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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Amanda Crew

Amanda Crew is a Canadian actress who was born in Langley, British Columbia, on June 5, 1931. She began her career in television when she appeared in two episodes of ‘Life as We Know It’ and one episode of ‘Smallville’. The following year she made her movie debut in ‘Final Destination 3’. She has since gone on to perform in many roles, both in television series and in movies. She is now probably most famous for the HBO series ‘Silicon Valley’, in which she plays Monica Hall, and for the films ‘Sex Drive’ and ‘Charlies St. Cloud’ as she played

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Amanda Crew
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Daddy's Home 2 Trailer Brings in Grandpas Mel Gibson and John Lithgow

Daddy's Home 2 Trailer Brings in Grandpas Mel Gibson and John Lithgow
Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer and three photos for Daddy's Home 2, the studio's comedy sequel that continues the story from the 2015 smash hit Daddy's Home. Returning from the original comedy are Will Ferrell as Brad Whitaker and Mark Wahblerg as Dusty Mayron, along with Linda Cardellini as Sara and Scarlett Estevez and Owen Vaccaro as the kids Megan and Dylan. This sequel also brings two new cast members into the fold, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow, portraying Dusty and Brad's fathers.

In the Paramount Pictures sequel to the 2015 global smash, father and stepfather, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell) have joined forces to provide their kids with the perfect Christmas. Their newfound partnership is put to the test when Dusty's old-school, macho Dad (Mel Gibson) and Brad's ultra-affectionate and emotional Dad (John Lithgow) arrive just in time to throw the holiday into complete chaos. Alessandro Ambrossia
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Adam Brody, Amanda Crew to Star in Thriller ‘The Wanting’

Adam Brody, Amanda Crew to Star in Thriller ‘The Wanting’
Adam Brody and Amanda Crew are set to star in the thriller “The Wanting” with “The Road” director Yam Laranas helming.

Rob Heydon is producing the adapted screenplay, which was written by “Milton’s Secret” scribe Donald Martin. Sid Ganis and Joni Sighvatsson are executive producing.

The film is based on a short story by Gin de Mesa and Laranas, about an all-American couple whose dream of starting a family is shattered after they move into the “perfect” New England neighborhood. Once settled, they descend into the depths of terror as they struggle to survive a genuine threat from a dark presence that appears to want to end their very lives.

Production is currently underway.

Brody currently stars in the Crackle series “StartUp” and will be seen in the upcoming Warner Bros. release “CHiPs.” He is repped by UTA.

Amanda Crew stars in the HBO comedy “Silicon Valley,” and has
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Netflix UK: 25 underappreciated comedies to watch now

Mark Harrison Jul 1, 2016

Need a laugh? Here's our guide to 25 comedies that are on Netflix UK now, and are well worth your time...

Putting aside all of the chunter about VPNs and rising subscription costs for a moment, there are more hidden gems to be discovered on Netflix UK than you might expect, and we've been combing through the streaming site's current catalogue to find some of the most underappreciated comedies on offer.

We've come up with this fairly broad selection of films that varies on several fronts. We've picked out a mix of belly laughers and dark comedies, with a couple of dramedies thrown in for good measure. They're not all big Hollywood comedies, but neither are they all films that you're hearing about for the first time, though we've tried to order them according to how well known they may or may not be. What they all have
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Watch: Will Ferrell Can't Catch a Break With His Fake Kids In This 'Daddy's Home' Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Casting casting child actors is, to say the least, complicated. You're trying to find someone who can believably look like a mixture of whomever is playing their parents. They don't have a lifetime of understanding stage directions and camera angles. They only have a finite amount of time each day they're legally allowed to be working. Oh, and they also have to be a decent actor. It's why great child actors are such a notoriously hard thing to find. Now imagine you have to factor all of that in, but you're also trying to find kids who can hold their own in a comedy where their co-stars are freakin' Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. That's exactly the challenge faced by Daddy's Home, the new movie from Sex Drive and She's Out of My League writer...

