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This is great fun with some interesting character development throughout the series
ninjamidget2517 January 2018
Remember the end of the first Indiana Jones movie? The ark is in it's crate being wheeled down an isle stacked with similar crates. The camera slowly pans back to reveal a huge warehouse with, what one can only assume, are similar artifacts. That's the idea behind this show. There are artifacts out there that have become imbued with magical properties. The magic in a particular artifact usually has something to do with a person who owned is or created it. But for every up side that an artifact has, there is a down side. For instance, the sunglasses that made you invisible render you blind for twice as long as you were wearing them when you take them off. other side effects can be anything from drowning on dry land to spontaneous combustion and everything in between. Enter the Warehouse 13 agents, who are tasked with hunting down the artifacts as they pop up and bringing them back to the warehouse to be stored safely. That's it for starters. There's Artie, the grumpy guy in charge, Pete, the goofy secret service agent, who can kick some ass when he needs to, and Myka, another secrete service agent who is serious and smart, and always hilariously annoyed with Pete. It is SyFy, so there are some cheesy effects along the way, but the varied plots and characters introduced through the series are always interesting and there can be the occasional serious moment where characters connect. All in all, it's great fun from beginning to end
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A fun sci-fi/fantasy show with heart
tenshi_ippikiookami8 December 2017
"Warehouse 13", which run from 2009 to a short 6-episode-long fifth season in 2014 was a fantastic-ally charming and enjoyable sci- fi/fantasy show in the find curious objects with powers tradition. It was not particularly original, with your case (or cases) of the episode plus overall arcs, but it was full of energy and creativity, and had a great group of actors that made the proceedings always engaging and that ended feeling like a family for the viewer.

In each and everyone of its 64 episodes, which include two Christmas specials, the show cared to develop the characters and make them close to the viewer, so once you start watching you will start caring for Claudia, her family and her love of music, or you will roll your eyes but smile at eternal child Pete, or you will feel a bond with book-lover and smart Myke, remember with fondness always grumpy but really caring Artie, or expect with glee the always unexpected appearances and disappearances of Mrs. Frederic... The inhabitants of Warehouse 13 feel like a family and the actors make it feel they really care for each other. The stories ranged from bland (only a couple of them) to hilarious (the soap-opera episode is an instant classic) or gripping, but every episode had something to offer and some character development.

Characters make a show, and it is with a smile and a little tear that the viewer will say goodbye to the show when they reach its end. It is not perfect (some plot developments close to head-scratching), but you will care for and enjoy every minute with its characters. And you have magical artifacts. What can go wrong with a show full of magic?
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Sci-fi fun
gatorgus-8047924 October 2017
Very entertaining show. I binge watched it over a few weeks when I discovered it last year.

Actors were well cast, the interactions between them are fun and sometimes touching. The early episodes tend to be better, but all were entertains. If you expect any show like this to make sense, you will be disappointed. The steampunk gizmos were silly but fun. The actress who played Claudia was darling.

I am too ADHD to write a real review, just a general feeling about the show. Well done to all involved.
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Starts great, drops off about season three
midnighteclipse21 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler warning: I'll avoid discussing critical plot points, but I do talk about some unimportant plot details and characters that aren't introduced in the season 1 pilot. I also discuss a point on pacing that may be considered a spoiler if you are unfamiliar with the show.

I avidly watched this show as it came out on Syfy a few years back, and I was completely enamored. However, I admit that I hold the things I love to a high standard.

To start, the concept of the show is what really sells it: common objects associated with incredible people or events have science- meets-magic properties that cause mayhem in the world. Thus, it's up to a secret organization to collect these artifacts and store them away from the world. On top of that, the acting is beautiful and the characters are incredibly lovable. The show walks the line between mind-numbing and mentally stimulating, with a very fine balance.

I feel the show has just a few big flaws. The most obvious one is that, around season 3, the studio clearly got a bit greedy for funding and the show starts dropping Prius ads into the scripting, all of which are blatantly obvious and very forced. It's cringe-worthy. By the last season, I kid you not, the Prius became a major plot point when it managed to survive lava. By that point I was ready for it to just end.

