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5 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Better than expected

Author: m-d-bolik from Dundee, United Kingdom
4 December 2011

I didn't go to see this when it was released because some reviews were so negative. So I have just watched it on DVD. It was actually a very good film - and I thought it was well paced and enjoyable to watch. Of course there are flaws - but it was better than recent DC superhero outings, such as Bryan Singer's Superman or even the Dark Knight. I have to say, as a youngster, I was always more interested in DC comics than Marvel ones. And I have always felt that the Green Lantern would lend itself well to the big screen. This was really a very good film and unfairly criticised. As I mentioned there are flaws but these can be forgiven because of the movie's spirit - and also, as some have already mentioned - because it doesn't take itself as seriously as other superhero flicks.

So - ultimately - we trust the major reviewers - but it seems they can get it wrong. And now I am sorry I didn't see this in a movie theatre.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

A World Of Overreaction

Author: Matthew Dale from Australia
5 October 2011

While I admit this movie had it's flaws, I do strongly believe this movie has been vastly underrated by the public. Unfortunately Green Lantern came at a time when comic inspired novels have been done almost to death. While most done quite brilliantly (most being the operative word here) Green Lantern I believe did not live up to the expectations we now have of comic adaptations.

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan was a great choice for the role of The Green Lantern, the character arc while helping you to understand the character of Hal Jordan was sufficient I do believe they could of well exceeded what they did.

For a story as immense as the Green Lantern I believe that the close to two hours was to short to completely describe and help understand the Green Lantern universe. The length I believe to be the biggest drawback in this movie. In my opinion the movie should of been closer to the length of The Watchmen to completely illustrate the complexity and brilliance that the Green Lantern universe really is.

For me, I believed the hype going into this movie, I had a completely closed mind and fully expected this movie to be as one critic described it "Green Lantern, The worst comic book movie ever made". Honestly I have to say that I'm glad that I read that review before viewing this movie as it made it all that sweeter when the movie went beyond all I thought it would be and greatly impressed me.

I'm sorry that this movie was received so badly because the chances of seeing a sequel have dropped and in a universe where anything is possible I think we will miss out on all that the Green Lantern franchise could be.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Nowhere near as bad the critics made out

Author: markjohnevans79 from United Kingdom
23 September 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Look, you don't come to a film like this expecting Citizen Kane. This was a great popcorn flick. Unfortunately these days too many "professional" critics have an intellectual bias whereby they feel if they dare give a film like this a decent review they'll be laughed out of their silly little jobs.

I've watched a good few films this summer and some of those the critics have lauded I've found to be OK-ish but riddled with plot holes and average acting ('Hanna' anyone). the problem is with superhero films is that they come with an already built in audience, i.e. the fanboys. These guys will immediately dismiss any film adaptation of a beloved comic book hero if it doesn't stick religiously to the source material. Then you have the other guys, film fans who will try to pick holes in anything that doesn't fit the superhero movie archetype. Essentially you'll NEVER please either of these groups and unfortunately they are the most vocal. I however am a fanboy and a film fan so I skate the middle line. This gives me an advantage as I realise that comics cannot be 100% adapted to film and that film must be adapted to comic books as much as it can. Green Lantern was a victim of both these parties. However they have done it an injustice. This was a thoroughly enjoyable, well acted (even for Ryan Reynolds) slice of fried gold. Yes it has it's weak points (it takes it sweet time to get going and the romance angle felt tacked on) but it was easily on a par with other comic book adaptations of this year (Thor and Captain America)and really did not deserve the drubbing it got. My advice, don't listen to the critics or the fan boys or even me. Watch the film and make up your own mind. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

I don't get all the fuss.

Author: grenosblackos from Switzerland
4 October 2011

I saw this movie yesterday, and i'll admit i expected more, but what CAN you expect from a superhero movie?. The special effects were great, but where one of the reasons why it flopped.300 million for a budget is just too much. Also, for once the girl actually noticed who green lantern's secret identity was, not like other superhero movies. Owa was great, Peter skasgaard was good, and scary, John hurt was mind-blowingly good as always, as for Ryan Reynolds, he doesn't make a bad GL. Sorry, this is a short review, and my first, so sorry. But since this IMDb restriction of 10 lines is just annoying, i will continue. Martin Campbell good have done a better job on this, for sure,(look at casino Royal and this, and i think you will get my point), but i think he did just fine. Oh, the plot was better than the average GL comic (i read some really awful ones). 10 lines yet? I guess not...

