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A clever film about racism and misunderstandings
MartinHafer18 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A SENSELESS ACT begins with a guy at a gas station filling up his tank as his small son sits in the car. As they drive away, the driver sees in his rear-view mirror that he'd dropped his wallet and a Black man was picked it up and got in his car. The White driver yelled for him to stop and even banged on the guy's car, but it just left the station--at which time the angry White guy made some nasty comments about Blacks and gang-bangers. Later, he gets a message on his cell phone from the man who found the wallet telling him where to come and get it. But, considering it's in a rough neighborhood, the White man in naturally apprehensive to go there. However, to his surprise, the wallet and all its contents are returned. And why didn't the Black man stop? It turns out he was deaf and couldn't hear the man yelling at him earlier!

By the way, the guy who played the deaf man, David Hamilton, talked like a person who was really deaf. Either he really practiced well or he is in fact deaf in real life--the voice was dead on correct.
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