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1 Jan. 2009
Granny Mayor/Tobey Goes Good
Granny Mayor:Granny May uses her wily ways to become the Mayor's Senior Aide. WordGirl has to help the Mayor see past her "nice old lady" act to stop him from signing laws which actually help villains commit more crimes. / Tobey Goes Good:In order to win WordGirl's heart, Tobey decides to enter "The Young Inventors Challenge and Friendly Competition." He nearly has WordGirl convinced that he's given up his evil ways, until he loses the competition and loses his cool.
2 Jan. 2009
Bongo Rock/Dr. Three Brains
Bongo Rock:Chuck disables the security cameras and ties up the guards at City Hall in what he thinks is the ultimate show of villainous power. But little does he know that Mr. Big is behind his latest crimes. WordGirl and Captain Huggy Face must prove that they are mightier than these two villains combined. /Dr. Three Brains:Glen Furlblam is back on the scene and this time he's posing as Dr. 3Brains. He steals Dr. 2Brain's blackout ray and he's on a mission to outdo his evil idol. WordGirl works with Dr. 2Brains to anticipate his next cheesy crime.
16 Feb. 2009
The Two Brains Boogie/Field Day Fun with Robo-Tobey
"The Two Brains Boogie": Dr. Two Brains is at it again-this time he's threatening to turn all the town's buildings into cheese. When he traps WordGirl outside the city limits she has to figure out how to stop his cheesy plan and get to the Boogie Oogie Oogie dance contest on time! "Field Day Fun with Robo-Tobey": Becky's really excited about the big field day competition at school. But when Tobey wins the potato sack race and the flexed arm hang she suspects something is awry. Becky has to figure out Tobey's tricks or else lose her chance at winning the coveted super ...
17 Feb. 2009
Slumber Party Pooper/Line Lessons with Lady Redundant Woman
Becky finally convinces her parents to let her have her first slumber party. But who invited Eileen, a.k.a. The Birthday Girl? Becky has to find a way to placate the bratty guest and still have fun at her own party. Line Lessons with Lady Redundant Woman: It's the last straw when someone cuts Beatrice Bixby in line. She transforms into Lady Redundant Woman and dispatches her copies to dole out some payback in the form of rude behavior. It's up to WordGirl put a stop to their impolite ways.
23 Mar. 2009
Mr. Big's Dolls and Dollars/Great Granny May
Mr Big's Dolls: Everyone in town is obsessed with the new Walk&Talk WordGirl doll. There's just one BIG problem; she misuses and misspells words! Great Granny May: After a salon robbery the conniving Granny May is sentenced to house arrest...with her Mom, Great Granny May. Will house arrest and Granny May's doting mother get in the way of her crazy crime sprees?
24 Mar. 2009
Theme Park Wham-Page/Chuck Makes a Buck
Theme Park Wham-Page: Becky and Bob are anxiously waiting in line for their chance to ride The Coaster - the ultimate new roller coaster ride. The Whammer's enthusiasm for chocolate hot dogs and hi striker machines at the park could ruin a totally fun day. Will WordGirl forfeit her chance to ride the coaster in order to stop the Whammer from destroying the park? Chuck Makes a Buck: WordGirl helps Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy get a job as the spokesman for Edible Edibles Sandwiches hoping he will give up a life of crime to stay on the straight and narrow. But ...
30 Apr. 2009
Highway to Havarti/Tiny Big
Tiny Big: Tired of the limelight Wordgirl is often given for her heroism, Mr. Big decides to launch the city's newest teen idol, Tiny Big, in order to brainwash the city into liking him more than Wordgirl.
1 May 2009
I Think I'm a Clone Now/Answer All My Questions and Win Stuff
I Think I'm a Clone Now: Lady Redundant Woman has an evil plan to destroy WordGirl's reputation. When she creates an evil WordGirl copy the real WordGirl has to prove that she hasn't turned to a life of crime./Answer All My Questions and Win Stuff: Seymour Orlando Smooth is the host of the hottest new game show and Mrs. Botsford is a contestant! WordGirl has to find a way to stop the fun and games before Seymour steals all the contestants' money.
2 May 2009
Bonkers for Bingo/The Ballad of Steve Mcclean
Bonkers for Bingo: Granny May is the city's newest bingo champion. WordGirl challenges Granny May in a bingo tournament to make sure that she's given up her evil ways.The Ballad of Steve Mcclean: There's a new villain in town: the snazzy, cool and sanitized Steve McClean. Dr. Two-Brains teams-up with WordGirl to defeat Steve McClean, restore order and reclaim his status as the number one villain.
23 Oct. 2009
Tobey's Tricks and Treats/Escape Wham
Tobey's Tricks and Treats: After losing the costume contest at school, Tobey sets his Robots on a candy-stealing spree and vows to ruin Halloween. Becky and Violet (in her WordGirl costume) plot to save the holiday...and the city. Escape Wham: When both Chuck and the Whammer attempt to steal famous, priceless Henry VIII artifacts, WordGirl assumes they're partners in crime. But instead of working together the two villains end up battling each other. Wham!
19 Jun. 2009
Where's Huggy?/Pretty Princess Premiere
Where's Huggy?: Disaster strikes when Bob goes missing. WordGirl tracks him down by making house calls at the evil villains lairs. Pretty Princess Premier: Will Becky be able to attend "The Pretty Princess and Magic Pony" movie premiere or will the Energy Monster foil her chance of seeing Pretty Princess on the silver screen?
