Green Lantern (2011) Poster


Plot Keywords

lantern ring
test pilot planet
alien autopsy
party scientist
helicopter spacecraft
dc comics guardian
giant newspaper clipping
two word title flamethrower
birthday 1990s
airplane explosion spaceship
school bus super power
desert no opening credits
secret underground facility outer space
bravery father daughter relationship
fictional war transformation
mind reading costumed hero
one man army hostage
soul harvesting memories
humanoid 3600 recruits
airplane accident space war
astronaut superhero team
late for work electrocution
sinkhole biologist
year 1993 syringe
camera phone tough girl
satellite childhood sweetheart
rescue 2010s
president ufo
levitation chainsaw
father son relationship costume
american flag knocked out
jukebox monster
missile x rayed skeleton
gatling gun chain
good versus evil death
superhero surprise during end credits
council psionic power
scene during end credits hypodermic needle
based on comic book martial arts
fireball based on comic
extreme closeup bag over head
immortality lockheed martin f 35 lightning ii
u.s. president origin of hero
injection mad scientist
machine gun businesswoman
library flash forward
plane crash hidden identity
crash landing barefoot
loss of father hologram
telekinesis military
anti villain news report
female agent locker room
thrown through a wall meteor
imprisonment life sucked out
helicopter accident senator
prologue birthday party
brother brother relationship courage
fire exploding plane
military contractor looking at self in mirror
escape engine stall
epilogue body landing on a car
mutation shield
revenge altered version of studio logo
explosion parallel evolution
warrior u.s. air force
pool table asteroid belt
kicked in the crotch color in title
burned to death general
impalement wheelchair
finger ring racetrack
immortal alien race
mantra apartment
sword creature
telepathy escape pod
replacement starts with narration
genocide kicked in the stomach
alien infection super villain
taser interracial friendship
common ancestor hypothesis space travel
congressman training
cell phone subterranean
flashlight fighter jet
top secret government agent
secret agent parasite
protector bar
sword fight flying
microscope one against many
corpse flashback
humanity in peril air base
alien possession sun
alien contact exploding truck
crashing through a wall fighter pilot
disguise supernatural power
beam of energy masked hero
alien invasion anti hero
aerial drone forcefield
female pilot year 1991
lifting person in air wormhole
unlikely hero engineer
alien parasite bare chested male
oath year 2011
rooftop surrealism
asteroid punched in the chest
patricide warrior race
dancing psionic
part computer animation professor
water begins with narration
face mask love interest
fragments of glass ejection seat
drone alien planet
mother son relationship burned alive
psychokinesis title spoken by character
character name in title

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