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‘Dirty Grandpa’ Review

Stars: Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, Zoey Deutch, Aubrey Plaza, Jason Mantzoukas, Dermot Mulroney, Julianne Hough, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Brandon Mychal Smith, Adam Pally | Written by John Phillips | Directed by Dan Mazer

Sacha Baron Cohen cohort Dan Mazer – who produced Cohen’s movies Bruno, Borat and The Dictator – follows up his feature debut, I Give It A Year, with a Cohen-style gross-out comedy starring the legend that is Robert De Niro. This time round De Niro, in another of his comedic roles (his last The Intern was superb Fyi), he appears alongside the smouldering sex-bomb that is Zac Efron. And both of them get topless. Which should be all most of this films target audience will need to know really. But I digress.

Dirty Grandpa sees preppy Jason (Efron), just days away from getting married to his equally uptight fiancée, tasked with taking his grandpa, Dick, to Florida for Spring Break
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Review: 'Daddy's Home,' Starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Hannibal Buress & Thomas Haden Church

While Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg don't seem like the most obvious comedic duo on paper, when they paired up for 2010's "The Other Guys," the chemistry was potent. That film's co-writer and director Adam McKay knew enough that simply placing them within the familiar mismatched buddy-cop comedy framework would be enough to let the sparks fly. And pushing the far edges of a PG-13 rating, while never being afraid to dip into the surreal and absurd, the picture was a winning one. However, with "Daddy's Home," co-writer and director Sean Anders ("Sex Drive," "Horrible Bosses 2") decides to flip the idea, pitting Ferrell and Wahlberg against each other. While logic might dictate that would only up the ante on the laughs, in execution, the result finds two gifted comic actors trying desperately to combine their talents, while the story and script is orchestrated to keep them apart. The story follows,
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Daddy’s Home Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – Daddy’s Home features Will Ferrell as a too-nice, overly idealistic stepfather who must compete with Mark Wahlberg’s rugged, motorcycle-riding biological father for his new family’s love. Ferrell is the straight man, Wahlberg shows off his abs a lot, and wacky hi-jinx ensue that cause both men to go a little a lot insane.

You’ve seen both leading men play mirroring characters in previous films, and based on the trailers, you know exactly what to expect when these daddies come home this holiday season. For some, this bland comedic regurgitation will be perfectly fine, but for those who are growing tired of watching a squeaky-clean Will Ferrell get his ass kicked, you’ll see every joke coming from a mile away. Familiarity – it’s hard to avoid these days.

Will Ferrell stars as Brad, a nervous stepfather who
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Mark Wahlberg Interrupts Will Ferrell’s Life In New Trailer For ‘Daddy’s Home’

Reteaming after The Other Guys, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are back together for Daddy’s Home, which finds them once again going toe-to-toe. In the forthcoming comedy, Ferrell plays the stepdad of a family only to have the biological father (Wahlberg) return home as they try and one-up each other with various hijinks.

Coming from directors Sean Anders and John Morris (Horrible Bosses 2, Sex Drive, That’s My Boy), a new trailer has now landed which shows off more of their dynamic. With such a packed release slate this December, one wonders if this will get lost in the shuffle, but hopefully it provides as much laughs as their last outing. Also starring Linda Cardellini, Hannibal Buress, and Paul Scheer, check out the trailer below ahead of a Christmas release.

Daddy’s Home follows a mild-mannered radio executive (Ferrell) who strives to become the best stepdad to his wife’s two children,
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'Daddy's Home' Trailer #2 Has Ferrell and Wahlberg at War

'Daddy's Home' Trailer #2 Has Ferrell and Wahlberg at War
Daddy's Home follows a mild-mannered radio executive (Will Ferrell) who strives to become the best stepdad to his wife's two children. But complications ensue when their freewheeling and freeloading real father (Mark Wahlberg) arrives, forcing him to compete for the affection of the kids. Paramount Pictures and Red Granite Pictures have released the new&#160trailer for this raucous comedy. The movie opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, December 25.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg reunite for their second comedy, following the hit The Other Guys. This time out, they are not reluctant partners on the police force. The two competing dads suddenly find themselves in a heated competition for affection. One brings home a dog, the other brings home a pony. And this war only escalates from there. Sean Anders and John Morris co-direct this surefire hit, which also features an all-star ensemble of comedy greats including Linda Cardellini as the mom,
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The D Train Review

The D Train might sound like a hilarious ride with Jack Black and James Marsden acting as our comedic conductors, but I assure you, this Jarrad Paul/Andrew Mogel joint finds very few laughs despite Black’s constant attempt to earn a righteous nickname. What’s being marketed as a mid-life-crisis bro-comedy (BROmedy?) is more an examination of our dangerous desire to be popular and relevant, an empty wish that turns darker with every unanswered voicemail or ignored text.

