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Pumpkin Scissors DVD Review

Director: Katsuhito Akiyama

Starring: Shizuka Itou, Kaytha Coker, Kenta Miyake, Adam Dudley, Chihiro Suzuki, Blake Shepard, Cho, Marty Fleck, Kana Ueda, Monica Passley

Running Time: 600 minutes

Certificate: 15

Having very little to do with either pumpkins or scissors, Pumpkin Scissors is a bizarrely titled anime, but one that has a lot going for it. Set after a war between the empire and the republic (we aren’t given specific details, just go with it), we follow the daily runnings and adventures of the Pumpkin Scissors, a military group set-up as “war relief”. They’re pretty much a propaganda tool used to convince the public that the military gives a damn about the poor, ill, and starving. Unfortunately for the militaries top brass, Pumpkin Scissors is lead by Alice Malvin, who happens to be an honourable soldier as well as a member of the social elite. This makes her the perfect focus
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Anime DVD Review - Pumpkin Scissors: The Complete Series Box Set

Typically, successful Anime focused on War-stricken countries or postwar civilizations are filled with Mech or Fantasy elements. Class disparity tends to revolve around people with Mech technology or some form of fantastical power that allows the ruling class to keep the poorer social classes at bay. Pumpkin Scissors, however, is a postwar story that feels harshly real while delivering a polarizing tale that could just as well have been a Depression Era or Cold War drama. The story of Pumpkin Scissors, created by Ryoutarou Iwanaga, begins right after a ceasefire is called between the warring factions of the Royal Empire and the Republic of the Frost. The aftermath of this war is a heavily stratified social class reminiscent of the post-Cold-War Ussr. Those at the top of the pecking order are the morally corrupt nobles. Outside of the wealthy classes, food has become a commodity reserved strictly for the ...
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