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Drag Me to Hell
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243 out of 396 people found the following review useful:

Impossibly awful

Author: thoward1223 from Virginia, USA
31 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I just felt compelled to post this because somehow... and I can't even begin to understand how... people and even professional critics like this movie. I don't get it. I loved Evil Dead and I still don't get it, because this wasn't campy -- it was just bad. Seemed thrown together very quickly, with a few scenes stripped whole from Evil Dead 2 and some of the worst writing ever... It just didn't feel like camp. It felt like dreck. And the ending was telegraphed so early in the film that the last 30 minutes were almost physically painful to watch. And yet... the Washington Post said the ending was a shocker.

If this wasn't a Sam Raimi film, no one would even have suggested it was supposed to be funny. They would have just figured that it sucked. Maybe that's his joke on everyone, after all.

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137 out of 220 people found the following review useful:

loud, predictable, not scary

Author: ajaj118 from United States
30 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seeing the trailer to this movie I expected to go in and have a few scenes that were ones that made you jump. But I also expected the movie to have something scary in it that made you think when you left the theater.

If you are looking for cheap thrills, LOUD music, and stuff jumping out at you constantly then this is your movie. I found this movie to be extremely predictable, especially the ending.

The séance scene was laughable. The guy hanging in the air "dancing the jig" was one of the dumbest I have seen in a LONG time. And the "cartoonish" talking goat was a joke. The SFX in this movie were worse than a Saturday night sci-fi channel B-movie. It was a serious WASTE of money. We had a free ticket, and I feel even that was wasted on this movie.

giving this movie a 3 out of 10 is even being generous.

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149 out of 246 people found the following review useful:

Ha... whatever.

Author: yourwarmembrace from United States
31 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Apparently this studio has deep enough pockets to pay people to come here and rate this film highly. This is a 6 star movie AT BEST! It has its share of spooks but they are short-lived. And the cliché's? Where do I begin?? They had me and everyone else around me checking the time... and I was in the last/ top row... could see everything. Sighs were coming from my right and the people to my left were getting restless. I wanted to ask someone else the time; hoping that my phone had jammed and this "picture" was farther along than it seemed. Go into it expecting a Comedy with shocks & frights but you won't be losing any sleep. The ending was a surprise albeit lame... I mean... you'd think someone would check before going through the trouble of digging up a grave...

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248 out of 452 people found the following review useful:

A much needed revival for the horror genre.

Author: Stay_away_from_the_Metropol from Minnesota, USA
29 May 2009

Drag Me To Hell is exactly what it should have been. It effortlessly takes a dump on 90% of the rest of the horror movies this decade has offered us.

In 2009, we are flooded with brainless remakes and Saw rip-offs, which was never a great series in the first place. Only Sam Raimi (the king of horror in my opinion) has the power to bring a completely original horror movie back to the big screen in this day and age and capitalize with it.

It was one of the most intense movie-going experiences I've had in some time and I see it as a wild ride that no one should miss out on. It is guaranteed that you will be either jumping or cringing in your seat half the time, unless you are one of those people lacking heavily in the department of sensitivity and/or general thought processing.

The movie is entertainment and horror fun in it's purest form.

A lot of people complain about CGI, and in a lot of cases I agree, but in Drag Me To Hell, they were never trying to hard with it - it was always in good fun and in a movie paced like this, with it's Sarcasti-Horror, it is certainly fitting.

It is, without question, a new horror classic - thanks to it's basic yet innovative plot, likable blondie, loads of bodily fluids, and an ending you will not forget.

Let's hope Hollywood takes some hints and allows studios to start making original horror movies again.

Thank you Sam Raimi. Loved it.

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251 out of 459 people found the following review useful:

Sam Raimi has made his 'Jaws'.

Author: hey_treacle
28 May 2009

Drag me to Hell is, really, a throwback in so many ways to the fun of The Evil Dead 2. The camera angles, the excellent score - it all recalls how Raimi played with us in his earlier trilogy. What has changed however, is the sense of pace. We know its coming and Raimi employs all his skills to draw out the tension. The thrills are all there in place, I jumped like there was an electric buzzer under my seat. Perhaps a little too much CGI is indulged in but its easy to forgive in a film as wicked and blackly comic as this. I genuinely found the film disturbing for a 15 as well, again I think this is a mark of tension that Raimi creates with the score and camera work throughout the film. So incredibly refreshing to see a horror film with out the hallmarks of the recent saw franchise. Special mention for the ending, which has conviction and guts and was the proverbial cherry on top of the cake. throughly entertaining.

