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Season 5

17 Apr. 2012
Answering the Call
Coby returned early, claiming after the Europe leg of the world tour Australia is by far the best country to live and date. Ben's efforts to throw a grand birthday party for Julie keep being crosses, but he perseveres and takes off his wedding ring as a sign of commitment to Emma post-Mel. Dave selects experienced electrician Roger after interviews, but he's taken by the time Julie gives up pleading for sole female 'Frankie' Calassa, so the boys are stuck with her, which amuses only Matt. Cooper's mean big sister keeps demanding Ted takes her along on their Great ...
24 Apr. 2012
Great Expectations
Ben moves to Nathan's villa room to avoid Mel's shadow now he shares his bed with Emma. Carbo, already rodent-terrorized, is not amused that Retta has turned into a ruthless scrooge to save every last cent for another home, but when she realizes that still would take years, they move into Ben's old room. Coby's candor helps clear up the boys' misconception that Frankie would be lesbian. Coby finds her a useful apprenticeship tutor now Nathan is away. Ted's Great mates status and even his clean criminal record hang in the balance when Copper's wicked sister, whom he ...
1 May 2012
The Power of Words
On Valentine's day, the bachelors wrestle with who if at all send a card and what those they get mean, and Matt's prank ones complicate things. Even young couple CarboRetta hesitates what's appropriate. Ben finally puts Mel's ring away. Ted needs repeated help from amused Ben to respond to Donna's hesitant dinner invitation. Overworked Dave seems to have forgotten Julie. Publisher Adam Goodman convinces Julie to be his radio show guest, discussing her column in his newspaper, which goes as badly as he feared.
8 May 2012
The Things We Do for Love
Coby stubbornly denies having a crush on Frankie, even tries to avoid her by missing out on a drinking night. Yet Coby ends up joining and volunteers during his remaining holiday to drive her around, as her license is suspended, supposedly to benefit from her experience. Ben warns Retta, whose first work day excites her and stirs ambition, not to expect from Carbo, who enjoys spending his day off as a couch potato, to aspire to a 'five years plan' like hers, which even includes a baby. Ted has had enough of Julie's 'subtle' sneers at his affair with Donna, but the ...
15 May 2012
Judgement Day
Dave has landed another major contract, so he ends the boys to keep in shape, yet they insist on some partying. Jake is baffled when his father, who left his ma when he was four, turns up and announces he needs to get to know him, being diagnoses with terminal cancer and seeks alcoholic, even narcotic distraction. Ben works out that Retta is pregnant and patiently persuades her to come clean to the future father, however immature Carbo may remain in some ways. Editor Adam Goodman publishes Julie's restaurant assessments but edits nearly every word.
22 May 2012
Secret Fears
Coby spares no effort on a 'casual' surprise for Frankie, in secret despite his house-mates's growing suspicions, but she appreciates his birds couple tattoo design, only to specify later she has no romantic interest in him. Everybody fears Jake's verbal outburst'You're not my dad!' wrecked his close report with Dave, but ultimately a boys night and singalong helps mend it once Jake has turned away his ever-absent, dying biological father Jim. Ben finally uses the L-word. Dave must also face nightmares about Julie engaging in adultery with her editor Adam Goodman, who...
29 May 2012
The Great Escape
Ben and Emma really need a break together, with all the hassle from her mother-boss and CarboRetta's baby and nursery obsession. So they rent her professor's country house and enjoy simple, friendly goat-raising neighbor Fred' 'barefoot' Fintsloe and simply practical preoccupations. After an awkward 'non-date', Coby and Frankie agree to be just colleagues and friends rather then avoid each-other. Jake and Frabkie's mate Sian agree to no strings but no other dates. Dave offers a course and hope of partnership to serving Jake and, to Julie's dismay, newcomer Frankie. ...
