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Real animal blood was used for the final trap. The director said they wouldn't have used it if they'd known how bad it was going to smell.
The first sequel in the Saw franchise to not open in first place on opening weekend at the US box office.
Understandably Scott Patterson was a little apprehensive about sticking his head in a sealed box that would fill with water. The trap was tested beforehand and didn't go terribly well, which only added to his concern. Ultimately, the actor stepped up and did the scene himself without resorting to a stuntman. Several takes were required however to capture the scene as Patterson found himself uncomfortable at various points during the shooting of this scene.
Julie Benz was so affected by the intensity of her role in the film (particularly the gruesome climax) that she had nightmares.
Danny Glover was offered a chance to reprise his role in a flashback. He had to decline because of shooting conflicts with the movie Blindness (2008).
Seth's trap is inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe short story "The Pit and the Pendulum."
Lionsgate's 10th biggest grossing film in the USA and Canada.
The original screenplay called for the characters played by Meagan Good and Julie Benz to go through most of their ordeal wearing just their undergarments. The production team decided against this when they realized how committed and serious the two actresses were about their roles.
When director David Hackl screened the film for composer Charlie Clouser, the musician had to turn his back to the footage of the final ordeal for the last two contestants as he couldn't stomach what he was seeing.
First film in the franchise since the original Saw (2004) not to be directed by Darren Lynn Bousman.
Screenwriters Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton appear briefly on the elevator where Hoffman first meets Jigsaw.
Scott Patterson had to rerecord his lines in ADR to make his voice deeper and more hoarse to reflect the voice of someone who has just had a tracheotomy.
Mark Rolston shaved off his mustache immediately after completing his role in the film because his wife and daughter hated it.
During the production of the film there were widespread rumors that actor Scott Patterson was unavailable for filming. As a result his appearance would be relegated to a cameo. The hype for the film included trailers and posters for the Glass Box trap which opens the film. The anticipation was that Agent Strahm would die at an early stage. This increased the suspense of the audience until the release of the film whether Agent Strahm would survive the opening trap and added to the mystery of who would be the leading character in Saw V.
When Agent Erickson talks to Jill Tuck, the picture on his desk is a real photo of actor Mark Rolston and his wife.
The first film of the series in which Billy the Puppet does not appear in person (excluding flashbacks).
Though family relations is a recurring theme throughout the Saw franchise, the 5th installment is the only installment in which no two participants in any of the traps are related.
The scene where Hoffman leaves the Gideon plant with Corbett and says "nobody made it" was filmed for, and edited out of, Saw IV (2007). Behind-the-scenes footage of this scene appears in Darren's Video Diary on the DVD and Blu-ray of Saw IV.
The footage of the actors caught in the latest series of traps was all shot in sequential order.
The opening pendulum trap was a real working model. However, for the times when the actor was underneath it, the metal blade was replaced with a foam one. Likewise, the hand-crushers were foam too except for the close-up shots where they looked too fake. Real heavy duty material was used then with a prosthetic hand inserted.
In the scene where Jigsaws corpse lays in the bed, on the upper shelf to the right you can see the skull of a ram, which typically symbolizes satanism.
The guillotine blades in the first trap are all shaped like a V's, the numeral for "Saw V".
The role of Dan Erickson was written for William Forsythe. He declined the offer due to scheduling conflicts.
The only Saw movie that doesn't have a graphic of a buzz saw on the DVD/blu-ray disc.
Producer Oren Koules owns the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team. Goalies Olaf Kolzig and Mike Smith wore Saw-themed masks for two weeks when the movie opened. The masks were then auctioned off.
Art director Elis Lam's name appears as the author of the last three newspaper articles that Strahm looks up on the computer about Seth Baxter.
On the poster, the fifth female murder-doctor. She is an unknown Latin Canadian actress.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The glass that Detective Hoffman falls into in the coffin in the final trap was actually made of rubber.
The first film in the series where a character does not say "game over" at the climax.
This features one of the rare occasions when a crushing room actually crushes someone. Generally characters will manage to escape from such a scenario, for instance, in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977).
For the scene where Scott Patterson's character gets crushed with his arm snapping first, Patterson had his real arm taped around his waist and was wearing a prosthetic.
Second film in the series where Jigsaw's apprentice (in this case Hoffman) records the message on the tape in the movie's climax.
Although the body of Detective Tapp from the first Saw film was never recovered and is never visible in any of the sequels, his picture among the other deceased police officers at least establishes his death. Although there are not any details about how his body disappeared from the corridor outside the bathroom (in contrast to other bodies that stayed locked inside the bathroom such as Zepp) this picture proves that Tapp's death is known to the police and that his remains were found. The first Saw video game elaborates on Tapp's fate after the events of the first film.

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