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Death at the nunnery
Tweekums26 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When Olive's friend Sister Larue plunges to her death from the bell tower the other nuns think she took her own life after the truffle harvest was less than successful. Olive is determined to prove that it was an accident so employs Emerson. He turns up at the nunnery along with Ned and Chuck claiming to be Vatican police; giving their names as Father Dowling, Father Mulcahy and Sister Christian respectively! When Ned does his thing and wakes Sister Larue it becomes clear that she hadn't committed suicide; she claimed to have been pushed and ranted about her missing diamonds. The latter item seemed less than nun-like and it soon became apparent that she had been smuggling luxury items into the convent for the other nuns and smuggling truffles out to the chef whose kitchen could be reached through a secret passage. As the investigation draws to a close their cover is blown and it more than one of the team nearly meet Sister Larue's fate!

This was a fun conclusion to Olive's time in the convent with plenty of laughs and a resolution that few viewers will expect. While it was rather amusing to see Olive being a nun in recent episode I'm glad that she is now returning to The Pie Hole. The revelation at the end, which I won't spoil, was also enjoyable and uplifting. As always the acting was pretty solid, I especially liked Chi McBride's performance as Emerson when he couldn't stop laughing when he saw Olive in her nun's habit.
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These are BAD nuns...
MartinHafer26 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is an episode that might just make Catholics cringe, so you might want to think twice about this one, as this episode is about a group of very bad nuns! It begins with Olive's favorite nun at the nunnery falling to her death from the belltower. Was it murder or suicide?! So, she convinces Emerson to investigate. And when he arrives, so does Chuck and Ned--in the guise of Fathers Mucahey and Dowling as well as Sister Christian! After reviving the dead Sister, they still have a problem. While they know she did not commit suicide, they have no idea who pushed her.

Their investigation turns up a lot of bad stuff about the nuns, as many of them routinely break their vows and the dead nun turns out to be a jerk. As I said, some might take offense, though it is funny--and well-written.

Oh, and, by the end of the show Chuck learns something BIG. What is it? Tune in and see.
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