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Dealing with Chuck's father
Tweekums3 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This episode's mystery was somewhat weaker than most; it involved a woman lighthouse keeper who had been harpooned; the prime suspect was her husband who had disappeared at sea many years before. After the initial questioning the case was handled by Olive and Emerson leaving Ned to deal with a more serious problem; that of Chuck's father. Charles Charles is clearly not happy with Ned's rules for the 'alive again' and he is even less happy with him being near his daughter knowing that the slightest touch will kill her. Ned is understandably worried that Charles will expose his unique gift and panics somewhat when he sees him sitting at the counter in The Pie Hole! Nobody else seems concerned though and Charles points out that if anybody asks about his bandaged face he can claim to be a burn victim. After the two of them get in a fight Charles gives Chuck a choice; she can go and see the world with him or she can stay with Ned... she can't have both though.

While the mystery wasn't too gripping this time the situation with Chuck's father more than made up for it; it was funny seeing Ned and Charles fighting when they couldn't actually touch each other! I read that this episode is stuffed with references to 'Pete's Dragon' perhaps the mystery would appeal more to people who are familiar with that film.
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The Pete's Dragon episode...
MartinHafer28 May 2011
This is the Pete's Dragon episode, as the writers deliberately put LOTS of references in the show. To see more about this, see the IMDb trivia.

In "Legend of Merle McQuoddy", the lighthouse keeper's wife is killed with a harpoon and most seem to think her somewhat crazy husband, Merle, is responsible. You see, Merle had been lost on a desert island for almost a decade and he just doesn't seem normal any more now that he's back. Naturally, Emerson investigates--but mostly with Olive's help. That's because Ned and Chuck are busy themselves, as Charles Charles (Chuck's recently undeceased dad) is making their relationship very difficult. To put it bluntly, the guy is a bit of a jerk.

How much you like this one will probably relate to if you saw and liked "Pete's Dragon". I saw it and hated it but still liked the episode. I am sure fans of the film would be thrilled. Interesting, though not among the best episodes of this wonderful series.
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Candle On the Water
beachboygrl6 January 2009
OK, I love this show soooo much. Does anyone know if the cancellation rumors are true? If so then I'm going to be inconsolable. This show is whimsical and clever and currently my favorite. This episode is my particular favorite, mostly because of the adorable Pete's Dragon references and the sensationally chipper rendition of Candle on the Water. I really hope they put out a second season soundtrack with that on it because I loved it. I watched the episode about twenty times in a row I was so tickled. Kristen Chenoweth especially shines as Olive Snook and the musical references throughout (Grease, Sound of Music and a few others have cropped up as well as Pete's Dragon) leave me grinning every time. Here's hoping the show will rise from the dead...maybe Ned can spare a little of his magic touch.
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