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When Lisbeth Salander goes through financial verifications of Vanger Group 1949-1965, an account statement from Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken appears. Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, however, was established in 1971.
In a flashback scene with young Mikael in the 60s, the camera pans down showing the little boy's very modern footwear.
When Lisbeth is placing the surveillance camera on the cabinet, you can see in the computer software that it's being used in 2008. The movie takes place in 2005.
The movie takes place in 2005, but the postage stamp on the envelope Henrik receives in the beginning of the film reads "2007 - 11 - 12".


In the still photos from the movies, Lisbeth Salander's camera is shown to be a Canon EOS series. In the movie, the download software on her PowerBook reveals it as a Nikon.
When Mikael visits Henrik Vanger in the hospital, he is supposed to be recovering from a cardiac bypass. There is no evidence of a chest incision which would be visible with his partially open pajamas and robe.
When Martin's Land Rover rolls, one shot shows it artistically ending up on its side just shy of a tree. However, the previous angle and the final view show the Land Rover plainly resting flat on its roof instead.
When Lisbeth is shown as a girl, the character very clearly has a dark freckle in the center of her nose. The adult Lisbeth has no such freckle.
When Lisbeth and Mikael have breakfast in the cabin, Lisbeth is putting ketchup on her breakfast. In the view of her from the front, the ketchup reaches all the way to the bottom of the plastic bottle. In the next shot, facing Mikael, the bottom of the bottle has almost no ketchup at all.

Errors in geography 

When driving over the "Höga kusten"-bridge, they are driving the wrong way.

Factual errors 

When Lisbeth Salander is sending her encrypted mail to Plague, the screen shows "decrypting" instead of "encrypting".
The postage stamp at the beginning of the movie shows it is from Hong Kong. The Chinese characters on it are written in simplified Chinese script, rather than the traditional Chinese script used in Hong Kong (and Taiwan).


In the final end credits, Lisbeth's hacker friend "Plague" is listed as "Plauge."

Revealing mistakes 

When Mikael is scanning different parts of the bible, the position of the bible under the scanner doesn't change between shots (as if every entry is on the same page).
When Mikael is scanning the bible, a shot of the scanner shows the scanning head to be moving across the page, yet the scans are revealed vertically, as if scanned down the page.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


When Mikael comes back to the house to get Lisbeth, we don't see the strangulation mark on his neck.


When Blomkvist is injured at his left temple one can see that the wound is created on some fixation tape like Op-Site. There is an easy detectable wrinkling in the fixation tape that doesn't match the skin.


When Martin's car starts rolling, it quickly loses one of its headlights. However, after it loses it, there is one shot of the car rolling with two lights, then one light again.


At the end of the Movie when Mikael meets Harriet in Australia he wears sunglasses in the shots from behind, but in the front shots the glasses are gone.


When Harald hits Mikael's head with the butt of his gun, Mikael's hand has blood on it. Once Mikael crawls up the stairs the blood disappears then reappears between cutting to Harald.

Revealing mistakes 

The video camera that Lisbeth used to film Bjurman raping her, was one using a DV tape. However, after coming home Lisbeth turned on the camera and immediately watched the rape scene. In reality, she would have to rewind the tape first.

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