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6 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

A real show

Author: ( from Düssledork
6 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Nice, strange and new. Ironic image of super heroes and interesting metamorphose of evil. Few slices of love story and an adorable character. Green,intelligent, childish and fragile, with an unhappy childhood, Hal Jordan is perfect icon of our time. Behind him, rock-star Green Lantern, a kind of Elvis Presley or bored Charming Prince.Few fight scenes,a museum inauguration, a surprising victory and question of life sense.A Frankenstein creature. The error. In final, the clothes of Charming are perfect for new hero of town. Movie ad usum delphini, like every cartoon, tale about values and entertainment,Green Lantern is more. Game with rules and reflection of few ordinary crisis. Modelation of old definitions and replacement of marginal character. And birth of a very different hero far from any Superman or Batman but relative of their. It is not insignificant fact !

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14 out of 24 people found the following review useful:

A very well done Green Lantern movie, even if it's not a classic.

Author: jasonmberk from United States
18 June 2011

This movie was very enjoyable. It provided a faithful adaptation of the Hal Jordan Green Lantern comic book character and other characters from the comics. The plot was appropriate for a Green Lantern story. The visuals were stunning and there were plenty of scenes with little or no effects or CGI. I particularly liked how Hal Jordan's character was portrayed and developed, as I felt it was unique for a superhero character. Here we have a guy who is NOT Superman, i.e. gifted with an enormous array of superpowers, nor do we have Batman, who is a trained professional. In this film, we have a superhero who's greatest strength by far is himself, especially his will. That is what drives the character through challenges and to victory by the end of the film, not superpowers alone, not fancy gadgets, not elaborate fighting skills, just who he is and believing in himself and in winning. I like it! Not an original concept perhaps, but as far as mythology goes, this movie tells a great tale and gives us another great hero's journey, one that occurs as changes from within, not just changes physically. Go see this film if you like superheros or if you want to be inspired to have courage and believe in yourself a little more. Don't listen to the critics. This is not a one star movie. It does not suck. As I said, it is not a classic film, but it is very good and worth seeing. My only real issue is that the dramatic elements were a bit too long, although a condensed version of the drama would still be entirely necessary. Also, a superhero who's greatest power is believing in himself and in success takes some getting used to compared to a dude who just has amazing powers or fights like Batman. Anyways, enjoy!

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16 out of 28 people found the following review useful:

Green means stop!

Author: maddog-50 from Belgium
20 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Don't listen to the negative remarks. This is a great movie. This movie is even awesome! There is so much CGI right from the beginning, that you might wonder if there was any camera on the set. Reynolds looks awesome in his CGI suit and you might imagine that he had to be bare-naked while filming all the motion capture stuff in front of a blue screen (or maybe it was a green screen). WOW!

But this little green eye mask piece which looks like he's coming just from stage of Johann Strauss opera "a night in Venice", makes him the sexiest superhero ever. The CGI of parallax looks like its done with some particle FX by Andrew Kramer in an 30 min. After Effects tutorial. But parallax is such an a*hole, he does not deserve better CGI so that our hero can shine here too. And he is so cool.

Instead of generating some superior weapons like rockets or so with his ring, he makes a WW2 antiaircraft gun, throws a fuel tanker at parallax and blows the tanker with the gun...W.O.W. And there is a lot of "wouldn't it be cool if" stuff going on in this movie! For instance, parallax has teeth, but not the teeth of T-Rex or so, no, he has the teeth of a plant eater. And this already gives a hint why this s.o.a.b. is so dangerous: he likes green stuff most.

Now, I may seem to be giving this movie a hard time, but I enjoyed it. I like this kind of mindless CGI trash. The goofiest superhero movie of the year. Awesome!

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16 out of 28 people found the following review useful:

Le Sigh

Author: moviedoors from United States
17 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Good:

Ryan Reynolds- he really did give it his all and sold it as best he could. His sincerity was undeniable and he deserves most of the credit for what works in the movie. He succeeded were plenty of others would've fallen flat on their faces.

Peter Sarsgaard- not a great performance, but he was chewing the hell out of the scenery and having a blast doing it. I love that piercing scream he does.

