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Only watch as a last resort on TV

Author: napierslogs from Ontario, Canada
20 July 2010

The made-for-TV movie "Making Mr. Right" is about a successful magazine editor, Hallie (Christina Cox), who makes-over a street con, Eddie (Dean Cain), into a handsome and sophisticated man for an eligible bachelor auction.

It's supposed to be a romantic comedy, but there's no comedy to it. The story is lame, and it moves really slowly since this is yet another in the long line of Pygmalian-esquire movies and we have all seen it many times before. On the slight positive side, they at least showed Eddie bringing affirmative additions to Hallie's life, and at least she wasn't 'perfect'. Eddie was made out to be too boorish and uncivilized at the beginning that the film can't rise above.

"Making Mr. Right" is certainly not a good movie, but if it's a lazy afternoon and you find it on TV, you could watch it. But don't search this one out.

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Cute and funny

Author: vchimpanzee
22 June 2010

Manhattan Line magazine's circulation is down. Ideas are needed. Attractive but uptight features editor Hallie Galloway come up with the idea of featuring the city's most eligible bachelors. But that may not be enough. What about an auction for charity, Hallie says. The winner would get to go on a date with the man she "purchased". That might do it. If this works, Hallie gets promoted to senior editor.

While Hallie and her quirky co-worker Christine are on lunch break, Ticker tries to sell the women watches hanging inside his coat. Another street person, considerably more scruffy-looking, is Eddie, who plays a variation on the shell game. Christine decides to play, and Hallie cheats, so Christine wins. Christine also comments to Hallie that one of those bums should be transformed into one of Manhattan's most eligible bachelors.

Eddie owes a lot of money to Angelo, the kind restaurant owner who watches out for him. Still, Angelo is in no hurry. But Eddie made a bet on a horse who loses to ... Hallie Gal! That's his nickname for the cute but feisty magazine editor. Eddie is not happy and he figures out where Hallie works. He shows up at the office chastizing her for jinxing him yet again. Hallie wants to call security, but Christine reminds her of the idea that one of the street people should be turned into a bachelor to be auctioned. George, who has the job Hallie will get if her idea works, makes a bet. If Hallie transforms Eddie (who is passed out on the couch and can't hear all this), George will quit, but if Hallie fails, she has to quit.

The girls and Hallie's obviously gay secretary Bobby (he says, "Hello, gorgeous!" to the "new" Eddie) take Eddie to be made over. First he gets cleaned up, and the girls act like his old clothes should be treated as hazardous waste. Eddie receives new clothes, which he has an attitude about (he has a New York attitude about everything, actually) because no one should pay that much for clothes. Then he gets his beard shaved off and his hair cut, and other improvements to his appearance. But that won't be enough. he still talks and acts like a street person, and his attitude needs to change as well. And he needs to know people and how to socialize, and he needs to be able to discuss various subjects intelligently. It's not just the bet. If he can really change, his life may also improve after the auction.

So can Hallie do it? Well, never mind whether she can fix Eddie. Can Hallie fix herself? Eddie criticizes her for not wanting to have fun, for not realizing what a view she has from her fabulous apartment. And we find out Hallie has an ex, Sean. And no wonder he's her ex. But the big question is: will Eddie be the next one in her life?

The usual obstacles get in the way of the expected ending, but how the movie ends came as a surprise, at least to me.

Dean Cain does a great job here. I've never seen him with a New York accent and a New York attitude. But he has a certain charm, and that great Clark Kent smile. His best scene may have been the one where he cheered up a little girl who was crying using his street magic.

Christina Cox is somewhat talented, but mostly she just looks hot. If she wears her hair the right way, she's gorgeous. But Hallie isn't exactly fun-loving. I recognized her as the hottest of the "Defying Gravity" astronauts. And she has this one outfit which looks professional but is just tight enough to show off her figure.

Together, I liked Eddie and Hallie a lot. No, they're not Lois and Clark, but they do have a nice chemistry that's good for some laughs. Yes, "My Fair Lady" comparisons will be made, except that movie was a masterpiece and this one is just cute.

There are no really outstanding performances by actors here, but David Lewis as Bobby, Jocelyne Loewen as Christine and Greg Rogers as Angelo do impress me enough. Christine has this cute high voice and a blonde hair color that does not occur in nature. She reminds me of Lady Gaga looking as normal as she probably ever does at the World Music Awards.

It's really worth seeing.

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Why Hollywood Why do the same plot again and again

Author: lisafordeay from Ireland
31 October 2010

OK this was on TV today and I am a hopeless romantic and I hate horror films as they give me the creeps so I decided to check this film out as the title seemed interesting. Boy was it the worst 1 hr and 30 mins of my life.

When I saw this movie I felt like I was watching How to lose a guy in 10 days as it was a pure rip off of that film.

The guy Dean Cain was cute,the girl was a right pain I thought she was Sheryl Crow or Jennifer Anistion. Thank god it was a TV movie otherwise the critics might put it as the worst movie of 2008.

The whole thing was predictable from start to finish. Girl makes a bet,gets a nobody who does tricks in the street,very self-centered,turns him into a hot bloke,falls for him,blah,blah,blah. And you can probably guess the rest for yourselves.

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