My other problem is character development. This is the part that makes me wish the show had gone on a bit longer. While I absolutely adore the characters, the show has very quick pacing, and many of their problems are solved with just a few episodes, or ignored completely. Take Claudia, my personal favorite. She spent all of her teen years in psyche facilities, being told she was crazy when she really wasn't. One episode even implies she suffered less than human treatments such as electroshock therapy. In her introduction, she even has an air of insanity about her. Yet once she confirms that she isn't crazy and solves her big problem, all in the same introductory episode, she suddenly becomes a relatively "normal" (or as normal as you get in this show) hacker girl with few if any negative repercussions on her personality. Sorry, but I doubt a girl that's been tormented and told that's she's crazy for like seven of the most critical years of her life is going to come away without some deep scars, just because she found out she was right. Seriously, before she joins the team they even say that she checked -herself- back into a mental facility. Could more of her backstory been developed given more time? I'd like to think so, but at the rate of how things were going, probably not.

All of that can be said for a lot of interpersonal character relations, too. Any frustrations, anger, or bitterness between characters is typically resolved within an episode or two, which can be attributed to the quick pace. For the most part, it seems about every season represents approximately a year of time, but only getting snapshots of maybe 13 days in a full year leaves a lot of in between time for characters to get to know each other, which I would love to get to see.

Another part of the pacing issue is the season plot arcs. Every season seems to have a subplot with varying permeability in each episode. Most of the seasons seem to end on a cliff hanger or even a climax for the seasonal subplot, yet the first episode of the following season typically resolves the entire problem at once. It's like hiking up a mountain, trying to catch your breath at the top, and finishing by jumping off a sheer cliff on the other side. Brush yourself off, and it's time for another hike.

Summary: I love this show, but the pacing is poor and it suffers from funding issues. Despite being super critical of it, I highly recommend the series and often go back to watch it again. It could potentially make for a great book series, given a better writer than whoever was writing the plot arcs.
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Fun, fun, fun....... This show was fun and warning of possible spoilers.
MuggySphere1 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Well where do I begin? I bought this show on a whim, I knew of the show but had not seen it before so I really had no real expectations of what it would be like once I started watching it.

However I found myself really liking this show a lot. They had a good cast of characters, they were played well, and the show is for the most part a lot of fun.

I think my favourite parts of the show were H G Wells, and their take on Wells being that the actual author was a woman, who had her brother stand in for her because in those days a woman being a successful science fiction author would have been unheard of. Also the time machine not being an actual time machine but it moves your consciousness from your body to someone in the time period you want to visit. I liked those ideas.

Overall I had a blast watching this series and it's one of my favourites right next to Farscape.

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Seen whole on one swipe and... downhill slide.. :(
Especially due to the end series where the writers inability to think and make it for dumb audience I rate the whole W13 as 7/10.

When you watching the show which starts with brilliant storyline, catchy and really clever premises you hang on it but then the reality and lack of imagination and even shortcuts and inconsistency between the story writers show up and spoil the whole thing.

Beginning was really nice, the characters with soul and written with consistent behavior and development of relationship. The snag bag tag premise is clever and nice. Later in show obviously was main to write as many interesting stories and sub plots as possible, so you see characters being quite out of characters. Mainly you realize that clever and professional people doing the most dumbest things, security on anything is irrelevant and where debronzing for example after 100 years mean 24 hours at minimum without light and person is very exhausted, in series 4 debronzing 400 years old "patient" means nothing and he immediately acting..

So after beginning of series 3 and except some brilliant and good parts later on you may take it as fast slide to below average US low TV intelligence show where clever people acting like a bunch of idiots just to not complicate too much creation of story and progress the show...

Really pity, one of favorite shows which ended obvious money grabbing machinery to produce as much possible against the quality...
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hidden history of the show
A_Different_Drummer1 January 2016
A nice fun show hiding a deeper mystery: Way back in the late 80s at the dawn of the taxpayer subsidized Canadian film industry (a time for example, before Canada became the official supplier for 90% of the Lifetime romance and X-mas movies that circulate through US TV) there was a show called Friday the 13th.

That Canadian show bore no resemblance whatsoever to the movie of the same name, and instead focused on a collector who went around trying to retrieve "cursed objects" before they could do more damage.

Sound familiar???? In other words, some producer decided to retrieve the idea from the earlier series (which only Canadians saw) and give it a more appropriate name ... and relaunch it.