13 Jul. 2009
The Stew, the Proud.../Robo-Camping
Robo-Camping: It's off to the woods for a serene camping trip with Becky, Violet, Tobey...and his robots. While the other campers attempt to rough it, Tobey commands his robots to do all of his tasks and create a luxurious weekend free from work. But will Tobey and his robots survive an unexpected thunderstorm?/The Stew, the Proud...: Time is running out for Becky to return her library books and maintain her perfect record when Raul Demiglasse and the Butcher go head-to-head in a culinary showdown.
9 Jul. 2009
Becky and the Chocolate Factory/Chuck's Brother
On a field trip to the local candy factory, The Birthday Girl goes on a candy eating spree. WordGirl must find a way to save the city's candy and win back her best friend and field trip buddy, Violet.
7 Sep. 2009
Monkey vs Robot/Becky and the Bard
Monkey vs Robot: The city is hosting the Big Checker Championship and Bob has to face off against Tobey's Robot, the Checkmate 3000! When Tobey puts the pressure on to win, his robot snaps and WordGirl and Captain HuggyFace must team up to stop Checkmate from destroying the city. Becky and the Bard: Violet and Becky compete for the coveted role of Juliet to play opposite the dreamy Hunter Throbheart in Romeo & Juliet. Violet is cast as Juliet while Becky is the understudy. When the Energy Monster captures Violet, Becky must choose between the role of a lifetime and ...
12 Oct. 2009
The Wrong Side of the Law: Part 1/The Wrong Side of the Law: Part 2
The Birthday Girl steals a priceless collection of Pretty Princess figurines from the jewelry store ("Mine! Mine! MINE!"). In an unexpected turn of events Eileen (a.k.a the Birthday Girl) charms the Police Commissioner and convinces him that WordGirl is the culprit. WordGirl is stuck in jail, accused of stealing the priceless collection of Pretty Princess figurines while the villains of the city are running amok. What will happen when WordGirl gets cross-examined by her mom in court? Will WordGirl be able to prove her innocence, save the city from chaos, and put the ...
13 Oct. 2009
Two Brains Quartet/Big's Big Bounce
Two Brains Quartet: For the city's centennial celebration the Mayor promises to unveil its 100 year old cheese wheel to the winner of the Barbershop Quartet Competition. Both the Botsford family and Dr. Two Brains are assembling talented groups. Will Dr. Two Brains be able to sing his way to victory and run away with the city's oldest and most valuable cheese?/ Big's Big Bounce:Becky and Bob join the City Scout Troop only to discover Mr. Big is the Guest Troop Leader.  He vows to motivate Troop 865 to sell the most Scholastic Crunch Granola Bars in order to win the ...
14 Oct. 2009
Mr. Big's Colossal Mini-Golf/The Young and the Meatless
Mr. Big's Colossal Mini-Golf: There's a new villain in town, Guy Rich, he's a super rich evil businessman. Everyone is impressed by Guy... everyone except Mr. Big. Mr. Big schemes to win back the spotlight by building a Colossal Mini Golf Course. But what will happen when he puts his fellow evil villains under mind control?/ The Young and the Meatless:Romantic sparks fly when the Butcher meets Lady Redundant Woman's copy Dupey. Will Lady Redundant Woman allow a union between one of her copies and the meat-wielding villain?
15 Oct. 2009
Nocan the Contrarian/Meat My Dad
Nocan the Contrarian: Mr. Botsford wins the role of "Mayor for the Day" just as WordGirl's newest villain Nocan the Contrarian lands ashore. When Mr. Botsford says "down" he says "up"! When WordGirl says "attack" he says "defend" followed by a barbaric yelp. WordGirl has to find his weakness in order to restore the city to normalcy./Meat my Dad: When the Butcher's Dad "Kid Potato" appears on the scene, they unite to create the ultimate super villain team: "Meat and Potatoes!" Quality father-son time gets on the Butcher's nerves, but somehow they still find a way to ...
23 Nov. 2009
Who Is Ms. Question/Lunch Lady Chuck
Who's Ms.Question?: Is asking question a superpower? The Coach certainly doesn't think so when he eliminates Ms. Question from Villain School. When lightning strikes WordGirl has going to have to dodge more than just questions in order to stop her./Lunch Lady Chuck:Rather than spend his time in jail, Chuck is recruited to serve in the cafeteria at Becky's school. Chuck wows the students with superb sandwiches but things turn ugly when people request non-sandwich related lunches. Irritated by the lack of sandwich appreciation, Chuck returns to his evil ways forcing ...
12 Oct. 2009
Change Day/Oh Holiday Cheese
Oh Holiday Cheese:The Botsfords kick off the holiday festivities with a cheese party. With lots of cheese and sing-a-longs, the party is a huge success until Dr. Two Brains shows up with his cheese-swiping ray. Can WordGirl save the party and get Dr. Two Brains into the holiday spirit?/ Change Day: Everyone is bringing their loose change to the bank to convert it into savings. What will happen when the Butcher locks Becky and Bob in the vault? Will the city's police officers be able to stop him when WordGirl can't come to the rescue?
28 Dec. 2009
WordGirl Makes a Mistake: Part 1/Word Girl Makes a Mistake: Part 2
Part 1:Newsflash: WordGirl is mispronouncing words! Realizing her weakened state, Mr. Big captures WordGirl and plans to set up a mind control ray on the moon. Can the city and the entire planet be saved without her? (To be continued. . .)/ Part 2: Mr. Big has captured WordGirl by exploiting her weakness to Lexonite. He's building a mind control device on the moon to achieve total global domination. WordGirl is forced to battle Mr. Big in outer space but will she be able to save the Earth?
30 Apr. 2009
Teen Idol
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