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5 Dec. 2007
Running Girl
Ex-con runs an all-round, expensive Sidney bordello for a group of 'discrete' investors. Dream client Dougie can't understand the girls refuse 'on principle' to go out with clients anywhere else. A mountaineer enjoys a luxury night before he climb Everest. Client Warwick's fantasy world crashed down when his regular girl intrudes his legal professional sphere. Rough regular Raymund is sneakily abused by his selfish 'working girl'.
5 Dec. 2007
Mrs. Hyde
Business tycoon Tim K. is getting enough of spoiled-rotten favorite call-girl Mel turning almost as possessive as a wife. Having overplayed hard to get, she freelances at Nick's bordello. Again acting reluctant, she takes rock star Johhny, who can't decide whether to cheat on his wife and takes a combined overdose. A meeting with Tim must decide Mel's final choice.
12 Dec. 2007
Heather wants a baby, which her lesbian friend Ally would carry to term. Straight friend Gary 'Gaz' is prepared to donate sperm privately, but hostility towards his girl Edie starts the whole plan's implosion. Nick welcomes Mel, exchanging confidences. Former principal Alexander 'Alex' takes his baby phantasm further. rather then father Josh, Bonnie wants mother Chloe to attend her school's career day, still ignoring her income comes from the bordello.
19 Dec. 2007
Lauren Rising
Lauren has seconds thoughts and returns to her old life in deepest suburbia but Chloe follows her home and talks to her about how she got into the life of sex-working.
26 Dec. 2007
Bonnie finds out what Chloe's real job is. Lauren is stunned to find out that Heather is pregnant.
2 Jan. 2008
Nick escalates persuasion techniques from threats to actual violence in order to demand a subpoena for Mel to testify about a client's assets in a divorce case be withdrawn by prosecutor Gottleib. Now Aiden has admitted being Tippi's biological father, she comes hustle him at school. He offers to pay for her study if she suspends the inappropriate 'profession' and won't tells his lush wife Margaret anything. Pregnant Hearther finds 'baby' client Alex jealous of a real one on the way.
9 Jan. 2008
Rubber Dubber
After visiting America with father, Ash leaves on a Hollywood animation course scholarship and Katie wants a US elite school too. Gay Graham 'Rosso' Ross recognizes Chloe as schoolmate Lucy while he brings wheelchair-ridden mate Para along for a much appreciated two-girls birthday treat. Nick tries as stubbornly to date Mel as she refuses. Politician Peter Yuan seeks leather fetish relief from his electoral stress. Dougie Miller Chloe. Openly sex-hungry Danny gets willing response from Bonnie on a dating-site.
16 Jan. 2008
Nick's gay drug courier Bobby Brooks missed a delivery, being 'intimately' cricket-fetish-engaged with a legal age teenager. Nick confiscates his cut and donates $300,000 'anonymously' to Mel, who still refuses to spend time with him privately. Mortician Geoffrey is delighted when Tippi goes along extending his morbid sense of kinky, only to be ultimately let down. Josh offers to be a father for Bonnie but is turned down given his record of leaving.
23 Jan. 2008
Paying for It
Chloe, Bonnie, and Josh begin counseling sessions and it doesn't turn out the way Chloe hopes. Lauren's ex-husband Phil tells her he needs to sell the family home, and Heather's decision about the baby appears to be cemented.
30 Jan. 2008
Slaying the Goat
Professional athlete Trent Davis is unpleasantly surprised when his wife turns up, but a pro-sex lesson patches up their sexually ailing marriage. Josh considers becoming a marred stepfather for Bonnie. Tim is disgusted by the lesbian lodger, even more to learn of Lauren's career move. Nick is so worried about the tax arrears that he considers selling the bordello. A client tells the girls he's part of an interested syndicate, which would want them to invest 10% themselves. Mel just lost $300,000 but earns her share in tycoon Tim's last night and morning before his ...

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