Rubinek and the cast are great. Worse ways to spend an afternoon than binge-watching this series.
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Excellent show. Wonderful actors. Creative plots. A++++++
rlane144419 August 2015
I've watched the entire Warehouse 13 series. Multiple times. Warehouse 13, along with Eureka, are my all-time favorites. Thanks to the Directors, Writers, Editors, and Actors (along with all the great behind-the-scenes stagehands, and other helpers.). Such a lovely addition to the SciFi genre. Highly recommended! I especially liked the acting of Allison Scagliotti. She's a gifted actor, not to mention, one of the hottest new stars in Hollywood. (See my review of her new show, "Stitchers".) And, the chemistry between Joanne Kelly and Eddie McClintock brings a lot to each episode. Let me not overlook Saul Rubinek. He has brought so much to stage and screen over the years. The interaction between ALL the main characters is entertaining and absolutely "electric".
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Interesting concept that rapidly went downhill
dinalt102 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Was an interesting concept (albeit not wholly original), and started really strongly.

The cast was solid, and there were some excellent performances in the main.

But what the hell happened to some characters throughout the series ? Pete went from a secret service/ex marine to a whiny 5 year old throughout the series.

The last season was the worst for Pete, where he became positively irritating - maybe the script writers wanted him to become like a 'xander' style character a la Buffy. But whereas xander grew and developed, Pete seemed to regress to childhood - in no way someone you'd want anywhere near the worlds most dangerous things.

Gets a 5 from me as the first few seasons were good. After that, the focus shifted to the characters which was a shame - as they weren't well developed at all.

I know some would want it back. For me though, leave it finished - a show that's kind of fun for a while, but ultimately goes nowhere.
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One of my all time favorite shows!
daaleng9230 June 2015
Warehouse 13 will always be on my TOP 5 list of every show ever made.

Every bit of this series is amazing. It basically has everything. Great humour, excitement, action, suspense, and also the characters are more than convincing. I actually cried a little at the end of the show. I felt so attached to the characters, and I didn't want it to end.

The show follows Pete and Myka, two Secret Service Agents who are suddenly removed from their task force by this mysterious woman. Eventually they discover that the world they thought they knew, hides a lot of secrets, and all of them are stored in Warehouse 13. Well.. except the ones that's not in there yet..

If you like "Fringe", "The X-Files", or "Eureka", you definitely need to see this. You will be hooked by the end of episode 1.
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Delightful Science Fiction
jlthornb5129 May 2015
A superb science fiction series that is highly imaginative and delightfully entertaining. A fascinating premise is made even more engrossing by the presence of terribly engaging characters played by an outstanding cast. This is as much about their relationships as about science fiction plots. At times it is very funny and at others surprisingly deeply moving. It was stunning to find Aaron Ashmore playing a significant role in The Following while starring in this series simultaneously. However, while researching some cast members I noticed that Aaron has twin brother, Shaun, who is the actor on the other program. There should be some sort of disclaimer on both shows explaining this fact to confused viewers. It would also be fair to both talented actors that their performances be separated and recognized in the public mind.
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Disappointing show
Rens H. V.24 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
What a disappointment. And it could have been great. I purchased the first season on DVD after it was recommended to me, but I barely managed to watch the entire first season. At the very beginning I did like the series: a warehouse filled with artifacts of ominous powers does have something compelling, reminiscent of the X Files or Dr. Who. Unfortunately, while progressing through the episodes, I was more and more annoyed by all the things that are... well... annoying.

1. The thing that puts me off most, perhaps, is the fact that it appears to be a show for children, with its exaggerated emotional display, its lack of logic, its repetitiveness and its exaggerated moralities. Sorry kids (who are reading my comments), no offense intended to you, but at the ripe age of 51, my taste for fiction has evolved a bit since the days I was 10 or 15 (or even 25). It would have been so nice if the fact that the show targets a younger audience had been marked on the DVD-box.

2. The characters are all "off". Let's start with agents Bering and Lattimer. I could forgive Myka, who looks lovely enough, that she is bossy and pouty, but those stupid glances she casts around ! Supposedly she tries to look flabbergasted or something, but it just looks stupid. I expect a better and more professional attitude from a Secret Service agent who used to protect the president of the US. Her partner Pete seems nice enough, but he displays an annoyingly childish propensity to just play around and/or giggle. Which is another thing I don't think a trained Secret Agent would do while on the job. And their interaction is childish too: when Myka isn't herself for a while (taken over by something else), Pete says afterwards that he knew Myka wasn't the real Myka, because the real Myka would never, ever have kissed him (what the taken-over Myka had done), even if her life depended on it. That kind of stupidity belongs in shows destined for children who are still at the age where kissing persons of the other sex is completely icky.

