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The Most Beautiful Film in Years

Author: fmfedericomanfredi from Italy
28 April 2008

Astonishing!!! I 've seen this feature at Torino Film Festival last week. It's certainly the most beautiful film I've seen in many years. Wonderful script with fresh and smart dialogs, solid structure and several great stories that made me think quite a lot after the screening in a very unusual optimistic way. Outstanding, moving and fairly realistic performances by the whole cast (and they are about 40) Smart, wise and challenging directing putting the audience right in the center of the questions on the film, feeling so close to characters and in an amazing active role. Beautiful, plenty of different textures and colorful cinematography. Fresh and creative editing. Brilliants songs taking you to the right place always. The film has a lot of moving perfectly crafted scenes. It's the very first time a film moved me to tears in the present decade (maybe more) but there's a lot of fun inside the film also and you leave the theater feeling more freedom and wanting to chase your own piece of happiness. I must recommend this feature to everyone. Don't even think of missing Spinnin'.

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A beautiful and magical journey through human heart

Author: Alice Stillman from United States
25 June 2008

I saw this feature at Boston MFA last month… What an experience!!! Absolutely outstanding!!! One of the most complex and solid scripts I've ever seen on screen. Strange but beautifully human characters told us a story about people chasing their small pieces of happiness. A whole bunch of remarkable and brave characters deliver the audience a delicious dish with all the ingredients to make you think about quite a number of important issues of modern life in many different points of view.

SPINNIN' is a honest but optimistic painting of the human heart. The characters say "Love has sharp edges. Wound keeps you alive." several times as a chorus. I agree from the bottom of my heart, but, like "some kind of magic" you leave the cinema wanting to chase your own dreams, having a more optimistic way to look the rest of the human kind and hoping to enjoy the next relationship whatever it takes.

Alternately amusing and poignant. SPINNIN' is a beautiful mix of hard situations making people cry and smartly funny scenes making people laugh a lot with surprisingly ingenous ideas. (Maybe too many for 110 minutes). A whirlwind of emotions, delightful scenes with wonderfully written dialogs and amazing performances for the whole cast.

The stories are told in a charming cheeky way keeping you so close to the characters and making real easy to identify with them and their problems. Stunning images and a beautiful soundtrack, plenty of envolving and rocking songs, dress the salad.

I must confess that I'd never thought about fatherhood among gay men as an appropriate condition. Watching SPINNIN' I realize for the very first time how normal, "natural" and appropriate it can be.

I definitely agree, nobody should miss SPINNIN'. It's real quality material and one of the most enjoyable experiences in that last years cinema.

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Very strange; but, in the end, very effective

Author: jm10701
10 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(I don't really believe this review contains spoilers, but since I mention the final scene - but not any plot development it might contain - I thought I should check the spoiler box just in case.)

Spinnin' is one of the strangest movies I have ever seen. I got frustrated almost immediately trying to follow what was going on - so frustrated that I almost turned it off; and if Alejandro Tous (who plays Gárate, one of the two leads) were not so beautiful and compelling I probably would have. But I finally gave up trying to make any sense of the movie and just let it carry me along on its strange and fitful way, and then I began to love it.

I still don't have any idea how to describe this movie, except maybe to say that its driving theme is that every human being is different and wonderful. That's a pretty good message, and, in the end, it gets that message across more effectively than any other movie I can think of.

The central story of a gay couple wanting to have a baby is just the framework around and through which a kaleidoscope of humanity weaves and spins in endless, vibrant, pulsing diversity. The final scene, with hundreds of people spinning like dervishes in the streets of Madrid, is in some ways one of the corniest scenes I have ever seen, but by the time it ended I was crying tears of joy. It refused to let me stay detached; it FORCED me to get involved, to surrender to its insistent, relentless determination to move me.

Other reviewers have criticized the jerky editing and the disconnect between the soundtrack and the action, as if people are dancing to different music than what we are hearing. I am convinced ALL of that is intentional.

This is not a normal movie. This movie is like a kid who has discovered something wonderful and will do ANYTHING to get our attention so it can show us what it found. This is a movie determined above all else to shake its viewers OUT of the complacency most movies depend on to tell their stories. It grabs us by the shoulders and shakes us awake, so it can show us what a wonderful world we live in, and how wonderful every single one of us is.

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Cutesy Neo-Hippie Free Form Indie Collage That's 33 1/3 Minutes Too Long

Author: meaninglessbark from West Seattle
3 March 2013

Spinnin' isn't exactly 33 1/3 minutes too long but it seemed in the nature of the film to give an uneven and spinning related number to how long it goes on too long for.

Spinnin' is not horrible and it's not wonderful. (It is fairly literal; there is a lot of spinning in the movie, many scenes of people and things literally spinning around in circles.)

It is a nice look at different sorts of queer relationships. There are no pretty model boy couples sitting around cafes grousing about how hard it is to find true love.

Spinnin' suggests that everyone is fractured and all relationships are flawed and that collapsing into the arms of friends and strangers is how it's all dealt with.

Despite that dreary view of love Spinnin' is surprisingly light and upbeat and goofy. The goofiness would be cringe inducing if Spinnin' wasn't so artificial and fanciful. It feels like an elaborate stage play with free form dance and rainbow colored sets. More layers of intentional artificiality are provided by artsy film effects such as over saturated colors, B&W clips, purposely rough edits, and intentional looking wear on the film.

The music in Spinnin' film is great modern indie pops that helps keep the film from seeming too much like a Rainbow Family Gathering Production.

Had Spinnin' been half an hour or 45 minutes long the reaction to the film would have been "Wow! That was neat!"

But at 110 minutes long Spinnin' is probably best viewed with a pitcher or two of sangria or projected on an outdoor wall with an herb fueled drum circle improvising a supplementary soundtrack and dancers with rainbow ribbons spinning all over the place.

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Author: (ihspam-1) from Australia
11 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this film in a festival and I have to say it was one of the most annoying films I have seen for a while, and I am including student works which I see on a regular basis.

Why? For a start, the subtitles were all over the shop. Sometimes in the widescreen black, sometimes on the picture itself. Sometimes the spelling was incorrect, sometimes it was obviously all a bit hard and the subtitles were just not there at all. The projectionist was forced to show the film quite far off centre vertically so that some of them could be read at all.

The music choice was terrible, and childishly handled. No fades, no sound bridging, just starts and stops. In the scene where the young girl dances for the young boy at the party she was obviously dancing to a completely different piece of music. He could of at least chosen something with a similar beat and feel. In some dance sections you could hear the director calling out the moves to the cast.

The script was awful. He seemed to think that if you throw in a couple of weird moments, it would make the film enigmatic. In fact, it was just annoying and pointless.

As an editor, I was driven to actually groan a couple of times at the disastrous unmotivated editing.

I could go on. There was plenty wrong with this film, but at about the three quarter mark I realised that it must have a redeeming last two minutes, which has made it popular at festivals, and I wasn't willing to let something like that make me forgive the previous 108 minutes of crap. So I left.

Perhaps if the guy who wrote it hadn't also produced, directed, cast, shot, recorded the sound and edited it, someone on the crew could have pointed out his problems.

So I'm calling it unmitigated rubbish. And the reason I'm so angry about it is that I'm sick of the fact that any film that discusses AIDS or gay parenting seems to be instantly forgiven all its technical disasters. I don't think it's good enough. Our stories deserve better.

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