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The production values have become so horror-movie shoddy that Saw V has more in common with kitsch like "Friday the 13th Part V" than the original "Saw."
The method to the madness of the traps turns out to be quite clever, but the rewriting of Saw mythology is the slasher equivalent of revising Star Wars so that Greedo fires at Han Solo first.
This is easily the smallest-scale of the sequels, and it has the feeling of a massively shrunken budget.
Truly, the greatest torture of all is boredom.
The A.V. Club
Devotes so much time and energy to flashbacks and recycling footage from its predecessors that it threatens to implode.
Saw V is a terrible combination: grisly and tedious. Let's just call it bloody dull.
This year's installment is as disappointing as a Halloween bag filled with nothing but raisins.
By-the-numbers retread.
A particularly dull and discombobulated affair, shot and acted with all the flair of a basic-cable procedural. Patterson and Mandylor are so wooden that their cat-and-mouse game has all the excitement of watching dust bunnies swirl in an air current.
Skips back and forth in time, trying to piece together who did what, when and why. The only question really worth asking here: Who cares?

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