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Hackl weaves scenes from the previous films into this one in clever ways, without adding to the confusion. The director also does a good job of maintaining the dark tone, which includes FBI offices that look as if they're being illuminated by night-lights, and dungeons that look as if you'd catch a venereal disease or two just by touching the door handles.
The production values have become so horror-movie shoddy that Saw V has more in common with kitsch like "Friday the 13th Part V" than the original "Saw."
This is easily the smallest-scale of the sequels, and it has the feeling of a massively shrunken budget.
The method to the madness of the traps turns out to be quite clever, but the rewriting of Saw mythology is the slasher equivalent of revising Star Wars so that Greedo fires at Han Solo first.
It's cheap, sloppy, and too jumbled up to know what it should be.
Truly, the greatest torture of all is boredom.
Saw V is a terrible combination: grisly and tedious. Let's just call it bloody dull.
This year's installment is as disappointing as a Halloween bag filled with nothing but raisins.
The Hollywood Reporter
By-the-numbers retread.
Oh, Jigsaw. Here we go again. You kill. I doze off. Someone at the studio goes "ka-ching!"

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