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"The Killing" Episode #1.15 (2007)"Forbrydelsen" Episode #1.15 (original title)

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16 & 17 November

With parallels to Nanna's treatment, Lund is captured and bound in Holck's garage. After an abortive escape attempt Lund is rescued when Meyer shoots Holck dead.

Pernille picks up a stranger in a hotel bar and returns with him to his room. Vagn collects her after she becomes hysterical. Theis returns home to her the following day to a reconciliation.

Hartmann is released and again steal's the limelight from Bremer. He tries to reinvigorate his campaign and learns Bremer withheld knowledge that Holck's use of the flat. Olav is found to have been paid by Holck for access to the flat. Photos of Holck and Nanna are found; he was Nanna's 'Faust'.

Brix tries to close the case but Lund discovers a photo of a missing woman wearing the black heart necklace. Lund realises Bengt mislead her in suggesting her case was not linked with earlier disappearances.

Meyer leaves the offices with Lund to reopen the investigation at the canals.


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