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Even if you don't give a shiitake mushroom about food, there's much to savor in this lively comedy with dramatic aftertastes.
It hooks you up, happily, to your inner top chef.
Meryl Streep -- at her brilliant, beguiling best -- is the spice that does the trick for the yummy Julie & Julia.
Few movies are as delightful as Julie & Julia.
Spiced with plenty of humor and affection.
One can't help but wonder if Ephron would've been better off focusing exclusively on Child: She's simply more interesting screen company.
There's very little doubt in my mind that somewhere, culinary legend Julia Child is fuming about being consigned to a double bio-pic with a whiny, self-centered cooking blogger.
This is blissful moviemaking. Much of the pleasure we have in watching it comes from seeing Tucci and, obviously, Streep connect.
Streep is the most important ingredient in this recipe.
The Hollywood Reporter
As enjoyable as this foodie movie is, you wish it would take a deeper, more nuanced measure of the women who, in two different eras, star in the movie's kitchens.
Wall Street Journal
Strangely, though, there isn't enough for one movie, and the first clue to why lurks in the title's ampersand, a sort of linguistic duct tape holding together two stories that never really function as one.

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