The creature and Corp design work- The suits look great. They don't look phony at all on Reynolds. I love the bright colors. I was surprised how much I liked the look and presence of Parallax. Especially good sound work on him. There were some neat looking aliens tucked away in the corners.

The Bad:

The script- lazy, lazy, lazy. It's boiling over with clunky exposition. Who these characters were was shoehorned in in a very shoddy manner. Hal's flashback at the beginning to his father's death was the height of plot convenience. Hal and Hector having a past is pretty much non existent. They don't share any scenes together until what seemed like an hour in and their interaction basically amounts to them bumping into each other and going "Oh, hey. What's up?" And speaking of Hector, I have no idea who this guy was. He's infected pretty much immediately after we meet. Am I supposed to like him? see his flaws? see how he could be susceptible to fear? I don't know! Near the end, Sinestro describes Hal as brash and opinionated "just like Abin-Sur." Would have been nice to have actually see that quality in Abin instead of just being told at the end.

Actors in nothing roles- Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett do nothing of note playing cardboard characters with nothing to do but further the plot and add some cred to the cast. I'm not overly familiar with Blake Lively and I left with basically no impression of her. I won't blame her as she had essentially nothing to work with.

The Corp- Speaking of doing nothing, the Corp and the Guardians do nothing either. This is all tell and no show. Tomar-Re is Basil Exposition, Kilowag trains Hal for what seemed like 2 minutes and then more or less vanished, the Guardians sit on their thrones making bizarre, head scratching decisions and they have a serious case of the CG rubber lips. I started to perk up when Sinestro led a small regiment of Lanterns to fight Parallax, but it's a 30 second non- fight with one projection, 5 seconds of zipping around, and then Sinestro looking shocked after characters we "met" in 2 second cut-aways are dispatched with ridiculous ease by Parallax.

Oa- one of the biggest let downs for me. If you've seen the trailers, you've pretty much seen all this movie has to offer with this world. Some rocks, a purple sky, and Lanterns standing around doing, you guessed it, nothing. Asgard was a far more visually interesting place and forget about it even coming near Pandora.

The rest of the people on Earth- After Green Lantern makes his first appearance, there's a shocking lack of attention. There's a news report in the background of one scene "going who was this hero who saved the day?" as if that's the big story, and not a mention of, gee, I don't know, all the crazy energy constructs he created!

The credit cookie- Not earned in the slightest. The reason Sinestro puts on that yellow ring had zero to do with what was established throughout the entire rest of the movie (and for what it's worth, Sinestro works well with his small amount of screen time and Mark Strong brings as much gravity as his humanely possible to the role). This was nothing but cheap fan service and teeth grating plot contrivance.

Thor was a much more entertaining ride, and I thought Thor was merely good. Forget about it even coming close to Iron Man, Superman, Watchmen, or Nolan's Batmans. But, is it terrible? No. I'll watch this again before I go near Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, or Kick-Ass again. By a long shot. It didn't suck, but I just can't say I liked it either and I wanted to so bad. Big disappointment.

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40 out of 76 people found the following review useful:

Green Lantern Review (may contain spoilers)

Author: jeffreydearman from United States
16 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For a superhero that can create anything he can imagine with his mind, the Green Lantern's creative team failed to create good characters, villains, special effects, or an overall enjoyable experience worth 11 dollars.

The movie starts off well enough with exciting action in space, where we meet a villain capable of absorbing entire planets (which comes across as a space version of the kraken used in Pirates of the Caribbean 2- not a good thing). Upon being injured, the greatest of all the Lanterns crash lands on Earth to begin the search for his successor. After searching what seems to be 4 square miles, the ring chooses the cocky and brash Hal Jordan. He's sucked up in a manner similar to the game Super Monkey Ball, and finds himself on the other side of town, and there before him is a spaceship. After an interaction of less than 30 seconds, the alien Abin Sur dies, leaving Hal wondering what to do next, and unfortunately much of the fun dies after this point.

After a bar brawl, Hal is whisked away to the beautiful planet Oa. For how much detail, design and money they put into this planet that holds all of the Lanterns, they spend all of 16 minutes on it. And of those 16 minutes, 10 is spent talking to knock-off Yodas about pointless stories and how they don't feel fear.