Let's start a new paragraph, even if I'm still going on about the characters :) About Artie. Saul Rubinek is a great actor, and his character is interesting. But really? Would someone as disorganized as Artie be in charge of the entire day to day operations of Warehouse 13? Or someone who is so unnecessarily secretive that he refrains from giving vitally important intell to his agents? Or about Claudia, who, while being a true genius, behaves like a 10 year old when she's doing something Artie has forbidden her to do. Or, talking about these two, what to think about Artie punishing Claudia by making her write lines on a blackboard? Something that belongs in an elementary school story, not a secret service story.

To conclude my bit about the series' characters, what to think about Mrs. Frederic and the Regents? After enduring the entire first season, it would have been very nice to have a better understanding regarding the directors of Warehouse 13.

3. Another childish thing that really annoys me is the lack of logic. The most evident perhaps is the way all these artifacts are stored in the Warehouse. They are stored in such a manner that when someone stumbles and knocks an artifact from the shelves (where they are lying with the sole purpose of being pushed off, it would seem), the characters have a catastrophe on their hands. And Heavens help us when two artifacts that are stored away "safely" are able to interact with one another! And let's not forget all the antiquated sci-fi gadgets. A communication device that reminds me of Star Trek's Captain Kirk, and failing technology that makes me think of Dr. Who. But Kirk's technology has the very good excuse of having been created decades ago, back in the 20th century, and wasn't there something that prevented Dr. Who from returning to Gallifrey to have his Tardis properly repaired, forcing him to jury-rig his systems? No such excuses for the Warehouse, I'm afraid.

4. Another example of lack of logic is what I called (under (1)) an exaggerated morality. What I mean by that is this: when the good guys have the opportunity of simply killing a bad, evil criminal, they simply don't, "because WE don't work that way". That's plain stupid. If there's anything I've learned from reading children's books and boys' books, it's that you always have to kill the bad guys when you've got the chance; if you don't they'll simply come back and make life even more difficult for you. Pete and Myka, at their age, and being Secret Agents and all, don't seem to understand this principle, and will always be duped by the bad guys. And thus, the really bad guys keep escaping. Because of this I just didn't care anymore what happened to those two clowns: if they're really that stupid, let them suffer. Stupidity must be punished ! Well, I think I'll leave it at that. You get the idea, I'm sure :) So why did I rate the show a 4/10 and not a 1/10? Perhaps I should say something about that too. Despite all of what I've said before, the show does have something (slightly) appealing (to me). Despite all their flaws, the characters are not entirely uninteresting, and the main characters are likable. And there is some humor, which is nice. So I'm not going to throw away the DVD's :) But I won't be buying or watching the other seasons, either.
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Endless wonder
David Jessen16 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I saw every episode of this show and i enjoyed it, when it started it where kinda like, Pete and Myka where always alone independent of others, then they met with the rest of the characters and they changed like when you meet friends that are like family. Hell i did not even see it where canceled, it maked perfectly sense, every 100 years they move on without the present 'archivers' we knew it from the start they tied loose ends. The purple goo did'nt have origin story because the artifacts energy did'nt have an origin story it is energy connected to an item though an event the goo counters the event like when you make fire to keep warm and add water to put it out and the bags removes the static electricity as long it is in the bag, like antistatic bags do ;). The bronzing process where paracelsius design he were obsessed with eternal youth maybe it where his way to temporarily make him so til someone debronzing him My only downside is that the could have made the last episode a double because it seemed they stuffed too much in the last one, besides that i felt entertained throughout the show and for me that's all that matters. My advise, see it as a show in it's own category and don't compare it, to every other show in the sci-fi category.
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Not as good as I hoped but watchable
foghorn_clj14 August 2014
So I started watching this show with high hopes (especially with all my friends raving about it) but I wasn't overwhelmingly impressed.

So the show is about this warehouse is middle of the desert of south Dakota where they store dangerous magical artefacts to protect their power from the general public. Great premise to get you started... but then the cracks begin to show...

