C., where sparks fly when she meets a clueless young senator who takes up her cause – but what happens when love interferes with what you stand for?

Every other film released today seems to come with a narrative built around it, filling the minds of audiences with predestined verdicts before the film is even seen; It’s a remake, it’s a reboot, it’s a restarting franchise, it’s been pushed back, it’s blown its budget etc. In the case of Accidental Love, the chequered history to get the film seen is a story unto itself, with all involved having moved on
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Accidental Love review – toothless, bawdy and aggravatingly zany

This Washington farce about an uninsured waitress seeking redress for a workplace injury is never less than annoying

“I have a nail in my head so I need a Moon Base.” In the days before The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook, David O Russell started shooting the healthcare satire Nailed (from Kristin Gore’s novel Sammy’s Hill), only to see the production shut down amid financial chaos. Now, seven years later, we have the retitled Accidental Love, completed (without Russell’s further input) under the pseudonymous director credit “Stephen Greene”.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a mess. Fleeting fragments hint at a superior work while others suggest it was a misfire from the outset. Jessica Biel is rollerskating Indiana waitress Alice who goes to Washington seeking help from congressman Howard Birdwell (Jake Gyllenhaal) following a medically uninsured accident. With a nail lodged in her skull causing mood swings and inhibition loss,
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Accidental Love – video review

In an extract from this week's Guardian film show, Peter Bradshaw and Henry Barnes join Xan Brooks to review Accidental Love, which was shot in 2008 under the title Nailed but languished in post-production hell for seven years. David O Russell's movie involves a roller-skating waitress (Jessica Biel) who meets with an unfortunate accident and is torn between James Marsden's hot cop and Jake Gyllenhaal's hot potato congressman Continue reading...
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The Guardian film show: Mr Holmes, Entourage, Accidental Love and The Longest Ride – video reviews

In this week's Guardian film show, host Xan Brooks is joined by Peter Bradshaw and Henry Barnes to review Mr Holmes, in which Ian McKellen plays a nonagenarian Sherlock struggling to recall a case, Entourage, in which the four trusty bros from the HBO TV show belatedly make it to the big screen, Accidental Love – aka Nailed – David O Russell's 2008 comedy starring Jake Gyllenhaal and The Longest Ride, the 10th Nicholas Sparks movie, in which a college girl is romanced by a bull-rider. The team also answer your questions, which you can post in the comments below Continue reading...
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Accidental Love review: This bafflingly bad nail fail is irredeemably bad

Accidental Love review: This bafflingly bad nail fail is irredeemably bad
Director: Stephen Greene; Screenwriters: Kristin Gore, Matthew Silverstein, Dave Jeser; Starring: Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal, Bill Hader, Tracy Morgan; Running time: 100 mins; Certificate: 15

Be careful what you wish for. Abandoned due to financial reasons before production could be completed in 2010, Academy Award-winning director David O. Russell's Nailed has finally emerged in the form of Accidental Love. It's so irredeemably bad that even Alan Smithee wouldn't touch it. The directorial pseudonym of choice here is Stephen Greene, and the movie was completed without O'Russell's involvement or blessing.

The premise is an intriguing one and the cast is impressive, hence the understandable clamour for this abomination to be seen. It involves Jessica Biel's rollerskating waitress Alice receiving a nail to a head in a freak accident, causing her to have an increased sex drive that sways her hips away from her loser lover and thrusts her into the path of Jake Gyllenhaal's creepy Congressman.
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