In a segment that feels very much like a video game intro to a game where they ask "is it OK the way you look up and down?" he learns to fly by simply falling off a ledge and just knowing how to, and why wouldn't he know how to fly? Considering he's had these powers all his life… except he hasn't.

At this moment the film feels like it's finally going to pick up, but it doesn't. He learns to "imagine" by getting the crap kicked out of him by a Lantern voiced by Michael Clark Duncan. After all of two minutes he has mastered the art of creating indestructible things with his mind. And after all of this build up he quits and goes back to earth after his feelings are hurt. I wish I was kidding.

Here, a character enters the movie for no reason whatsoever. A scientist named Hector Hamond- or what you will eventually know him as: that guy who shrieks and screams every time he so much as stubs his toe- is charged with examining Abin Sur's dead alien body by a secret government organization. After examining the alien body he begins to change into a "mad scientist". All the large head make up and special effects in the world couldn't make him either scary or believable as a villain. After this point every time someone so much as forgets the ranch he ordered with his fries he makes bad things happen to people. They even go as far as giving him the disappointed-in-his-son father-figure. Even though his dad got him the job to examine the alien and a promotion, he still hates him.

Enter Hals love interest, or what I like to call her, "attractive girl who stands around and looks pretty." Clearly taking acting notes from Natalie Portman's character in Thor, she is there and looks nice but doesn't really do anything important to the plot or to the movie itself. She and Hal have one good scene of chemistry, but other than that it's just scene after scene of her in tighter and tighter dresses.

Hals "best friend character" does nothing more than pick him up one time and then say "cool" when Hal shows him the Lantern suit. That's literally all he does. There isn't that helping the hero out as best he can in the end, or anything else to add. All of these distractions and pointless characters begin to add up in an origin story of a superhero with a running time of an hour and forty five minutes.

The music… I found myself feeling that much of the music could easily have been lifted from any episode of 7th Heaven at times. During the action there wasn't any swell of excitement that music should add to a film. In fact it goes unnoticed for much of the movie, never creating a Green Lantern theme; no anthem for the DC hero. Just the most stock music you will hear this summer. The one bright spot in this otherwise dim movie was the character Sinestro played by actor Mark Strong. His scenes were the more enjoyable to watch, and yet in the end his character stays in the wings for the entire movie.

Bottom line The Green Lantern is a movie that starts off promising, but ends leaving the viewer with very little interest in a sequel, or in the hero in general. With poor characters, video game-like special effects, and a very anti-climactic finale, the Green Lantern offers very little compared to the already great movies released this summer. Throughout the movie the Lanterns stress the fact that they do not feel fear, but unless this movie has a monster opening weekend, the execs that green-lit this 300 million dollar movie might just be fearing for their jobs.

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56 out of 108 people found the following review useful:

Below Average Superhero Movie

Author: loufalce from United States
16 June 2011

This is the 4th. superhero movie this year {Green Hornet, X Men, Thor,so far-not including Captain America,and the worst. Total dud misfires from the first frame. A cocky test pilot-whose father was killed in an aircraft crash somehow gets to be a guardian of the universe after a strange green light shines on him. Next thing you know, he has to defend the world from bad evildoers who are much more interesting than the title character. Ryan Reynolds is fairly likable but he seems more appropriate in a show like "Glee" rather than in the title role. Although he tries his one dimensional character really shows no depth, even in the scenes with his lover. The CGI effects are standard issue, and you've probably seen them a million times before. The trouble with this movie is that its just sooooo ordinary. There is absolutely nothing in it to lift it above a less than mediocre level, and the story line can be somewhat hard to follow. Before my review gets pulled due to "abuse", heed my advice and avoid the multiplex showing this disaster. Yes, I know its supposed to be based on a comic book, but even comic books can sometimes show some character development, intelligence, and try to portray their stories in a more realistic and believable way. Unfortunately, this film does not. It will just get lost in the shuffle of superhero overkill and fade from the scene after it predictably makes a fortune on its first weekend. It will be on DVD by summer's end. If you must see it, wait until then. Not worth your time or money, but don't be too surprised if the producers try to "franchise" it and milk it for all its worth. A sad fact in todays Hollywood. The fans claim that the critics killed this film , but thats only partially true. It committed suicide just being made.However, this movie could have been much, much worse-it could have had Jennifer Aniston in it.If that was the case, I would have given it a zero star rating!

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