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Plot Keywords

island disappearance
fire criminally insane
u.s. marshal death
memory migraine
interview dachau concentration camp
investigation nazi
concentration camp mental institution
lighthouse hurricane
choking mal de mer
tape recorder vomit scene
year 1945 reference to brahms
picture of hitler bunk bed
reference to j. edgar hoover denouement
tide paranoid schizophrenic
reference to franz kafka year 1952
murder of a child torture chamber
two word title woman with glasses
man with glasses secret experiment
rainstorm jail cell
lightning woods
red herring mental patient
human experimentation cover up
hole in face hole in chest
lake house disfigurement
gothic matchstick
car set on fire no opening credits
boston harbor massachusetts escaped mental patient
handgun distrust of doctors
prison guard pond
nightmare leaky roof
turned into dust falling ash
speaking german interrogation
phonograph phone line cut
rain patient 67
electric fence snow
barbed wire world war two
jeep badge
fedora ferry
radio car explosion
syringe necktie
police partner strangling
cave tattoo
lighting a match playing tag
power outage carrying a child
massacre wind
man hunt cemetery
elongated cry of no lighting someone's cigarette
f word suspicion
filicide self delusion
anagram hallucinogenic drug
hallucinogen infanticide
lighting a cigarette photosensitivity
dark and stormy night psychotherapist
psychotherapy female psychopath
psychopath seaside cliff
cliff violence
traumatic shock traumatic experience
reexperiencing trauma war trauma
trauma psychological trauma
alcoholic reference to gustav mahler
world war two veteran confinement
female prisoner hidden agenda
mental hospital deputy marshal
psycho thriller figment of imagination
neo noir triple child murder
ambiguous ending role playing
rat medicine
pipe smoking revelation
sedative injection
stabbed in the arm harbor
dock mausoleum
graveyard foot chase
punched in the face racial slur
note holocaust
ashes death of family
held at gunpoint water gun
toy gun warden
cigar smoking blood
blood splatter corpse
covered in blood guilt
surrealism flashback
shower male rear nudity
male frontal nudity bare chested male
wooden matches scarred face
shot to death shot in the chest
shot in the back shot in the face
husband murders wife bloody body of a child
child drowning mother murders own child
wwii veteran knocked out with a gun butt
rifle pistol
cigarette smoking talking to one's self in a mirror
seasickness husband wife relationship
who can you trust suspected nazi
spiral staircase sheer dropoff
reality vs fantasy ptsd
psychotropic medication vs psychotherapy psychosis as a defense mechanism
psychiatrist psychiatric orderly
psychiatric nurse paranoia
murder missing person
migraine headache lobotomy
island fortress insane asylum
homicidal maniac hallucination
grey skies german doctor
flooding building exploding car
experimental therapy drowned child
dead child crashing waves
child murderer cave hideout
asylum for criminally insane regression
pyromaniac psychology
psyche insanity
illusion dream
dead wife conspiracy theory
cold war repressed memory
boston accent altered perception
year 1954 1950s
schizophrenia based on novel
title spoken by character surprise ending
plot twist

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