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Sex & Nudity

  • 8/10. Sexualities - particularly deviant sexualities - are themes throughout the movie.
    • A woman pounces on another man amorously at several times.
    • In a very strange room, there are a number of embossed artworks depicting naked women and explicit sexual acts. Some of these are seen in close-up and a man points at the (underwear-clad) crotch of one such artwork.
    • A group specializes in taking "tosatsu" photographs of girls, i.e. voyeuristic upskirt photographs taken in public without the target's notice. They do so by using cameras affixed to implements such as yo-yos or staffs and taking a number of upskirt photos without notice. Many upskirt photos are seen throughout the film (none naked), and there are numerous scenes featuring the group taking the shots.
    • Numerous shots of skirts being blown up by the wind to reveal panties, many of which are intended to look comical.
    • It is implied that a particular woman is promiscuous.
    • It is implied that a man sadistically rapes his daughter, although the act itself is not seen.
    • A man is described to bring women to his home every month, despite having a daughter.
    • A man pins down his daughter and professes his intense sexual desire for her. He does not rape her, as she manages to resist him.
    • A man who's had a stroke lies unconscious on a bed with an erection visible as a mound in his pants. A girl makes many sexual and provocative poses on him and then snaps the erection - we see her grasping it and breaking it. She later chops it off, and we see the penis explicitly, although it is slightly blurred.
    • A character is seen with an erection, or getting an erection at several points throughout the film (it is a plot point). This is always only visible through the clothing. In one scene, he grabs his erect penis and we can make out the shape of the shaft, but there is no explicit nudity. The character's erection is often discussed throughout the film.
    • A woman is seen touching herself, but stopping short of masturbating.
    • A woman has lesbian fantasies and asks her mother if lesbians are perverts. In the same conversation, her mother describes having "beautifully raped" her ex-lover, which amuses the daughter.
    • A stepbrother/stepsister pair is shown to have affection for each other, blurring the line between sibling love and incest. They do not make any explicit sexual advances in the film.
    • A woman is seen in a bath tub, we see her hands and feet, but no nudity.
    • A man tries to finger his girlfriend's crotch, who shows no interest.
    • A man steals a woman's panties.
    • Two women share a very intimate lesbian relationship and are seen kissing intensely and sharing each others saliva in class.
    • Two women have lesbian sex in which we see them having foreplay and caressing each other, before they start moaning off-screen.
    • We see an audition for a porn company named "Bukkake"-sha. One of the people being interviewed professes to liking nothing but sex. Another man, described as a "big pervert" professes that he can't stop loving pussy.
    • A group of people start working for the porn industry in the "Tosatsu" genre of voyeuristic photography. No explicit nudity or sexuality seen.
    • A man offers an employee a chance to be an active participant in a pornographic film, as the "poker" and "pecker". The employee refuses, and the man is outraged that a man can refuse to act in a porn film.
    • We see a "weird show", an underground show for perverts. Two women are seen in Playboy bunny costumes. Much of the furnishing in the show is sexually-themed, such as a giant golden dildo.
    • A man serves as "Pervert Confessional Priest", to whom a number of perverts come and confess their fetishes, such as one man admitting that he enjoys drinking the vomit of women. They are all "forgiven" by the "priest".
    • Several shots where women are sitting in suggestive ways so that their crotches are either visible or almost visible.
    • A woman is forced to chop off a man's erection (no nudity), but doesn't go through with it.
    • A man is made to look at a woman, so slowly reveals her crotch (no nudity), and is tested to see if he has an erection. A woman pokes his crotch and caresses his penis (through clothing) and confirms that there is no erection.
    • A lot of discussion about sex, especially its immorality with regards to religion.
    • A woman watches a "Tosatsu" porn video (no nudity) on her TV and quickly turns it off and hides the disk cover when someone else enters the room.

