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Sex & Nudity

  • Mary is topless while making out with Summer and Jay and Tommy.
  • Tiffany seen several times in bra and panties.
  • Ryan showers, no nudity seen. Emily and Ryan have sex, her bare upper back seen. Busty jogger seen with her breasts exposed as Ryan feeds off of her chest. Women shower, no nudity seen.
  • Candi seen with one breast exposed. Steve has sex with Moana, his bare rear seen, she shows partial rear. A severed male organ seen.
  • Distorted feet seen. A person's innards seen. A person consumes raw meat. A person's stomach cut open, guts removed and eaten. A person slapped. A body cut up and put down the disposal. A person attacked, neck bitten. A head bashed.

Violence & Gore

  • Zombies attack people. A pitchfork pierces a body, entrails seen. A severed hand and head seen. Zombies shot.
  • A person chocked, a neck bitten. Several dead bodies seen, very bloody. Excrement and blood seen. An arm ripped off, person beaten with the arm. Severed male organ seen. A head bashed.
  • A person's finger cut off. Body parts seen in a freezer. A person hit repeatedly with a hammer.


  • About 100 f-words, over 30 s-words, a few d--n, h--l, b---h, c-word. Numerous slang terms for anatomy. Slang terms for sex act.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A person is kidnapped and bound. People are stalked by creatures and killed. A person tortured.

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