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MPAA Rated PG-13 for language and some sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • Ray, Claire and others have drinks. When he's seemingly coming on to her, she says maybe he's drunk, but he replies if he was, he would be coming on to her. We next see her picking up her panties off the floor, he's asleep/passed out/drugged in bed (shirtless) and she pours champagne from the bottle into a sink. Claire shows varying amounts of cleavage from time to time in different outfits. When Claire acts as if she's never met him, Ray says that while he's okay with names and such, the one thing he always remembers is those he's slept with. He then states that she "screwed" and drugged him, and asks who paid her to sleep with him. After making a comment about hanging out a window by the feet, Ray segues that into a sexual comment about Claire and her being used to having her heels in the air. Later, Duke and another team member laugh about that comment. About another person, Richard states "He couldn't hear the sound of his cajones (testicles) as they hit the G*ddamn floor." Among other things, we hear that Duke's team is monitoring pornography searches done by Howard's staff. We see a flashback of Ray and Claire meeting, with her again acting as if she doesn't remember him, and him repeating the above line about always remembering those he's slept with, as well as another sexual use of the term "screw." They then head off, we see a door being closed, and sex is implied. We next see him in just a towel and then removing that (nothing seen) before getting back in bed with her (she's under the sheets, but we see some of her bare back). He states that they've been bad but are very good at it (possibly referring to sex, but maybe referring to their business plans), and then kisses her on the back of her neck and pulls the sheet down to kiss her bare back. When she realizes what time it is, she gets up and hurriedly dresses, and we see a partial side view of her bare breast (she's facing away from the camera), as well as a partial bare butt cheek view as she puts on her skirt. They then get into a bit of an argument, with him thinking she's actually conning him, with her replying it's been three days and then asks what the objective would be: "Rug burn?" Ray pretends to be someone else in order to pick up one of Howard's workers at a bar, use his charm to distract her, and get valuable info from her. That involves drinks and then returning to her office where they apparently have sex off-screen. Later, someone comments on the one "where they're on the desk" and we see a few black and white surveillance style photos of them standing close, including one where her shirt is off, but all we see is her bra strap across her back. Later, when Claire interrogates her for Howard, the woman enthusiastically says that fling was worth it (possibly losing her job). In a flashback, Ray and Claire passionately kiss (clothed) in London, with him telling her she feels good. Ray and Claire meet in Miami, and he comments, "God, you smell good." About Ray, Duke states he is the "biggest swinging d*ck" he's ever seen. Claire unexpectedly drops in on Ray, and then holds up thong panties, asking, "Are these hers?" and saying she found them in the closet. Ray says he has no idea who they belong to, with Claire continuing to press him until she relents and says she'll just put them back on, notifying him that she was just testing him. Ray is a bit upset by that, but Claire asks if he's also "kind of turned on too?" and then says she only has 55 minutes to make it up to him. About the above woman Ray slept with to get valuable company info, Claire tells him, "You screwed her...I can't believe you screwed her." He says that was part of the job and that his cover is "I'm a horn-dog." Ray and Claire passionately kiss while clothed. We see Ray rehearing his above "people I've slept with" speech, with him including the sexual use of "screwed." He then says he's "filling a gap" in the chain of command, with Claire (in bed) suggestively telling him to come back there to her and say that (meant sexually).

Violence & Gore

  • In the opening credits, there's a fight (comedic tone).
  • No violence in the movie, except the opening credits (but comedic).


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are often seen drinking champagne. References of drugging to sleep.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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