There’s a message here, one about short-sighted obsessions and false idolization, but it’s so inconsequentially slight when stacked against The D‘s more bleak, relentlessly abusive themes. This is a movie about doing Anything to be cool, but it’s far stranger – and more disheartening – than it has any right to be.

Blacks plays a number-cruncher named Dan Landsman; your typical all-American who graduated high school, snagged a desk job,
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Jennifer Aniston's Mean Moms Just Took A Big Step Forward

Mean Girls fans have some reason to celebrate today. Mean Moms, the adaptation of the book that was written as a follow-up to the self-help tome that inspired the 2004 Lindsay Lohan film, has taken a big step forward, as new reports are saying that the Jennifer Aniston-led comedy has found a new director. According to Deadline, the upcoming comedy Mean Moms just scored Sean Anders to direct. The filmmaker just recently had the chance to work with Anniston on Horrible Bosses 2, but he also previously helmed the 2012 Adam Sandler comedy That.s My Boy, as well as the college flick Sex Drive. While Aniston has been linked to Mean Moms for a while now, the new trade report says that she has not yet signed a deal, and is reportedly keeping other options open this summer. It.s entirely possible that signing Anders to direct the project . having
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‘Horrible Bosses 2′ DVD Review

Stars: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Chris Pine, Christoph Waltz, Jonathan Banks, Lindsay Sloane | Written by Sean Anders, John Morris | Directed by Sean Anders

If ever there was a film that was not ripe for a sequel, it was Horrible Bosses. That film had a finite story, with the trio of idiots: Bateman, Sudeikis and Day, finally getting their comeuppance of their titular bosses. But of course this is Hollywood, where a film that – even when a story doesn’t warrant a sequel – if it makes enough money studio heads will go back to the well enough times to drain it dry… Hence we have Horrible Bosses 2.

This time round directing duties lie with Sean Anders, who penned the script with his frequent writing cohort Jim Morris, both of whom were behind one of the The best teen movies of the past ten years,
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A Look Back at Sean Anders

To celebrate the release of Horrible Bosses 2, in cinemas now, we thought we’d take a look at the career of director and screenwriter Sean Anders. Known for his raunchy humor as well as his relatable (and usually unlucky) characters, Anders has a knack for merging comedically strong personalities and bizarre situations that touches on sociocultural issues with a comedic, light-hearted twist. Here’s a look at some of Sean’s career highlights.

Sex Drive

Back in 2008, Sean directed and also co-wrote a film about a guy driving across the country for sex. One of his most successful films, Sex Drive has a cult following and brings raunchy to a whole new level. The movie takes a look at a sexualized Amish cult, with characters such as a sarcastic mechanic Ezekiel and Mary, an Amish girl who loves sex.

Hot Tub Time Machine

Another Anders screenplay, this movie is about three down-on-their-luck guys who,
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Horrible Bosses 2 review

The sequel to Horrible Bosses is too content to rest on the first film's laurels, rather than doing anything of any real note...

It's not often that we reasonably expect a sequel to win over new converts, especially those who hated the original, and in that regard, Horrible Bosses 2 does not disappoint. By the same token, anybody who loved Horrible Bosses will probably find stuff to like here too. On the other hand, there's no way to tell how you will react if (like this reviewer) you had mostly forgotten about the original.

