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Lots of entertaining, unexpected twists
InvisableMirages20 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Great episode. Held my interest from start to finish.

So, starts out as a magic trick gone wrong. The magician goes into cardiac arrest when he's under water getting ready to escape from his handcuffs.

The doctors Cole and Cutner are there watching the show and immediately get him to the hospital when they see he's in trouble. House automatically thinks that he's a scam artist and faked the symptom because he couldn't really perform the trick. But, of course, there truly is something wrong with the man.

In a separate plot twist, House makes a deal with the remaining 5 that whoever brings him the thong of Cuddy has immunity and can pick two other competitors and House will fire one of them. Turns out, Cole is the one who brings House the thong. He nominates Amber and Cutner. Who goes? Cole.

What did you expect? House to "play by the rules"? It was a great twist. But what got me was when we discovered that Cole cut a deal with Cuddy. Cole could take her thong if he nominated Cutner and Amber. Those were the top two who she wanted eliminated.

Then, there was another side-plot. Thirteen might be sick with Huntingtons disease. Leave it to House to snoop (of course he doesn't call it that) around and then send in a test to see if she has it. But she doesn't want to know. Sadly enough, we don't find out if she's sick or not. Hopefully not because she's really the only one left that I like.

I'm really looking forward to this up-coming episode to see who it is that makes House's team.

Plot: 10/10 Acting: 9/10 Ending: 10/10 It was great. :)
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Tricky doings
xredgarnetx24 November 2007
A magician (Steve Valentine, late of CROSSING JORDAN) almost drowns during the Houdini water tank trick and Mormon Guy and Punjab happen to be on hand to rescue him. House is not convinced the guy's really sick, which leads to some interesting bits of business. Meanwhile, House dreams up a ridiculous scheme to eliminate the next team candidate. It involves Cuddy's underpants, of all things. And we finally get a glimpse at what makes 13 tick -- or not, as the case may be. She's convinced she is dying of an inherited disease while House is equally convinced she is not. Enough going on for you? Valentine, a veteran movie and TV actor, makes a great guest star, and the business about Cuddy's unmentionables ends up being a bit of a shocker. Maybe not the finest, but a very good HOUSE episode.
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Good Episode
mail-shadow17 November 2016
Finally you are a bit connected to the new candidates, which is really good.

The case of the day has many twists, is well written and we got the diagnosis we have been waiting for ... or House was waiting for, for a long time.

The personal discovery about Remys(13) Huntington had many good scenes between House and her, and it went deep.

Also the last part was for me, really emotional. House figured out the plot of Cuddy and revealed the deal she made with Jeffrey. He dropped his seemingly good friend Kutner to on a chance to save his own job, that was hard. Retrospectively even more if you know what's about to happen to Kutner in the future.
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bowlingchick771 December 2007
While the storyline was interesting, the lack of 2 vital- and original-characters was less than pleasing to fans of the original 'ducklings'. I am speaking of, of course, Dr Chase and Dr Cameron's notable absence.

So far this season regular characters such as Dr Wilson (House's friend), Dr Chase and Dr Cameron have had very small roles in a show that they used to be vital characters. Replaced with House's potential team.

That was acceptable.

But now the show has taken another step and completely written them out of an entire episode. Was there a reason for this? or where they too wrapped up in the new story lines of 'Thirteen' and friends.

Perhaps the creators (and writers) ought to take a long, hard look at what made the show popular and bring back chase and Cameron!
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