1. Of all the government agencies to run this secret installation they decided that secret service was the logical choice??? Come on! And the "ah the president isn't here" jokes are lame right up front

2. There's magic purple goo that de-magics everything. yet how his magic goo came into existence or where it comes from isn't fully explained

3. The bad evil people who cannot be allowed to be in the wide world get cryogenically frozen and then encased in bronze?? Wtf???? Again something that is not properly explained why

The biggest saving grace of this show is Eddie McClintock (as Pete) who is a lot of fun to watch (and even easier on the eyes). The character of Myka only works because Pete is there. The only other interesting character is Claudia (the Abby Scuito of W13) and everyone else is just meh.

Bottom line: watch it once for the novelty (and suspend all logic thought)
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Season 3 finale plot less
loipoi9921 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have to start by saying that I have been enjoying this show so far. I am not excited to see what will happen next but it has some good sci-fi elements. And so I get to season 3 finale and there's an artifact that is going to go nuclear in the warehouse with our heroes in it. In the last minute though H.G. comes up with a way to save the other 3 heroes by conjuring some kind of shield around them. Sadly she can't be protected by the shield as the mojo she worked on had to be started from outside the shield. So H.G. dies, warehouse gets fried but our heroes are saved. What?!?!?!?!? Why didn't she used that mojo to shield the artifact (and in that way the nuclear explosion, herself, the warehouse & the heroes?!??!??!? I was actually ready to fall asleep when watching this, but even then (with half a sleeping brain) it seemed to me so STUPID. And imagine that H.G. is supposed to be f@cking brilliant.. hmmm.. This is the worst season finale plot ever. Other than that the show is above mediocre in my opinion and especially if they got rid of both the character of Pit and the actor playing him McClintock who is terrible, really really terrible! Especially in the dramatic scenes where he is laughable. This is quite typical of American series where the supporting characters are very interesting (H.G., Mrs Frederik, Jinxie, the dog)and the lead characters are obnoxious, irritating, and NOT at all well written. As for the people comparing Warehouse 13 to Eureka, I have to say that Eureka was plain boring, I never got past season 2, mainly because the characters (esp the main ones) are deadly boring.
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If started, stop at end of 5
norberg100029 May 2014
I had not much to do so I started watching this series and it was pretty good in the start. But it declined faster than burning magnesium, and after season 5 it felt as some characters just went extremely poor in acting, or the script ran out of silliness.

Seriously, if you like the start watch it. But if you like to have a good ending, stop at the end of the 5th season. I stopped after seeing a few minutes in at the 6th. It was EXTREMELY horrible!

I will just say "RIP" to Warehouse 13 from season 5.

I hope it is dead and buried forever

Alea Acta est
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eureka! but not really...
smoke1329 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A play on words, as they say. Wh13 was an initial hit. The likeness of which cannot be compared to a masterpiece like eureka in the overall aspect. The show was originally spectacular and gave premise to such amazing prospects. When your boss is communist, however, your future is destined for failure.

As the final seasons, second season onward, came to fruition, the show was doomed. That's not even due to the fact that it classified itself as the sister show to eureka. The writing became ghastly and the acting became painful to watch. The show deserves credit though. It had a fantastic outline, it just never fulfilled it's expectations thanks partially to the idiotic side struggles the writers felt necessary to tie in.

If you liked the first few episodes, just go watch eureka and you will be much happier. I was overseas when eureka premiered thus I started wh13 from the beginning. I was far happier watching reruns of eureka as opposed to the garbage wh13 constantly had to offer.

Spoiler alert...

This will save you heartache...

Wh13 was canceled just as eureka was due to it's premise. Myka and Pete kiss and Claudia becomes caretaker of the warehouse. In essence, thats all we get after five seasons. Boring if you ask me.
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The best show ever. LOVED IT
sudibeus20 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Well, it was the best show I've ever seen. I loved the finale's flashbacks, actually I cried a bit during them :) I will miss this story so much, it brought a lot of fun to my life, I really enjoyed it. Although I could watch it more for about 5 other seasons, but it's over. I can suggest it for everyone in all ages, anyone can enjoy the show's jokes and situations and of course the ENDLESS WONDER. I loved all the characters, especially Myka, Pete and Claudia. I wish I could get to know more about Mrs Fedricks, Steve and Claudia's future as a caretaker! Dear SyFy, don't you want another series of Claudia's future or Warehouse 14? I'd love it!! I saw the series online, but I'm 100% sure that I'll watch them in Hungarian as soon as they get into the TV.

