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Thank god! More than one dimensional working girls!
Genevieve_X19 January 2008
As someone who has worked in a similar type establishment, I was really curious to see how this portrayal of sex workers and their client in a legal Melbourne brothel would pan out. There is a long history of sex workers being portrayed in film and television as victims. I know that there are women in the industry who have had horrible experiences, but there are a lot of women in every day life who have also had these kind of experiences, but prostitutes are usually disproportionately portrayed as having being sexually abused, being drug dependent or being abused by men.

I was so pleased with Satisfaction. Although it is a television drama, (and it does look like one) with gorgeous characters in gorgeous clothes living in gorgeous homes, what it succeeds so well at is its portrayal of the workers as complex women from different backgrounds, working in a well run industry for their own reasons. It is interesting that there is a focus on sexual fantasy type bookings, which is not the general brothel experience, but I guess it is the most interesting for television! The sex scenes are realistic, and not tacky, and the clients are also more than the usual one dimensional 'john'. This is really great Australian television! And for those Australian women (and few men) who have never set foot in an Australian brothel, this is about as close as television/film gets to portraying something close to the real thing. 10/10.
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Another notch in the belt of quality Australian television.
chrisliz5711 October 2008
How wonderful that Australian drama takes a few risks. Certainly since the U.S influence of HBO series such as The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Deadwood and Oz, Australians are demanding richer experiences from the small screen. In Satisfaction they surely get just that. With the advent of pay TV production houses, in this case Showtime, we get to experience the lives of people in the work place. This time the work place is unconventional. Its a brothel and while many would envisage sleaze as an undertow, sleaze it definitely isn't.

The acting pool in this country is indeed deep and the performances of these particular professionals as they deal with topics and scenes that mere mortals would find very uncomfortable is captivating. With few exceptions every scene in this series is convincing and we believe in the view we get of this slice of Australian life.

For those still not convinced they could take this home to either their wife or husband; my experience may be of interest. On placing the series on the kitchen bench in front of my wife she did comment on my choice being a little male orientated,that she wasn't surprised and that it really didn't appeal to her. I suggested she give it 15 minutes; if there was no interest then so be it. We finished the series in a week. I've not heard a word about typical male behaviors since.

The first two episodes are directed by Ken Cameron. This Australian director has, in my opinion, always been underrated. His work on this series is compelling and forms the platform by which this series builds the momentum which allows it to succeed. Don't be shy. Ask your DVD shop to get it in. Tell them it will rent like crazy. I did and it does.
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very disappointed this show canceled after 3 series
T R16 February 2011
I was very disappointed and surprised to hear "Satisfaction" had been canceled after only 3 seasons. I have to be honest, till recent years I have not been a fan of Australian TV series. However, shows like this and "Love My Way" and "Spirited" have changed my mind and made me take a second look at Australia drama.

"Satisfaction" could have continued for at least another 2 seasons. Stories were left untold. The writing was good and it had an excellent ensemble. I found myself very involved with the various characters and as another reviewer stated --- at last a show in which sex workers are not presented as one dimensional.

