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Season: 1 | 2 | 3
Year: 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Running Girl

5 December 2007
Ex-con runs an all-round, expensive Sidney bordello for a group of 'discrete' investors. Dream client Dougie can't understand the girls refuse 'on principle' to go out with clients anywhere else. A mountaineer enjoys a luxury night before he climb Everest. Client Warwick's fantasy world crashed down when his regular girl intrudes his legal professional sphere. Rough regular Raymund is sneakily abused by his selfish 'working girl'.

Season 1, Episode 2: Mrs. Hyde

5 December 2007
Business tycoon Tim K. is getting enough of spoiled-rotten favorite call-girl Mel turning almost as possessive as a wife. Having overplayed hard to get, she freelances at Nick's bordello. Again acting reluctant, she takes rock star Johhny, who can't decide whether to cheat on his wife and takes a combined overdose. A meeting with Tim must decide Mel's final choice.

Season 1, Episode 3: Jizz

12 December 2007
Heather wants a baby, which her lesbian friend Ally would carry to term. Straight friend Gary 'Gaz' is prepared to donate sperm privately, but hostility towards his girl Edie starts the whole plan's implosion. Nick welcomes Mel, exchanging confidences. Former principal Alexander 'Alex' takes his baby phantasm further. rather then father Josh, Bonnie wants mother Chloe to attend her school's career day, still ignoring her income comes from the bordello.

Season 1, Episode 4: Lauren Rising

19 December 2007
Lauren has seconds thoughts and returns to her old life in deepest suburbia but Chloe follows her home and talks to her about how she got into the life of sex-working.

Season 1, Episode 5: Truth

26 December 2007
Bonnie finds out what Chloe's real job is. Lauren is stunned to find out that Heather is pregnant.

Season 1, Episode 6: Family

2 January 2008
Nick escalates persuasion techniques from threats to actual violence in order to demand a subpoena for Mel to testify about a client's assets in a divorce case be withdrawn by prosecutor Gottleib. Now Aiden has admitted being Tippi's biological father, she comes hustle him at school. He offers to pay for her study if she suspends the inappropriate 'profession' and won't tells his lush wife Margaret anything. Pregnant Hearther finds 'baby' client Alex jealous of a real one on the way.

Season 1, Episode 7: Rubber Dubber

9 January 2008
After visiting America with father, Ash leaves on a Hollywood animation course scholarship and Katie wants a US elite school too. Gay Graham 'Rosso' Ross recognizes Chloe as schoolmate Lucy while he brings wheelchair-ridden mate Para along for a much appreciated two-girls birthday treat. Nick tries as stubbornly to date Mel as she refuses. Politician Peter Yuan seeks leather fetish relief from his electoral stress. Dougie Miller Chloe. Openly sex-hungry Danny gets willing response from Bonnie on a dating-site.

Season 1, Episode 8: Zipless

16 January 2008
Nick's gay drug courier Bobby Brooks missed a delivery, being 'intimately' cricket-fetish-engaged with a legal age teenager. Nick confiscates his cut and donates $300,000 'anonymously' to Mel, who still refuses to spend time with him privately. Mortician Geoffrey is delighted when Tippi goes along extending his morbid sense of kinky, only to be ultimately let down. Josh offers to be a father for Bonnie but is turned down given his record of leaving.

Season 1, Episode 9: Paying for It

23 January 2008

Season 1, Episode 10: Slaying the Goat

30 January 2008
Professional athlete Trent Davis is unpleasantly surprised when his wife turns up, but a pro-sex lesson patches up their sexually ailing marriage. Josh considers becoming a marred stepfather for Bonnie. Tim is disgusted by the lesbian lodger, even more to learn of Lauren's career move. Nick is so worried about the tax arrears that he considers selling the bordello. A client tells the girls he's part of an interested syndicate, which would want them to invest 10% themselves. Mel just lost $300,000 but earns her share in tycoon Tim's last night and morning before his society wedding. Peter Yuan is elected in parliament.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Last Look

2 December 2008
Nick in hospital from blood-loss after his stabbing by Bobby. The business consequences are unclear, especially whether the girls may still buy into the bordello. Daughter Natalie stops at nothing to get 232's license, which is in dirty old artist Jimmy Burraston's lust-greedy hands. Mel claims authority based on her tax arrear coverage and commandeers client Reuben fro therapy. Josh comes repair and modernize the sound system, after which reopening is financially urgent.