Violence & Gore

  • 10/10
    • A man slaps and hits his son a few times in the movie.
    • A love-obsessed woman amorously attacks a man at two points in the movie as the man resists.
    • A man practices boxing with a street gang and later starts fighting in street matches. Mild violence. He is often seen bruised and slightly bloodied thereafter.
    • Two men are seen practicing martial arts with staffs.
    • Several instances of non-combative violence, such as slaps, hits, hair-grabbing etc.
    • A fight scene between a large gang of thugs versus a woman and a man in drags is seen thrice in the film. A mostly ordinary fight scene that is meant to be slightly comical and parodying B-movies.
    • A man hits his daughter with a belt.
    • A woman deeply cuts her right wrist with a cutting blade. Blood gushes out in large volumes.
    • A woman hugs a man and draws a cutting blade behind his back. She is later seen wandering a school corridor covered in blood, waving the blade at men.
    • A woman snaps a man's erect penis and then cuts it off with a pair of scissors. Blood gushes out of the injury as if it were a fountain. Such lood fountains are seen at several points in the film, as part-homage, part-spoof of B-movies.
    • We see a news report footage depicting a girl covered in blood.
    • A scene of a classroom filled with bloody dead bodies, pools of blood and a crazed woman with a shotgun reveling in the bloodshed. She fires the shotgun at a woman.
    • A man throws a glass at a little girl. She isn't hit by it, but we can see a smear of blood across her cheek.
    • A woman beats up a gang of men and kicks them after they're down.
    • A woman with a broken, bloodied alarm clock is pinned down by a man with an injured, bloodied temple. He is later pushed off and attacked by the woman with a pillow.
    • A woman rams her car into another car repeatedly until the attacked car launches off a ramp, spins violently and crashes into water. The driver survives without injury.
    • A gang of thugs break into a class, breaking through the wooden walls. A fight scene follows, in which a female student in the class easily beats up the gang (it is implied that the fight was pre-orchestrated). No blood.
    • A man intensely strangles a woman before punching her hard and knocking her out. We later see her come to, with her nose bleeding.
    • A man grabs another by the collar and throws him away. We hear violence for a few seconds, off-screen, while onlookers grimace.
    • A gang kidnaps a woman, forcefully taking her into their van and tying her up.
    • A man catches hold of a woman running away from him. The two violently struggle against each other before the man finally gains control of her.
    • A man is beaten up and brutally kicked by a gang of henchmen. We see three bruised men who look like they have also been beaten up before.
    • A man attacks another with a knife in the neck. Blood spurts out and the man is drenched in it. Blood splatters all over the walls and floor till we see the man dying in a pool of blood.
    • We see a man attack several men with a katana. The violence is made to resemble a B-movie and is hence not very explicit. One of the attacked men starts splattering blood all over a wall from his wound. In the aftermath of this fight, we see blood all over the floor and a body lying in blood. The katana-weilder's hands remain bloody for the duration of the long scene.
    • A man causes an explosion by remotely detonating a dynamite. We see the explosion from afar, and the building shaking violently. The immediate damage caused by the blast is not seen.
    • A woman tries to strangle a man to death. We see his face become red as he struggles to breathe and a vein bulges from his forehead. He starts to bleed from his right eye.
    • A woman stabs herself with a katana, committing suicide. We see the katana exit her back and her dying bloodily.
    • A woman attacks a group of medical professionals with a knife, but doesn't hurt anyone.
    • A mentally deranged man starts to attack another mental patient before he is restrained by medical professionals.
    • A man breaks a police car's window with his elbow.


  • English subtitles include numerous uses of profanity, such as "asshole", "fuck", "ass" and so on.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • One character narrates that she is a cocaine dealer, and we see a shot of her overseeing a deal in which two people exchange briefcases, one filled with cocaine, the other with money.
    • Some casual drinking, some slightly drunk behaviour

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • In one scene, a woman is pressured by a group to chop off a man's erect penis with her knife as revenge while she mildly refuses. Unlike some other scenes in the film, this is not intended to be comical and may come across as very intense.
    • Scenes toward the end involving a woman trying to shake her ex-lover into recovering his memory may be emotionally intense.
  • OFFICIAL BBFC - (18): very strong bloody violence, sex references.

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