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"Rescue Me" Disease (2009)

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A building burns to music (Duffy's "Baby baby baby spend your time on me") and four firefighters fall through the ceiling to the floor below. They make their way through the flames in slo-mo to the languid love song. As pieces of the ceiling comes crashing down around them they run to a window. Tommy grabs something to smash it with. They knock it out and the ladder finds them.

Outside, they're all fine. Chief Feinberg strolls by, telling Tommy he heard about him in the backseat with Janet. He mentions he might have something for Tommy on Needles when the time comes. "I can't believe you've got Feinberg in your corner," Lou says. "That's like the Jets and the Sharks joining forces and becoming one giant gay, dancing, singing street gang."

Tommy tells Lou about his arrangement with Janet. "You guys have been getting divorced for like eight years," Lou says, "isn't it about time you took that old dog into the woods and put one in its head?" Tommy gets a text from Sheila, and Lou smells booty call. Tommy explains that he's taking care of his kids and Damian and their mothers are being grateful. Tommy turns it around on Lou, saying he's in no position to talk since he's sleeping with a hooker. A friendly bet is made, that Tommy's arrangement will fall to pieces before Lou caves to Candy or Tommy has to clean the apartment or vice versa.

Sean's mom watches over Sean, who's still asleep in his hospital bed post-kidney removal. All the guys from the firehouse stop by. He slowly wakes up, but has a breathing tube in and can't make out what they're saying. Another musical hallucination ensues, with Sean in top hat and tails, singing Fred Astaire style about how lovely it is to be a vegetable, "cucumbive, potative." It includes a "Producers"-style song and dance routine with nurses soft shoeing around zonked out men in wheelchairs. And then Garrity tap dances!

Back in the hospital room, the guys stare at him, not sure what to do. They start to talk about how rough it is, but are distracted by a hot nurse in the hall. They argue over who gets to talk to her first, but Mike trumps them by actually crying over Sean. They think it's a bit, but he seems serious. The hot nurse notices and brings him a tissue, then takes him to a chair. He turns and looks over his shoulder as she's gently leading him away, a huge s--- eating grin on his face. "I've taught him too much," Franco says, "and now he must be destroyed."

Janet calls Tommy. Katie called and wants to come home for a family dinner that includes Colleen's boyfriend, Shawn. Apparently Janet got carried away talking about how great he is. She tells Tommy to get him there.

Tommy joins Mickey for lunch, bringing back the Mickey Mantle DVD. Mickey tells him it won't help anything to watch his dad. But he gives him the real disc anyway. Tommy tells Mickey that Mickey thinks everyone is an alcoholic because he's jealous other people can drink and he can't. Teddy is full of life again and in touch with his feelings now that he's drinking, Tommy says. He reaffirms his commitment to drinking.

Tommy tries to chat up Shawn, who's still upset about the hosing. Tommy tries to apologize, saying that Colleen pushed his buttons. Shawn assumes Tommy needs him for something. Tommy sets up the family dinner idea. Despite Tommy walking into every racist code word trap along the way, Shawn agrees because he wants to get back with Colleen.

Shawn walks up to Colleen on the street, bearing flowers and wearing a tie and sweater. She tells him to be cool and he says, "cool is how I do."

"Stop trying to sound like Isaac Hayes when you're dressed like the lost retarded Huxtable kid," Colleen says.

They all sit around the table as Janet serves pot roast. Katie throws them off by requesting Tommy say grace. He manages.

Lou sits out at dinner with Candy. She says he's the only man that didn't feel like a trick or mark to her, she learned that in jail. Lou curses, he just realized he's going to lose a bet.

At dinner, Shawn calls Janet Mrs. Gavin and compliments her dress. Janet and Katie go to make dessert and Colleen tells Shawn to dial it down a notch. He flips Colleen and Tommy off after they kick him under the table.

Lou brings Candy back to his filthy, nasty, dirty apartment. He turns down her offer to share a bed and then goes to clean the bedroom. He comes back for a snow shovel for cleaning, saying he'll be back in an hour and a half.

Janet and Tommy celebrate in the bedroom, having convinced Katie to love them again. Tommy takes his pants off, but Janet says they're not having sex with Katie in the next room. She tells him to go downstairs and watch TV until Katie falls asleep, then leave. She thanks him and tells him she has a newfound respect for him, which he somehow appreciates less than sex.

Watching TV downstairs, he takes out the DVD of his dad and then goes looking for booze at wheelchair height (Dwight's old stash). He finds some.

Later, he makes his way quietly up the stairs to check that Katie's asleep. But she wakes up. She's glad she came home. She tells her dad she's glad he's not drinking because he used to scare her sometimes. She asks him to promise he won't drink. He dithers. She asks if he's an alcoholic. He says he had grief issues. "So, you're in denial," she says. He also says yes when she asks if her parents are staying together forever.

Tommy drops by Sheila's. Damian's going to be there at any minute, so she demands he take his pants off. He asks her if they're fooling themselves about their arrangement. Then he asks if she thinks he's an alcoholic. She says no, he's a functioning alcoholic. He's like Keith Richards, she says, he doesn't drink and the whole band goes down the tubes. She gets her shirt off and Damian comes home. She makes him promise he won't quit drinking.

Tommy visits Sean in the hospital, where his brother Terence is sleeping in the chair next to his bed. Sean's breathing tube is out but he's still asleep. Tommy puts a DVD in the TV. He opens his bottle of booze and settles in to watch his dad with the two unconscious Garritys. Sean startles him by taking a huge wheezing breath. Their mom comes in. Seeing Tommy there, she tells him he's a good man for watching over Sean. She sees his booze and asks if its Irish. She demands the bottle then takes a good long plug. She takes Tommy's hand to pray and, with the other hand on the bottle, she says the Lord's prayer. Tommy tries to follow along, but watches his family movie on the TV, including scenes of his late son Conner.


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