Diana Glenn ... Chloe

Kestie Morassi ... Natalie

Bojana Novakovic ... Tippi

Peta Sergeant ... Heather
Madeleine West ... Mel
Alison Whyte ... Lauren

Robert Mammone ... Nick

Sullivan Stapleton ... Josh
Tony Poli ... Reuben
Paul Denny ... Martin
Samantha Tolj ... Adama
David Carroll ... Matt
Jonathan Vaughan ... Detective #1 (as Jonathan Viehl)

Fiona Macleod ... Detective #2
Chris Milne ... Funeral Celebrant (as Christopher Milne)
Kristie Jandric ... Rosie

Justin Hosking ... Doctor #1
Barry James ... Doctor #2
Maria Eito Izuel ... Nurse #1
Joanne Grummisch ... Nurse #2
Rod Mullinar ... Jimmy Burraston
Sascha Raeburn ... Receptionist
Felix Allsop ... Junkie (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 2: Pony Girl

9 December 2008
Handiman Josh continues fixing the sound system, but observing Chloe at work and learning Nick also had a relationship seems to lead to a jealousy crisis. SM client barrister Tom convinces Heather to switch to non-bondage house-calls, only to arouse sanctimonious objections about his marital infidelity. Car dealer Abdul stops Lauren's wining after she shredded house-mate Heather's pet tortoise Harry.

Season 2, Episode 3: What Do You Love

16 December 2008
Mel's handsome, cocky brother, web designer Sean, drops by, denies needing money as usual but is broke worse then ever and convinces Nat to hire him as male escort and passes a challenging test: old married Roslyn, who feels guilty for 'repaying' her adulterous husband. Handiman Josh slaves on repairing the alarm system, which failed when SM client Martin ignored a stop-word, and ends up seduced to sex in the bar by Tippi. Lauren is reunited with her youth lover Max.

Season 2, Episode 4: Playground

23 December 2008
Sean now has the confidence to invest in a classy escort-outfit, tells Mel, who claims he won't be up to it, and proves her wrong by utterly delighting old, spoiled-rotten power bitch Ann, he even enjoys it. Josh is disgusted by Nat's ingrate bitching and takes a music gig with his rock mate to be away for a few weeks. Hard working bar manager Zoron Tippi suffers from erectile dysfunction. She likes him enough to visit him at home, but does gets caught in a violent confrontation with his ruthless creditors Smith and Crash.

Season 2, Episode 5: A Good Eye for Shoes

30 December 2008
Coffee trade executive Bill accompanies business clients to 232. Waiting with Chloe, he first becomes friends, later starts a relationship, which Josh senses isn't just business. Introduced by speech-writer Sheedy, politician Terence O'Neil's wife Fiona hires Lauren as his 'reliable' mistress. Zoron shyly keeps away after Tippi has died. Mel misunderstands the family's request for help with the funeral and has to accept Sean feels at home in the escort business.

Season 2, Episode 6: Gene Therapy

6 January 2009
Hunky client Jack books Heather for a threesome with his wife Louise 'Lou'. Sean and Mel get a surprise visit from mother Gilian, who offers Sean a fortune to leave the escort business and announces she's divorcing their equally adulterous father. Jealous Mel pulls a scene, gets drunk and bothers regular client Rueben, a shrink. Lauren's meddling with Terence and Fiona Crane's marriage keeps making things worse for everyone.

Season 2, Episode 7: All Those Monkeys

13 January 2009
Sean is not amused that Nat, who clearly enjoys his predicament, tricks him into another session with nightmare client Jamima Harris, who requires hellishly contorted service. Jack and Lou are back for more threesome 'practice' before interviewing Heather for their study on three-way sexual relationships. Gilian bails last minute, in favor of a mediocre date, on the zoo trip Sean got Mel to commit too in order to create at least one 'nomal family' memory. Terence realizes Lauren is a 'professional' and demands the truth.

Season 2, Episode 8: Cyclone Chloe

20 January 2009
Josh is back early from his rock tour and surprises Chloe, who turned jealous of the late Tipi after Nat tells her and throws him out. Sean takes him in and tries to coach a reconciliation, in vain. Blind, weird regular client Robbie Barnes isn't fooled by Chloe pretending to be Tipi, but after consideration accepts the alternative. Facing her mess with Fiona after Terence's cardiac crisis, Lauren has nightmares about the kids.

Season 2, Episode 9: Apples

27 January 2009
Sean is learning every trick in the trade, even starts enjoying kinky ones and challenging clients. Insanely jealous, Nat cancels all his booking except for a prune, yet after he finds out and undoes the damage Sean only insists they should have sex. Hot, rich rugby-player Marc is a wet dream, even for super-spoiled Mel, yet she tries to maintain her abusive 'superior' pose. Heather hesitates whether to dump Jack as a client because he's the only man who ever gave her an orgasm. Nick's old goon mate tracks down Tippi's killers but demands Nat first comes up with a fool-proof plan.

