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Sex & Nudity

  • In the opening scene, there are golden statues of nude women. The magician's assistant in the opening scene wears a fairly low-cut dress. House asks his fellows to get Cuddy's panties. Later, one of the fellows gives him a pair of panties. One of the others asks how he got them, and he says, "Only one way," implying sex. There is then a discussion that involves bras and panties in which House asks Amber to hike her skirt up or down so they can see what color her panties are. She refuses, and then it is revealed that the panties are Amber's, and that she gave them to the fellow who brought them in so they could trick House. When House comes into an operating room, he says "Ladies and gentlemen, I have nothing in my hands, nothing in my sleeves... I do have something in my pants, but it's not going to help with this particular trick." House asks one fellow to pull down his pants. He asks, "Do you think I'm lying?" House says, "No, I want to give you a reward. Yes, I think you're lying."

Violence & Gore

  • The magician starts bleeding out of his mouth while in the water tank. There is a small amount of blood. Doctors are performing a surgery at one point in the episode. There are large amounts of blood and visible organs. After showing House a magic trick, the patient starts bleeding profusely out of one nostril. The fellows give House a blood transfusion. There is visible blood in a bag and a tube.


  • House says "Oh my g**" several times. One of the fellows says "I'm manipulative. I play the game. I can be a b****." House tells one of the fellows, "If you're going to kiss his a** and make your a** look good, at least wait until he's had a good idea." One of the fellows calls Amber "cutthroat b****" again, and so does House.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two of the fellows find pot in the magician's apartment.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The patient starts seizing at one point during the episode.

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