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Goo goo
ctomvelu-113 January 2009
B&B end up with a baby on their hands while investigating the death of a young mother. Booth of course takes right to the kid, Booth being a father and all, while Brennan initially is very awkward around it. She even allows the rugrat to swallow a crucial piece of evidence. By the end, you just know Brennan has found her nurturing side and is bonding with the baby. Having a baby around the office gets Hodgins and Angela, who are still sweet on each other at this point, thinking about kids. Some very funny dialogue ensues. As many of you know, I quickly tired of the whole Hodgins/Angela thing (I also got tired of Angela), and evidently so did the writers in time. But the two talking about having babies here is absolutely priceless.
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Baby time!
Michelle Palmer20 July 2016
Another excellent episode! Though it's realistic that an FBI agent would be conducting his investigation while carrying around a baby, there are some pretty precious scenes in this episode. Brennan finds her maternal side, and Booth shows his (LOVE IT)!

Booth and Brennan are actually discussing having children at the end of this episode. Not necessarily together, but it still sounds pretty awesome. Booth then starts talking about what Brennan can do with her money - and he shows his childish side.

There's also a very touching episode where Booth makes Brennan stay in the car with a promise that she'll think about the baby - not him. It's obvious they know the other has deep feelings for the other, and Booth convinces her to set her feelings for him aside to protect the baby.

Very sweet!
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The One Where Bones And Booth Take Care Of A Baby...
Taylor Kingston29 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really love this episode. It's so funny.

After a woman is killed in a suspicious car accident, Booth and Bones wonder how the woman's baby survived it. It was practically a miracle, even though Bones would never use the word miracle. Since the woman hasn't been identified, there is no one to take care of the little baby. So Booth volunteers to babysit. Bones going along with it, eventually learns to really like the baby. Maybe she would be open to having a baby one day (wink, wink). Get it? Because Bones and Booth have a baby in Season 7. Spoiler alert!

Overall, I give this episode a 7 out of 10.
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