Director Seth Gordon and lead actors Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day enjoyed a surprise critical and commercial hit back in the summer of 2011. Their hapless Strangers On A Train-style plot to murder each other's loathsome employers won over cinemagoers, particularly with a comedic chemistry that made them something like the Three Stooges for the modern R-rated comedy audience.
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Review: Horrible Bosses 2

When you have something that really works you don't fuck it up. Horrible Bosses 2 doesn't make the mistake of screwing with the perfectly "horrible" premise of the original movie. Bateman, Day and Sudeikis are an unbeatable comedy team not equalled since Moe, Larry and Curly.

When studios land a hit comedy, the massive return on relatively miniscule investment guarantees a sequel. The Hollywood machine depends on finding a formula that works and milking it dry. Sticking as close to the established formula while changing things up enough to keep it fresh is the magic trick, and sometimes a production team can fail to pull it off. I was worried that would be the case here, that like The Hangover II, the laughs would fall flat for me.

I'm quite happy that my expectations for this film were not met. Director Sean Anders (Sex Drive) shares writing credits with John Morris
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Film Review: Horrible Bosses 2

Horrible Bosses 2 would be more aptly titled Terrible Criminals 2. Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis are back as the three sorriest excuses for wannabe felons the big screen has ever seen. Luckily, their failed criminal exploits are the subject of great mirth, and this sequel is a worthy follow-up to 2011's original surprise box office hit.

Bateman, Sudeikis and Day once again play Nick, Kurt and Dale, who this time are trying to start a business of their own. They want to be their own bosses for once, and they create a product called the Shower Buddy. They appear on a local morning news show, where they're seen by Chris Pine's character Rex Hanson. Rex works at his dad's company Boulder Stream, a huge catalog retailer that wants to buy the Shower Buddy. His father Bert, played by Christoph Waltz, agrees to place an order for the product,
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Horrible Bosses 2 movie review: the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sequel

It’s not funny, only its villains speak truth, and its putative heroes are now the horrible bosses… though the movie doesn’t seem to realize that. I’m “biast” (pro): enjoyed the first movie

I’m “biast” (con): nothing

(what is this about? see my critic’s minifesto)

It’s disconcerting when this happens: My reaction to a sequel is so powerfully diametrically opposite my reaction to its progenitor that it makes me wonder if I entirely misread that first film. (This has happened before.) Horrible Bosses 2 left such a rancid taste in my mouth that it left me reconsidering the fact that I kinda liked Horrible Bosses. Was I wrong back in 2011?

But I rewatched Bosses, and no: It’s a pretty good — not great, but pretty good — black comedy with a little bit of something to say about the desperation of the Great Recession
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Review: 'Horrible Bosses 2' has funny pieces but is even more mild-mannered than the first

  • Hitfix
Review: 'Horrible Bosses 2' has funny pieces but is even more mild-mannered than the first
On the one hand, I respect anyone who can devise a formula that works for them and for an audience, and while I wasn't a huge fan of the film, the first "Horrible Bosses" seemed to connect with audiences three years ago. The appeal of that film, and one that seems like it's pretty smart in its universal appeal, is that we have all had bosses we hate at some point. Watching characters we like get one up on people we hate is something that seems enormously easy to enjoy. My problem with the first film was that it felt like it never really embraced its premise. It wasn't mean enough, and I guess I hoped we'd see them cut loose in "Horrible Bosses 2" and really go for the dark humor the first film promised but soft-pedaled. After all, they were adding to very game performers in the form
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Fresh Horrible Bosses 2 Poster Lands

Fresh Horrible Bosses 2 Poster Lands
Welcome back to a trio of criminal bunglers in Horrible Bosses 2. Just when you thought Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) and Dale (Charlie Day) had learned their lesson about not getting caught up in dangerous or murderous schemes, their world takes another hit and they launch a fresh stupid plan. Check out the latest poster for the comedy sequel. Directed this time by That’s My Boy/Sex Drive man Sean Anders, working alongside regular co-writer/producer John Morris from their script, Horrible Bosses 2 finds the trio launching their own business but falling afoul of a dodgy investor (Christoph Waltz). Their boneheaded solution to this new problem? Kidnapping the man’s son, Rex (Chris Pine) for ransom.What they don’t count on is the fact that Rex is a weird lunatic, who at first encourages them to get back at his old man for years of disrespect,
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