#ByeWH13 #EndlessWonder
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Not Even Trying Anymore
Ben Hinman15 May 2014
A show like warehouse 13 isn't really common, and when i say not common i mean rarely does a show with such mediocre story lines, ridiculously convenient plot twists, and absurd lore actually still manage to be entertaining. Its a show that stays afloat solely on the likability of the characters, which is the main selling point of the entire series.

When i say this show is not even trying, i mean literally not even trying. Some random villain from history comes through a portal in time and sets someone on fire with, oh i don't know, the sweater of the guy who invented match sticks, and they randomly just have the ice pick used in some polar expedition to magically put out the flames. Thats basically an unexaggerated example of the plot for a single episode, and it wouldn't even be watchable if it wasn't for Pete's wisecracks, Artie's temper tantrums or Claudia just being, whats the best way to put this... Rad. Yes, this is a show that takes nothing seriously, which is sad when it results in watered down haphazard story lines, but pretty entertaining otherwise.

The premise of the show is basically, certain people, (mostly famous historical figures, conveniently) can feel things so strongly they imbue objects with the properties of whatever it is they're passionate about / mad about / sad about / etc. The writers take this with certain liberties, and by certain liberties i mean randomly name dropping some famous person, making up an object they supposedly possessed and then using that to drive the plot for a brief moment before never again mentioning that artifact. Its alright for a while, but you start to question, oh you just conveniently had janet jacksons clothespin in your pocket which magically gives you the ability to dance just when you need to win a dance competition to get close to someone who's internal organs could fill up with sand, because i don't know, vengeance. You get the picture.
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Fun show with great chemistry
SnoopyStyle13 May 2014
Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) and Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) are a couple of agents from the US Secret Service. They get assigned by the mysterious Mrs Frederic (CCH Pounder) to a secret location in South Dakota. There is a warehouse run by Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek) filled with powerful supernatural objects. These artifacts are everywhere. Warehouse agents have gone out to retrieve and safely store them since ancient times. This is the 13th incarnation of the warehouse in a long line of warehouses. Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) is a girl whose life has always intersected with the warehouse.

This is a fun little sci-fi TV series. The idea of objects with power is pretty fun although it's nothing new. Quite frankly, the warehouse reminded me so much of the Indiana Jones warehouse originally. There are a lot of fun little gadgets like the Tesla gun. More than the fun objects, it's the fun chemistry of the group. They have a good family vibe to them. Eddie and Joanne have a great back and forth. The show is great whenever they riff on each other.
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whistlerspa6 May 2014
Ham acted and infantile best describe this pile of drivel. Shame of it is they took a promising idea and then ruined it by clicheing it out of existence. The two leads act with the maturity of 9 year olds.

As an idea it was promising for the first few episodes and as a Sci Fi fan I looked forward to seeing all sorts of amazing artifacts that the team would struggle to locate,tag and bag,and all the mayhem that would ensue. But by S1 E4 it was showing that was not really what the show was about. What it is about I'm not too sure.

Agent Myka goes from tough competent agent to doey eyed lovesick worm and Pete grows younger and dafter with each episode. Don't get me started on Artie; how is a character like that even remotely a possible for the SS, and as for the preposterous Mrs P well.....Claudia is the only redeeming slightly non cardboard character IMO.