It's good to see series like "Satisfaction" and "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" and others showing sex workers in a much more realistic light. Sex workers are usually wrongly portrayed as down and out, amoral junkies. This is a complete myth and is also born from misogyny. Personally I have a number of friends who are sex workers and they are some of the most caring, open-minded and non-judgmental people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. They've shared many stories about their lives and their experiences and a great deal of their work involves compassion, kindness and acceptance. I hope at least in this short run of "Satisfaction" it will help change the public's mind about the negative stereotypes portrayed until now.
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Satisfaction really satisfies
videorama-759-8593919 April 2015
Satisfaction is one of the better Aussie t.v shows that rises among many others. The show centers around a high class brothel, known as 232, and it's women workers, some of them real hotties, though sexually I really loved Camille Keehan the best, as the more vulnerable, younger, sexier, and less experienced Amy. The show follows the lives of the women outside of the establishment, one with a lesbian lover, another grounded, who hasn't told her daughter what she does yet. Kestie Morassi as the young lass, running the establishment, is great, her strong independent character, masking a lot of insecurities, while Diana Glen, too, is hot, as that grounded mother. We see too, the forms in which their clients come, of course, getting the odd dangerous one. One client of Peta Sergents, the lesbian beauty, gets together with her on the outside for some role playing, him as a kid, Sergent as the mother, I couldn't believe, but it was bloody funny. Satisfaction is almost as raunchy and bold as Secret Diary Of a Call Girl, with it's hot sex scenes, some bloody memorable. Too working in 232, comes male stud, Damien (Dustin Clare) Get this, Keehan's character pays Clare off hours, for some in out, in out. His sister, played by Madeline West who takes over the establishment in the series, walks in and is reassured by Clare who says "Money changed hands". I really liked the brother/sister relationship here. There are so many memorable bits in Satisfaction, a lot of them sexual, and this show does grow on you. The actresses, actors, really turn in good performances, notably best, Morassi, as well as Glen, who's very strong. The characters are real, they have flaws, some carrying a lot of baggage, in particular, Amy. The story lines are different, some of them shockingly tragic, like the beautiful Novakovic's character, who dons a blonde wig at the establishment. A couple are clichéd, and worn, but this show really has you. It's strong, well acted with it's take note performances, and very very sexy. Don't miss out.
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craving for more satisfaction!
lovencare-jess6 January 2013
Oh I loved how beautifully they've brought up each character in this show. Im absolutely mezmerized, and left addicted to it. I couldn't believe it was over i wish they had shown a little better closure on the characters lives. Please please please! can some one suggest similar shows. Not 'secret diary of a call girl' some home a sex scene feels ridiculous without nudidty, sweat, panting. I feel Secret diary of a call girl is more commercialized, where the main character....i donot knopw how to put this correctly...'non- relatable', or too superfitial. I guess what im trying to say is that in 'satisfaction they could successfully show each character as normal individuals u meet in ur day to day life, with real problems, and emotions.

So u guys must have picked up the hint by how impressed im by the shows and am craving to c more of similar show's with real in depth feeling. I have tried every possible way of searching for similar shows but in vain u guys r my last hope. Love, Jessica.
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...and just how could it not be satisfying to have a bunch of gorgeous women remove their clothing
bjarias1 November 2014
Satisfaction is an addiction, difficult to give up. This is a well done really great series.. .. and it's too bad it could not have lasted for another several seasons. It would seem like these shows should be fairly easy to produce... just having beautiful women dress seductively, say a few lines, remove their clothing, and film it all. Well if it is, why do so many get it so wrong. There are some stunning women in Satisfaction that a majority of men (and women) would find extremely alluring. It's a well done production from top to bottom, and for the short three season run, not at all 'unsatisfactory.' It was a real loss though to have a couple of the lead actors depart the series early... they had become such an integral part of the production. It was clear they would be very hard to replace. But for many just watching the incredible, addictive Madeleine West alone.. .. over the course of the three seasons would be more than enough. Although it would have been very nice to have seen her a bit longer. The series on the whole was very highly regarded, winning awards and praise. One reviewer commenting.. "Satisfaction is like dipping your toes into a warm bath and sipping on the finest champagne." And we'll never know, but had it been able to make it to air in the U.S., maybe the infatuation and intoxication would have been able to continue on for a bit longer.
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What could have been.
MrFrankCastle5 July 2014
Satisfaction is an Australian television series set in a high class brothel in Melbourne. I had high expectations for the series after catching glimpses of the previews on showcase however I received rather mixed feelings.

For starters there has never been a show quite like this on Australian television. With the rise of networks such as HBO and AMC the quality of television has risen substantially. Programs such as Entourage and Dexter paved the way for other series to adopt a similar format, Satisfaction is no exception. The ambition for this show was rather high. I had a clear view on what the creators of this series were trying to do. However the execution had the show lacking in certain areas. The use of nudity certainly pushed the envelope for what has been seen on Australian television but it is not something we haven't already seen with other shows from America or even England and full frontal female nudity is not "ground breaking" which is a term I have heard used to describe this show, which I obviously disagree with.

The main problems with this show start with the script. Some of the dialogue is laughable at best and there is far too much exposition through dialogue. Another problem lies with the actors. Some decent performances come through but some of the supporting characters feel flat and over acted. The main selling point of this series relies on heavy sex scenes which are well acted but at times feel routine.

I'd recommend this series to some people but I wouldn't tell them to expect much.
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