5 Jun. 2012
Unwritten Rules
Dave booked an electrician convention for himself, despite a bad cold, industrious Jake and Frankie. Cody is so eager for the party side that he pays tickets for himself and Matt, who steals identity tags to get them in, but keeps making unsafe picks. After drinking and karaoke, Dave ends up in Frankie's room, from where Coby sees him leave. Ben warms up Emma for bidding on the cottage they enjoyed lately and setting up some undetermined country existence. Adam Goodman convinced Julie to accompany him to a movie premiere gala, but she cancels last minute on account of...
12 Jun. 2012
A Kiss Is Just a Kiss
Dave and Frankie feel terrible about their drunk kiss, so she offers to resign, but he decides to leave everything as if nothing happened. Coby agonizes whether to tell anyone but his house-mates, who can't believe it was worth troubling a rock-solid marriage for, but after ditching a work day, Cody resigns while scolding his 'adulterous' boss. Dave now feels compelled to owe up, but Julie acts as if it wasn't innocent at all. Retta's morning sick mood undermines devoted Carbo's sexual and general confidence, until Ben helps them realize it's just hormones. Donna ...
19 Jun. 2012
Letting Go
Coby's hasty resignation leaves his CV scarily sparse, so he ends up in a terrible job in suited car-wash publicity, starting to doubt if he should have sacrificed his apprenticeship. Dave and Julie won't listen to everyone agreeing they just belong together, so Ben drags them along for a weekend in the cottage he and Emma want to buy to start a new country-life, which does the trick. Carbo has kittens when Retta insists the baby will also need a safer car then his beloved Charger, but he still gives it up once he sees how happy it will make an equally enthusiastic, ...
29 Jan. 2013
The Right Time
Ben is confident he'll get a bank loan to buy the cottage, but misses his first appointment due to Carbo's absurd indoor game. After Julie insisted to give even Frankie her job back, the 'sparkies' are reunited, but tiptoeing insecurity. The whole gang joins a picnic and 'touch football' game in the park organized by Carbo, who failed thus to seduce Ben into staying in Syndey. Retta has a stillbirth. So Ben is confronted with one of Mel's former hospital colleagues and opts for a new life with Emma, but she backs out, claiming he's not ready and may never be to commit...
5 Feb. 2013
Life's Surprises
The Rafter clan is delighted that Nathan suddenly returns, but his surprise not was poorly timed, it's surpassed by his news: he has a new job and life in London, which includes a much older wife, widow Saskia, and she's expecting his baby. Ben surprises them and Emma by announcing he's leaving on his own world tour. Ted encourages him to leave soon, but informs only Donna of his own surprise: a first medical examination suggests he may well be suffering from Alzheimer.
12 Feb. 2013
Filling the Void
Jake is surprised when his brother Alex turns up unannounced, fired 'due to the economy' but actually becoming a junkie. To vacate Alex's old room 'so long', Julie invites sleazy Matt regardless of Dave's doubts. CarboRetta's stillbirth-mourning is abruptly interrupted when Nick's pushy niece Voula practically invites herself, tipped-off by Rita, who gave all relative villa-keys, to organize a party in their home. Coby's mates push him to ask Dumbo admirer Heather as doting date. Sian invites Frankie's ex Bryn Parry, who discovers Alex as easy drug trade prey.
12 Feb. 2013
Bad Habits
Jake is worried sick when he finds Alex's drug uses extends from parties to daytime, even at the expense of a temporary sales job, but can't find the poison and searching Alex's room and has to admit he's visiting their ever-absent father in hospital. Coby enjoys Heather's doting attention but lets Frankie convince him not to 'lead her on'. Carbo appreciates Retta reining in self-invited Voula's doll collection exhibiting and second party, but is called insensitive when he follows suit. Matt however ends up accepting Voula's creepy moves. Emma's parents enjoy lunch ...
