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Casting Net: 'Jag' star David James Elliott joins indie thriller 'American Hangman'

Casting Net: 'Jag' star David James Elliott joins indie thriller 'American Hangman'
Jag star David James Elliott has been cast opposite Martin Freeman and Brian Cox in the indie thriller American Hangman. Elliot will play Detective James Steptoe in the kidnapping film from writer/director Wilson Coneybeare, who worked with Elliot on the movie A Ted Named Gooby. [THR]

Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men), Timothée Chalamet (Homeland), Grant Bowler (Defiance), and Elizabeth Reaser (Twilight) will star as a family with dark secrets in One & Two. Director Andrew Droz Palermo is directing the film about the family of four living in peaceful isolation in a mysterious farmhouse. Palermo, who made his feature debut co-directing the
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The Funniest Taglines and Posters at the Cannes Film Market

The prestigious movies at the Cannes film festival are only a small fraction of the films vying for attention there. A more ruthless competition takes place in the bowels of the Palais des Festivals, where thousands of companies from dozens of countries hock films to worldwide distributors and sales agents. As with the films in competition, sales in the Cannes market have been slow this year. For every high-profile acquisition (such as Hanna, starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, and Cate Blanchett), thousands of films will never make their way to you. And that’s probably for the best—how desperate are you to see the Robbie Coltrane/Eugene Levy vehicle Gooby, about a boy and his imaginary furry friend (Gooby!)? Most prominent production companies rent offices on the Croisette to hold their meetings. But for those relegated to the maze of stands in the basement of the Palais des Festivals,
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Ridiculous Gooby Trailer

The trailer for "Gooby" came out a few days ago, but I ignored it because its poster said it all. I now decided to check this thing out and it turned out to be worth posting. Not because it's good, but because it is one of the most ridiculous and disturbing things I have ever seen. Plot: Willy is terrified about moving into the family's new house. In response to his longing for someone to save him, Gooby comes to life as a big, lovable, scruffy creature who quite possibly may be more frightened of the world than Willy. The two new pals embark on hair-raising adventures and learn about courage and the power of friendship all the while with Eugene Levy on their trail. Check out the trailer below. Trailer: If you cannot see the player, click here.
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Gooby Movie Trailer (A Kid’s Movie About the Bear in The Shining?)

What kind of slimy creature passed for human long enough to make this film? I would not be surprised if the director died recently of perversion withdraw. People keep emailing me this trailer because they think it is funny. No. It’s disturbing. It’s sick. What is Gooby? Gooby is the fucking thing you see above, a furry figment in the “very active” imagination of a young boy named Willy. As seen here, Gooby is constantly blowing the mind of Eugene Levy, so much so that his hair stands up like Wolverine’s. Gooby is voiced by the guy who plays Hagrid in the Harry Potter franchise. But who really plays Gooby? Who is the Prowse to the Earl Jones? A sick man, and a furry enthusiast no doubt. In fact, every time I view the trailer in horror, I’m more convinced that Gooby is actually the bear-man from The Shining.
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David James Elliott to lead 'Impact'

David James Elliott to lead 'Impact'
David James Elliott has been tapped to star in "Impact", a four-hour disaster miniseries from Muse Entertainment, Jaffe/Braunstein Entertainment and Tandem Communications.

Budgeted at $13 million, the effects-heavy "Impact" chronicles the aftermath of a meteor shower during which a piece of a dwarf star lodges itself in the moon. That triggers a series of anomalies on Earth, including cell phone service interruption, exaggerated tides and the occurrence of sporadic weightlessness.

Astrophysicist Alex Kinter (Elliott), with a help of a female astronomer, discover that the moon has been dislodged from its orbit and is on a collision course with Earth.

Michael Vickerman ("Superfire") penned the script for the mini, which is being exec produced by Michael Prupas, Howard Braunstein, Rola Bauer and Jonas Bauer.

Filming is slated to begin this month in Victoria, B.C.

"JAG" alum Elliott, whose upcoming features include "Gooby" and "The Rainbow Tribe", is managed by Bob McGowan.

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