I confess I quit after seven episodes. Perhaps it improved but judging by other reviews I've read perhaps not. 2/10 for some of the special effects.
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I've seen worse.
anymouse21 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Characters: Eddie McClintock (Pete Lattimer) - He was supposed to be the Goofy loyal hero. Instead, he was the retarded, incompetent moron. And his "vibes" went from cop-style hunches and gut feelings to ridiculous psychic warning as the seasons continued. People like this don't become govt agents; If by some miracle they do get hired, they very quickly wind up fired or in prison . Saul Rubinek (Artie Nielsen) - was supposed to be the burned out former spy and gruff boss. Instead we get a hyper-paranoid sociopathic monster barely capable of human interaction on a normal level. Far from being a govt agent, this is the kind of guy you put a bullet or six through and then throw in a padded room for the safety of the rest of humanity. Joanne Kelly (Myka Bering) – They wrote her to be the strong-willed, Intelligent, independent assertive female lead that Hollywood loves so much. And of course, that means normal people perceive her as a know-it-all b@tch. In govt agencies, these people don't get far; everyone hates a know-it-all, regardless of gender. Allison Scagliotti (Claudia Donovan) – one of the few good things in this show Genelle Williams (Leena) - the other good thing in this show. Shame they killed her. Jaime Murray (H.G. Wells) – The "Will Wheaton" of the show; the different writers couldn't make up their minds. Some loved her and made her the hero. Some hated her and made her a villain. And some were stupid and made her a Mary-sue. She's a great actress for being able to smoothly pull such a multiple personality off and make it all seem reasonable. Aaron Ashmore (Steve Jinks) – The writers needed some Homo cred for the show. Not for plot, or any meaningful reason, but to get invited to "the right parties" in Hollywood, and keep GLAAD from trying to sue them or snivel "discrimination". (:roll:) In the 2nd season, they were hoping to ship some implied lezzy action between Wells and Myka. But the focus groups showed they'd lose too many female watchers if they did that. Same focus groups showed men were OK with bringing in a gay guy, as long as he only talked, and wasn't shown acting. CCH Pounder Mrs. Irene Frederic - This character wasn't on-screen often enough in 5 seasons to achieve even one-dimensional status. Plots: More like clichés. By the first commercial, the "agents" have figured out the artifact, and been infected by the second. By the third, they're confronting the holder of the artifsct with the "morality lesson". And the final is the neutralization. All this while the other half is having their own minor subplot thats usually completely idiotic. Sets: CGI is on par with early 90s-ish. The warehouse looks like a WWII hanger, and is filled with Lowe's metal rack shelves. Someone skimped extra cheap on this budget. Science: yeah....... Amish are more scientific that this show. Everything here is "magic artifact", and Steampunk. They make excuses for why their steampunk is supposedly better that modern tech. Its just that anyone with a basic understanding of modern electronics understands that those explanations are total bull. Ultimately this show suffers from what I call "reasonable man" failure. Too many times, the plot-train runs completely contrary to what any sane, intelligent reasonable man would do. Despite all that, its far from the worst schlock SciFy has ever put out, and tolerable if your looking for something to rot your brain with on a rainy day.
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martoni6425 April 2014
I heard a lot of good stuff about this show when looking for something to replace my, now ended, favourite Sci-Fi shows. So had high hopes when finding it on Netflix.

Opening episode started off fairly well half way through. Then all the flaws came crashing down on it.

* Abysmal acting * Even Less likely plot logic * Low budget effects * "Jokes" my son would have found embarrassing 15 years ago (he's 17)

Apparently it's all about some government organisation collecting arcane magic objects from all over the US. Like a brain dead love child of Supernatural and Fringe.

I could stomach 4 episodes of the rubbish in the vain hope of it actually gaining some intelligence and proper acting. It was a hopeless quest. I gave some stars, because I've (imgine that...) seen worse.
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WH13: mystery, drama, historical fiction with a priceless cast!
Lina Smith28 January 2014
I spent the last ten years away from all television besides children's educational; now that my son is older and I have a little time to watch here and there I am pleasantly surprised at the selections available! Last summer I discovered Eureka and was thrilled to find a show that was not only entertaining, but intellectually stimulating and humorous.

The appearances of Saul Rubenstein and later Alison Scagliotti (as her WH13 character Claudia Donovan) led me straight to Warehouse 13 after I watched every season of Eureka. I was thrilled to find another high quality show with a one of a kind cast. The relationships that develop between the characters are as unlikely and unique as real life relationships. These relationships with their quirks and depth are the vehicle that makes the existence of a secret government warehouse for "artifacts" imbued with special powers believable.

I hate reviews that give too much away so I'll finish up by saying that one of the best aspects of the show and what kept my interest piqued was it's close adherence to actual historical events/people. More than once I went to Wikipedia to see how close the story was to actual history- or to look up a reference by Artie to see if it existed. I love shows that can teach even "well-educated" people something- it is a testament to the writers and the excellent quality of the program.

I hear this will be the last season coming up, as usual those that burn brightly never burn long enough! This show and its characters have a place in my heart.
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