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Brilliant ITV drama, but with one flaw

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
24 August 2009

Gunrush I thought was a brilliant drama from ITV. It tells the heart-rending story of a bereaved father, who sets out to find the murder weapon that killed his daughter. The photography was spot on, and there were a lot of tense and sad moments. Timothy Spall and Deborah Findley are exceptional as the grieving parents, who deal with the horror of losing their daughter in a pointless act of bravado. The direction was fine too, and there is also an intriguing parallel story with the gunman. The script was on the most part superb, in fact the only disappointing aspect of this otherwise brilliant drama was the ending, it is probably just me, but I felt they could have done more with it. Overall, a truly wonderful drama, that is up there with BBC's Occupation as one of the best TV dramas of recent times. 9/10 Bethany Cox

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Some of the best of British drama

Author: Jon Bosker from Australia
19 December 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed it: Interesting and compelling UK drama with a strong and believable story line about a caring (slightly pathetic) father and an overbearing mother who lose their first daughter in a random shooting.

It deals with the resulting grief of the family and the quest of the father to find the gun and from there the killer of the daughter he loved so much. High drama kept me enthralled to the end.

It shows us that most of us are not capable of killing even in the worst circumstances... while others will take life without a 2nd thought.

Powerful stuff.

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Decent enough, well made and fairly powerful TV drama

Author: davideo-2 from United Kingdom
26 August 2009

STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Doug Beckitt (Timothy Spall) is a calm, mild mannered driving instructor who'd rather walk away from a confrontation. His life is fairly orderly, until his eldest daughter is murdered right in front of him after an altercation in a shop. His life shattered, when the police prove ineffective tracking down the killers, he takes it in his hands to track down the gun that killed his daughter and maybe get even with the killers. But as he goes along his quest, he discovers a world beyond his comfortable existence that changes the course of his life forever.

Gun/knife crime is certainly doing the rounds in the news/media at the moment and this TV drama features a plot line that could be a reality at any given day. The always watchable Spall headlines a cast that fit the bill pretty perfectly, and he does a good job of portraying a gentle, mild mannered man who slowly has to come out of himself and confront his devastating feelings of grief and anger. He's at the centre of a plot that sees the worlds of middle England and inner city hell thrown together quite horribly. Indeed, a scene where he takes to the karaoke stand and delivers a rendition of Karen Carpenter's I See the World From Both Sides Now risks being unintentionally hilarious but while it's a bit unexpected and doesn't really fit the tone, it's also touching and sombre and matches the plot line of a man who's eyes have been opened to a world outside his comfortable existence, of rich and poor, of good and bad. The film manages to maintain a decent air of misery and tragedy through out, and also touches on themes of the appeal of holding/carrying knives for disenchanted IC youths and how they get drawn into that world (hence the title.)

There are some downsides, like Paul Kaye's turn as an incompetent junkie, aping Pete Doherty's pathetic appearance and fashion sense and an ending that takes an unbelievable, Hollywood lite sort of tone. But generally, this does a fair and decent job of conveying an all too likely and disturbing scenario nowadays. ***

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Bum Rush...

Author: I_Hate_Almost_Everything from United Kingdom
26 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Written by someone who almost certainly has never been anywhere near a council estate, this one-off ITV drama is testament to how bad British TV is. It's like The Wire written by somebody who's only experience of gun culture is reading about it in The Guardian.

Timothy Spall's daughter is shot and killed by a black stereotype. The question we are presented with is what causes this kind of mindless violence? Is it bad parenting, peer pressure, rap music, culture, society, etc, etc? None of the above, it seems. The answer is Gun Rush. A kind of orgasm brought on by firing a gun. The shooter loves his gun. He really loves it. He strokes it and sleeps with it. This is the reason behind the upturn in Britain's gun crime; fetishists.

After shooting this girl, the guy goes to a club and starts firing his gun into the ceiling. The people upstairs are so impressed by this that they recruit him into their inclusive equal-opportunities mixed race gang. Unfortunately, they want to dispose of the guy's gun. This doesn't go down well as the man loves his gun.

After it has been disposed of, Timothy Spall stands by a canal. It is here that he decides to find the gun that killed his daughter and solve her murder on his own. If only he knew that the gun was disposed of at the very same spot of the very same canal at which he's standing. What are the odds? Later, the black stereotype turns up at the canal to reclaim his gun. How did he know it was there? Does the gun have some kind of power that attracts people to it? It that why Timothy Spall was there earlier? Is that why the man loves it so much? Anyway, Spall starts hanging out with Paul Kay, who looks like he's on his way to a fancy dress party as Captain Jack Sparrow. Sparrow's a crack addict who shows Spall around the estate. After ten minutes, Spall has found the stereotype who killed his daughter, so he goes to a karaoke bar for a little sing-song.

Later that day, Stereotype is stabbed by the guy who earlier disposed of his gun. He gets his revenge by shooting an asthmatic bloke in the leg. This is Spall's opportunity. The same gun has been fired. Now he can finally avenge his daughter's death.

He doesn't avenge her death but his surviving daughter does play the cello so it all worked out in the end.

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