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Worst. Show. Ever.
freak-122 February 2008
I had the unfortunate luck of catching an episode of 'Whittaker Bay' a few weeks ago while having lunch with my brother in Wilmington. i hadn't been back in a while and did not know there was an additional production in town besides 'One Tree Hill', a respectable (if somewhat irrelevant) show. We were right under the television that was showing ESPN Sportcenter which was what we wanted to watch, but the management of the restaurant decided to mute all screens not showing the subject of this review, at best described as an attempt at entertainment. So we were forced to watch. Or at least listen. Dear God in heaven. Even listening was a form of torture that is neck and neck with water-boarding in its violation of human rights and overall discomfort. The only reason water-boarding is worse is that it uses too much water. The acting is something akin to what you would find in mediocre porn. I have watched squirrels fight over an acorn with more passion and pathos that these people can muster when a major character almost dies of an overdose. Most of anyone who reads this could eat alphabet soup and poop a better script. Sound work is terrible (enough with the ambient traffic noise!! Are all the windows open when you film?!)Acting is wooden. Camera-work is repetitive, editing...what editing? and what the hell is up with that old dudes eyebrows?! Locations are great though. love me some Wrightsville Beach. 1 out of 10 since i cant give it a ZERO!
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so so so bad
kristine200826 July 2008
I am amazed this show is on the air. It looks like it was filmed on home video. The audio is terrible. Have they ever heard of a boom mike? We tried to watch it but we could not hear a word the actors are saying. Not that there is anything worth listening to. The script is laughably bad. I do not know who did the casting but they clearly only cared about looks because the acting was so bad. It reminded me of a school project. What are they thinking with the music? They have music with dialog playing over the actor's lines. Its like film making 101. You don't play music with words over the actors trying to speak! The actors look good (very pretty people) but the skill level is somewhere around that of Jr. high drama. I take that back, I have seen better acting at Jr. high plays. There is zero plot and zero point to the show. Yikes. It is just really really bad. It is actually kind of an insult to all the real talent out there struggling for a time slot. On the up side. The scenery is nice. Wilmington is clearly very pretty.
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Pretty Good
lisa martin10 February 2008
I Have been hearing a lot about this show but have not had a chance to tune in until the last two weeks. I have to say its pretty good! I was a little confused at first about who was who ETC. I have to say thanks to the very strong ending on episode 5 I am hooked.. The cast is very attractive and the story line is very interesting. As i watched episode 6 yesterday morning I got a real since of feeling for the characters. I love the relationship between the brother and sister and the main family. I also really enjoyed the music on WB.

So overall I give WB an 8 out of 10 . I really hope this show gets released on DVD!
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