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Intense FPS-game with some minor flaws, but great graphics and weapons

Author: Hoi Toet from Netherlands
26 July 2008

Turok is a name that should be known to most FPS-fans who played it on PC or on the N64 (or both). And despite that this game is mostly different then the others, your trusty knife and bow make a nice return. Using your knife this time is both awesome and a bit awkward because it kills dinosaurs and people in one well placed strike. That way it can sometimes feel a bit like cheating, but its still definitely my favorite weapon and every knife-sequence is very satisfying.

The game makes use of the Unreal 3 engine and does that quite good. The environment looks very detailed, although the game does avoid being too FarCry-ish and the game is mostly straight-forward. Apart from a few stealthy parts that you can do, most action in this game is Rambo-style. That means guns blazing (with 2 guns at once if its possible), and if you run out of bullets, you can still rely on your deadly knife or bow. And piercing a enemy against the wall with a arrow just never gets old.

The story isn't that solid, but the action this game has to offer compensates that. The AI of the enemy's in this game can vary. Sometimes people will spot you from great distance, while other times they seem to run around aimlessly. But the game does make the enemy challenging in numbers. The ability to lure dinosaurs to people is a nice find, and adds a little more depth to the gameplay even though other then that its a straight-forward shooting-game.

If you are a shooter-fan then you will probably enjoy this as much as I did. I think this game is a nice return and I hope the developers will make a sequel.

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Feels good to see Turok hunting dinosaurs once again

Author: Wolfdemon from United States
20 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

During the days of the N64, a game from Acclaim Entertainment called Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was released and became one of the best games of all time. But after releasing poorly done sequels, the Turok franchise just simply went extinct. Years later, Touchstone and Propaganda Game dug up the Turok series and present a brand new game that's the spiritual sequel to Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Here's a review of Turok.

Plot: Joseph Turok is a ex-convict turned soldier. A long time ago, Turok was taken out of jail by a military adviser named Roland Kane and had him become a member of a small team of black op commandos called Wolf Pack. Kane taught Turok how to use weapons, how to kill, and how to survive. But Turok left Wolf Pack after learning about his mentor's questionable methods. Now Turok is a member of another team of commandos called Whiskey Company. Whiskey Company is charged with capturing Turok's former teacher on a distant planet. Disaster strikes when Whiskey Company's ship was blown up by missiles then came crashing down on the planet. This routine mission becomes a fight for survival when Joseph Turok and his Whiskey Company unit must traverse in harsh jungle environments filled with dinosaurs and paramilitary troopers. 5/5

Graphics: The graphics is the meat of the game. The dinosaurs look great and very ferocious up close. The jungles are very lush and sway in the wind realistically. Touchstone and Propaganda Games knew what they were doing when they did the graphics. There could a minor flaw or two somewhere but it's hardly noticeable. 5/5

Sound: The sound of dinosaurs roaring in the distance will make you feel scared. The cast of actors were perfect for Turok: Ron Perlman from Hellboy, Donnie Wahlberg from Saw 2, Saw 3, and Saw 4, and Christopher Judge from StarGate: SG-1. The music has a nice Native American theme to suit the game well. 5/5

Gameplay: The choice of fighting dinosaurs and paramilitary soldiers up close or using stealth is totally up to you. The stealth kills with the knife never gets repetitive. Although the Cerebral Bore doesn't appear in the game, the bow has its uses. With the use of the Tek Arrows, you can blow dinosaurs up into meaty chunks and the chain-gun as a turret is a pretty good use. The Unreal 3 engine in Turok doesn't look like the Unreal 3 engine at all; The engine looks very similar to the engines used in F.E.A.R. and Halo 3. 5/5

Although I don't like the fact Disney published Turok through its Touchstone brand, Turok is a game that will attract new and old fans alike. Turok was a surprise for the first part of 2008 and a good surprise at that.

Final Review: 5/5

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Good, enjoyable action

Author: swedzin from Deadwood
2 July 2012

This was the last video game about good old comic book Indian hunter Turok, later a dinosaur hunter, here presented in distant future. Many people were pretty upset by this "video game adaption" of main character. But I found it good, I liked it a lot. The last Turok video games were not bad, but I just couldn't find them playable, I read a few comic books, I liked it. But this game is good. This Turok is called Joseph Turok. "Turok" is actually a title, a heritage that is bestowed upon a next Indian hunter. Joseph is a former black ops marine, later a member of "Wolf Pack" leaded by Kane, an evil military leader and Turok's mentor. Turok joined marines in mission to find Kane on terraformed planet full of dinosaurs. So they kept that tradition of Turok who hunts dinosaurs and other mutated creatures. Well, in previous adaptions he fought not only dinosaurs, but also other hunters and mutated monsters that carries a gun. Sweet! Overall, the game has good graphics, good story, good action, characters are good, the best thing is voice actors, a bunch of well-known dudes here (Powers Boothe, Ron Perlman, Timothy Olyphant, William Fichtner, etc), hunting dinosaurs with a knife and bow and arrow is kickass! The only thing that is pretty upsetting, is that Turok is not that agile, he is pretty slow, and you need to get use to his movements and actions... and sometimes, enemy is extremely aggressive and you get stuck in the jam of combat. But, you can try it out, really not bad. Enjoy it.

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Dinos, guns and rock ' roll

Author: johanloth from Netherlands
5 April 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After some horrible sequels, our beloved Turok is back with a radical new look thanks to next gen graphics. Dinosaurs, jungle and sci-fi plot sounds promising. But can Turok keep up with the new standards put up by other shooters like Gears of War or Bioshock? Well, let's find out. With a studio like EA and the (renowed) Ureal engine, Turok makes off for a good start. Within minutes of gameplay, you find yourself surrounded in a green hell that is the jungle. While you move through tall grass suddenly a small theropod chews a chuck out of your arm for lunch. You reach for your knife and a wave of dino blood puts the creature back into where it belongs: extinction. This is standard for Turok: knife gore and dinos, which makes this game appealing and differentiates it from others games: the creatures look very much alive and real, although some people might complain that there is no paleontology to be found here. But heck, it's sci-fi so who cares. Controls and gameplay during repelling dino attacks is well executed: the controls are easy ( hit the button shown on screen and that's it) with makes it fun to kill Raptors and other scaled predators. But thing is, that's about the only thing fun about this game. Yes, the environment looks great and the dinos attack unsuspectingly but there are enemy soldiers too. And here the A.I s*cks. It's just an other standard run and gun game where you shoot a heck load of bullets into your enemy and it really isn't that of a challenge. You really are sure to kill them before they kill you, so no need to look for cover. Next to that, the path is linear, whereas open gameplay has become a standard item is most recent games.

Grafics and sounds are excellent. Yet the gameplay is to easy and repetitive. Buy this game if you want to relive King Kong while you hate the ape, or can't go an holiday this summer while you wish you were in some Asian jungle.

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