19 Feb. 2013
Moments of Clarity
Jake has dragged Alex back home so their mother can keep an eye on the junkie, but he soon begs to come back so as to avoid her man Doug and 'forgives' Jake for visiting their father Jim. Coby is single again, but the boys make Frankie realize she's interested in him. Matt has moved back to the guys and is utterly confused by the absurdly mixed signals given by Voula. After CarboRetta make her realize she's afraid of a lover who acts as dependent as she did all her life, Voula intends to dump him, but they kiss up. Ted's faulty memory leads to a serious fire in Dave's...
26 Feb. 2013
Jake is rightly worried about Alex, who successfully demands 'his cut' from their dying father and instantly runs to party buddy and drug dealer BRyn Parry, who refers him to his dealer, but is found out. Jake's lover San however sides with her ex against 'brute' Jake. CarboRetta feel lonely in the villa after the miscarriage and cousin Voula's announcement that she's moving on to another relative's home. After the fire, Ted considers moving to a home, but the Rafters won't hear of it.
5 Mar. 2013
Keeping Step
Pushed by his mates, who also wondered why they're never invited at her place, actually her late father's, Coby finally makes another move on Frankie, which ends up in her bed, and recovers from the mistake to get up and out sneakily. Carbo's boss is selling the florist shop, so he fears losing his job, but Retta and Emma, who enjoyed helping him out one day, insist he must buy it and cancel their jobs to become his partners. Ted is determined to take no more risks such as babysitting Ruby. Donna entered a singles dance but her Internet date proves unfit, so Dave is ...
12 Mar. 2013
That Heady Rush
Coby and Frankie are over the moon in young love, but the negative effects on work all but amuse Dave. Carbo and his girls confidently present he bank their plans for the flower shop but credit is denied. Emma is deeply embarrassed by explicit evidence of Donna's physical affair with Duncan Galloway, who turns out to be a major developer and hands Dave a big contract. Ted makes Julie accept his self-defined senior limitations.
19 Mar. 2013
Got What It Takes
Coby cracks under the teasing from his mates, mixed signals from Frankie and Donna's lover Duncan Galloway's improper flirtation, which also worries Dave, leading to a true assault charge after a false car vandalism assumption by Donna. The whole affair sours Dave's fishing friendship with leisurely client Ducan. Carbo still gets a bank loan to buy the florist shop after putting up his beloved car as collateral. Training the girls for the job is as hard on him as getting up so early exhausts them, so he comes up with a plan to speed up the transition to their urban ...
26 Mar. 2013
Weathering the Storm
Coby becomes a nervous, guilt-crushed wreck as developer Duncan Galloway insists on formal abuse charges. The gang gets him to apologize to grumpy Donna, who soon discovers Duncan still has at least one other affair, with his secretary. Dave makes it his last job for Galloway, who meanly resorts to contract clause pestering. Carbo's team's balcony gardening center concept has a terribly slow start, but at the 'grand' opening, actually just friends, a discovered print error and an accidental customer give them hope. Jake pays Coby's bail, but after a vague breakup with...
9 Apr. 2013
Free to Choose
Shortly before his trial, Coby jumps bail. Looking for him with the gang makes Jake miss his father's fatal surgery. Coby has a void meeting at Doug's and sneaks back in at Jake's to recuperate his cellphone for Frankie's pictures, and at hers, but neither can convince him to take responsibility, yet they arrange a meeting with Dave, whose words seep trough in the end. Carbo's balcony florist team's first client Colleen Bourke proves a Tantric sex therapist and insists they should experience her course. After shortly being unable to recognize Cooper, Ted leaves the ...
16 Apr. 2013
Rewriting History
Coby is awaiting his trial in jail, tries to put up a brave show but is clearly terrified by brutes who belong there. For Dave and Julie's pearl anniversary, they get surprise visits from Ben, who gets a specially warm welcome form Emma, Nathan, his London wife Saskia and, a first, their baby Edward David. Carbo's girls nearly drive him mad by stressing even about easy clients. Desperate for a companion, Donna hires impressive escort Logan, who even stays for free after the paid duration. Ted is furious when a lapse while recording his memories on video brings Julie ...

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