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  • Though Tommy's pacts with Sheila and Janet have begun to unravel, there is one Gavin who remains sexually adventurous much to Tommy's chagrin. Garrity divulges his medical secret, Tommy proclaims he's been drinking at AA, but its Mickey who will offer the final surprise.


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  • Teddy blows back into town, "drinking like a Kennedy on election day." He finds Tommy and, in a drunken euphoria, tells him about the dying vet and his estranged son. It got him thinking about how he wasn't square with Tommy's dad before he died. So he watched family movies with some Bushmills and bawled like a baby. Then he moved on to laughing about all the great times they had, which made him decide to tell everyone he loves them. He boozily loves the bejeezus out of Tommy with a hug.

    Lou sees and asks what just happened. Tommy tells him Teddy had a revelation. "Oh, I used to drink those," says Lou.

    After Teddy and his wife peel out, Tommy and Lou look around for Candy, the hooker who robbed him blind. Tommy thinks it's just as well she's gone, since Lou's a cream puff and would fold in a minute. Then a car pulls away and they see Candy across the street. Lou turns and walks into the fire house.

    Sheila calls Tommy, demanding he come by later for sex. She's fitting him in between the cable guy and her book club. He'll have 15 minutes, more than enough time.

    Colleen calls her dad. He meets her around the corner from the firehouse. She asks about Black Shawn and tells Tommy he called her a whore. He goes to take care of it. Colleen says: "Daddy, don't." Tommy pauses and asks why. She waves him off. "I'm just kidding, go ahead."

    Inside, Black Shawn showers. Tommy quietly gets Franco and Mike out of the bathroom, then turns the fire hose on Shawn. Very un-P.C.

    "What are you crazy," Shawn says as he protects himself with the shower curtain, "didn't you see the footage from Birmingham?"

    "See it?" Tommy says, as he turns the hose back on, "I was there."

    Shawn tries to clarify the whore comment, but saying she did "whorish" things isn't much better. And then Tommy wants to know what she did, which can't possibly lead anywhere good. Tommy says use of fingernails and biting are standard. Then Shawn mentions "a-- stuff," and a popular sandwich spread. Franco and Mickey hear as Tommy runs out. Franco takes over the hose.

    Sean tells Needles about his cancer at a diner. He might have surgery that night. He's trying to remain calm, Needles isn't helping. He'll be in the hospital for two weeks and another two weeks at home recovering. He asks Needles to cover for him, and Needles says no problem.

    Lou walks up to Candy. He asks if she's hungry. He's not, because he's eating a big sandwich. She tells him again that she doesn't think he'll turn his back on her. He tells her the guys are asking about her, so leave a number so she doesn't get him kicked off the job on top of everything else. She writes one down and reluctantly walks away. Lou pitches the paper in the trash.

    Janet reviews for Tommy the sex things she taught Colleen, none of which involved door #2.

    Then suddenly Janet's kissing his neck and climbing into the backseat. A few minutes later he's on top of her and Needles is knocking on the window asking, politely, if he wouldn't mind joining them for one of their "little fire thingies." He gets out of the car with his shirt off and gets into Needles car. The chief doesn't want to hear explanations, he's enjoying the moment, knowing he's got Tommy "by the balls for the next ten years."

    Franco stops by the boxing gym where a hot chick is beating the crap out of a punching bag.

    Tommy calls Mickey to get his dad's DVD. Mickey will only give it to him if he comes to a meeting that night.

    Tommy walks into Sheila's new apartment and immediately takes his clothes off and starts talking to Sheila, who's in the other room. He's halfway through telling her all the things he's going to do to her when the cable guy walks into the room to see Tommy in his briefs.

    The cable guy goes up on the roof, giving them 20 minutes. Sheila wants Tommy to promise again that he'll look out for Damian. They start going at it and the cable guy decides he needs to come back in for some tools. He leaves, they begin again and stop when Sheila smells Janet's perfume on Tommy. He's starting to explain he didn't technically have sex with her when the cable guy comes back in. Sheila tells him to stay and Tommy to go. Tommy asks the cable guy for some privacy so he steps to the side of the room. Tommy tries to explain and the cable guy pipes up again. Finally, both men leave.

    Sean meets with his doctor, but spends his time fending off his obnoxious brother Terence's questions. Then when the two boys start fighting their mom yells at Sean to stop and shake his brother's hand. Instead, he gets hit upside the head and he and his cancer kidney chase the big oaf down the hall.

    Franco chats up the hot boxer chick, checking that it isn't just some over-the-top workout regimen, she actually boxes people. He says he wouldn't mind going a few rounds with her... and he wouldn't mind boxing either. She cringes at the pick up line, but agrees to a drink anyway.

    Tommy meets Mickey at the meeting, but he won't give him the DVD til after. He thinks Tommy's going to watch it with a big glass of whiskey and have a good long cry. He admits he's drinking again, but says he can control it. He starts grabbing at the DVD, but Mickey won't hand it over. Then he volunteers Tommy to speak, daring him to tell the group what he just told him.

    He starts out, saying he's not an alcoholic. Derek, his sponsee, is very concerned. Tommy says he was expecting revelations after the meetings, but it didn't happen. Instead what he got was a bunch of whining a--holes. His problems on top of all of theirs. He calls out various people in the audience, reciting their stories and mocking them. He compares their problems to being a firefighter and says if he ever does save any of them, he'll celebrate with a nice big tall glass of vodka. He vows to spend the rest of his time on the planet drinking and liking it. He suggests they do the same. He walks over to Mickey and plucks the DVD from his hands and saunters out.

    At home, Lou's cell rings. It's Needles, needing advice. He tells him it's about Sean.

    Franco talks to his date, who's a mechanic. She socks him in the arm before she goes to the bathroom. He winces, impressed.

    A nurse preps Sean for surgery. As the drugs kick in, the lights in the room turn to gauzy colors and he imagines the nurses singing. He enjoys his trip, which soon involves female Vikings and angels. He sees himself in a suit, walking along the street, singing (very well) to the camera. Terence drops by to mock him as a sissy. This being a dream, Sean then pulls out a shotgun and shoots at him. Sleeping Sean smiles.

    Needles and Lou wait to see him at the hospital. Needles talks about wanting to protect him, to make sure he's not alone. Lou listens, hearing what he's saying.

    (End of episode music montage)

    Lou goes back to the trash outside the firehouse and fishes out Candy's number. Tommy pours himself a giant glass of whiskey and puts in the home movie DVD. He preps for crying with a box of tissues. He lights up and pours more booze. The DVD plays, it's a news report about Mickey Mantle dying at 63 after a liver transplant. It shows footage of him telling kids not to be like him and how he wants to start giving back and make up for what he's done. Tommy contemplates his glass of whiskey for a moment, then raises it in silent toast and downs it.

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