Season 2, Episode 10: Spilt Kisses

3 February 2009
Sean masterly and generously cures Nat's virtual frigidity. Marc can't cope with Mel's mean games and ends up rouging up one of her wale clients. Jack reveals he and Eloise desperately want a child and are offered heather's frozen eggs. Jimmy Burraston has captured Tippi's co-killer Smith but ultimately Nat lacks the courage to inject a fatal dose.

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Amy

8 December 2009

Dustin Clare ... Sean

Camille Keenan ... Amy Parsons

Kestie Morassi ... Natalie
Madeleine West ... Mel
Alison Whyte ... Lauren

Shane Connor ... Karl

Alan King ... Alistair

Ngaire Dawn Fair ... Erin (as Ngaire Dawn Fair)
Jason Buckley ... George
Michael Vice ... Jim

Mark Redpath ... Gary
Dino Marnika ... Dr Robert
Angelo De Cata ... Troy
Robert Wallace ... Slater
Paul Wildermoth ... Dinallo
Costa Filipatos ... Leary
Renai Caruso ... Tess (credit only)

Jess Riley ... Extra - Escort (uncredited)

Jessica Stafford ... Sex Worker (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 2: Tess

15 December 2009

Renai Caruso ... Tess

Dustin Clare ... Sean

Camille Keenan ... Amy Parsons

Kestie Morassi ... Natalie
Madeleine West ... Mel
Alison Whyte ... Lauren

Shane Connor ... Karl

Grant Bowler ... Daniel

Helmut Bakaitis ... Marty Volkering
Peter Curtin ... Dr. De Courcy

Danielle Carter ... Margot
Luke Elliot ... Graeme

Andrew Bongiorno ... Ben

Ngaire Dawn Fair ... Erin (as Ngaire Dawn Fair)
Simon Roborgh ... Charlie

Lee Mason ... Bernard
Kristie Jandric ... Rosie

Simon Acok ... Bar Person
Simon Acor ... Bar Person
Marcus Nathan ... Delivery Man
Felicitie Campbell ... Marty's Housekeeper

Jess Riley ... Extra - Escort (uncredited)

Jessica Stafford ... Sex Worker (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 3: Out of Tune

22 December 2009

Season 3, Episode 4: Sheik Your Booty

29 December 2009

Season 3, Episode 5: Non Standard Package

5 January 2010

Renai Caruso ... Tess

Dustin Clare ... Sean

Camille Keenan ... Amy Parsons

Kestie Morassi ... Natalie
Madeleine West ... Mel (credit only)
Alison Whyte ... Lauren

Grant Bowler ... Daniel

Robert Taylor ... John McCoy
Nathaniel Dean ... Gus

Ngaire Dawn Fair ... Erin (as Ngaire Dawn Fair)
Kate Fitzpatrick ... Fran
Heather Mitchell ... Georgia
Kath Gordon ... Susie
Peter Flanigan ... Dean
Kristie Jandric ... Rosie
Melissa Howard ... Nikki
Natalie Pemberton ... Night Club Hostess
Anita Clements ... Jenna
Marika Stewart ... Larissa
Heath Tournier ... Mowing Man

Paul Cousins ... Rick

Penny McNamee ... Shop Assistant

Jessica Stafford ... Sex Worker (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 6: Staples, Guns and Roses

12 January 2010

Season 3, Episode 7: Playthings

19 January 2010

Season 3, Episode 8: Not Vanilla

26 January 2010

Renai Caruso ... Tess

Dustin Clare ... Sean

Camille Keenan ... Amy Parsons

Kestie Morassi ... Natalie
Madeleine West ... Mel (credit only)
Alison Whyte ... Lauren
Todd MacDonald ... Bernie

Robert Taylor ... John McCoy
Nathaniel Dean ... Gus

Maya Stange ... Lucy Gallagher (as Maya Elliott)
Alyce Platt ... Simone
Natalie O'Donnell ... Linley
Kristie Jandric ... Rosie

Natalie Carr ... Female Divorcee

Trent Baker ... Male Divorcee
Michael Pastore ... Bernie's Collegue

Claudia Greenstone ... Young Loretta
Sophie Traverton ... Baby Nat
Shapoor Batliwalla ... Ravi

Shane Connor ... Karl (voice)
Linda Cropper ... Loretta Hawkes
Michael Knuckey ... Bernies Boss
Sophie Treverton ... Baby Nat
Warwick Wilson ... Amy's Client

Jessica Stafford ... Sex Worker (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 9: Bug Crush

2 February 2010

Season 3, Episode 10: Lifesavers

9 February 2010

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