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[DVD Review] Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams

With a price tag of $20.99 and a runtime just shy of an hour, parents may perhaps balk at this most recent Disney parental go-between, which will happily entertain their kids so that they don’t have to, deciding that the rate is less in line with your average babysitter than a live-in, inner-city nanny who also performs light housework.

A pure piece of candy-coated bubblegum fantasy aimed firmly at the under tens the Disney Princess Enchanted Tales series blends traditional animated fantasy with songs and simplified life lessons into bite sized developmental education with the added benefit of perhaps a little peace and quiet.

Dividing itself into two separate chapters loosely knotted together by the soothing, non-threatening, warble of narrator Susanna Blakeslee (she even sounds like a Disney character), this edition reintroduces us to the continuing adventures of Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, and Princess Jasmine, star of Aladdin.

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Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams - DVD Review

Join Princess Aurora and Princess Jasmine in two new adventures, the first for Princess Aurora since .Sleeping Beauty.. From the hallways of an enchanted fairy tale castle, viewers gain access to adventure and fun with the princesses as they learn valuable lessons. Princess Aurora has been left in charge of the Kingdom while her parents and Prince Phillip are away. Will she know how to govern royally, or will she make a royal mess of her big chance? In this colorful adventure, viewers will see how Princess Aurora conducts her first attempt at being a reigning monarch. Princess Jasmine is having difficulties too. She is afraid her people only see her as a .peacock princess. one who just smiles,
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