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128 out of 219 people found the following review useful:

This is no master piece. So bad....

Author: horsecoach4hire from Canada
2 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm still trying to find out why everyone thinks this film is wonderful.

First off, we have no storyline. We don't know if this film is funny or scary, the acting is at best 10th grade (and I'm a huge fan of Alison Lohman) I think everyone is forgetting about the fact that there needs to be a strong storyline (it doesn't have this. It has an idea, a concept, but never is fully developed, unless you think the old fashion, standard cop-outs work), good acting and most importantly, characters that you care about.

The characters make no sense. The girl can kill her cat, but not give away the object to foist this horrible thing onto? Where's the logic in this? If she is so focused on herself to kill her cat, when she's stating she's a humanitarian, then she should have no trouble passing along the button to some miserable slime. So, when did she develop morals? Secondly, plot??? Story?? Hello??? Evil Dead had a strong storyline. This does not. in fact, this movie seems to have had an idea, and was made off an idea, and did a typical, Hollywood cop-out ending instead of thinking of a valid way to make this film wrap up in an intelligent way.

Don't waste your money. Go see Knowing. At least the story in that film is strong, original and to me, unique.

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187 out of 342 people found the following review useful:

Intense and Funny - Classic Sam Raimi

Author: indyj1 from United States
30 May 2009

The early trailers for Drag Me to Hell dubbed it as (sic) "the return to classic horror", and for once at least, they are correct.

Sam Raimi manages to incorporate genuine thrills and terror using the old-fashioned format of surprise, misdirection and suggestion. As a frequent viewer of horror films, little surprises me, but in this film I was caught off-guard several times while watching it.

While the majority of the movie is kept on a serious and foreboding level, much like the original "Evil Dead", Raimi can't help but throw in elements of the absurd and slapstick during some of the more horrific scenes, thus reducing the tension and echoing the latter 2/3 of the "Evil Dead" trilogy.

WHile I have nothing against the modern trend of horror movies to provide shocks merely in the form of how much blood and gore they spill, this flick was wonderfully refreshing. It's a must-see, not just for Raimi fans, but for anyone who loves a good scary story and a great movie in general.

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89 out of 154 people found the following review useful:

Predictable and Clichéd

Author: weirdstrike from United States
30 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I saw the preview for this movie, I thought it seemed interesting enough.

But no, the movie started for only 20 minutes and I figured out what was going to happen throughout the whole story. Guess what? I was right.

The movie is not scary, if that's what you were hoping for. It is only scary because the low then loud music they play every five minutes for supposed "suspense", will blast the living life out of your ears. The graphics are cartoonish, and it is more gore than actual fright. And that Mrs. Ganush lady sure liked sticking things in Christine's mouth, didn't she? And let's not forget the clichés. The skeptical boyfriend, the high-strung parents of the boyfriend, the being cursed by an old lady thing, the traitor co-worker, and the whole you think it's all okay but then the protagonist dies in the end unexpectedly, and when I mean unexpectedly, I mean you saw it coming if you have common sense. . Yes...she dies. DUH. The poster is actually a spoiler. That only happens in the end.

I watched this with my 11-year old sister and we both laughed hysterically at the "horror" scenes.

The end.

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67 out of 112 people found the following review useful:

What a disappointment

Author: Beginthebeguine from United States
2 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A Lamia is a Greek fairy-tale demon who murders children and originally was the daughter of the gods Poseidon and Lybie. That has nothing to do with this story, I guess the writer thought it just sounded like a good name. Here it is a goat-head/cloven foot devil who drags peoples souls to hell on the curse of filthy, old gypsy women. What hog wash.

Horror tales confront the times in which they are written and even though the Rami brothers claim to have written this in their Evil Dead era, it's major themes are all from today's news...

Exposition Scene : Two California (illegal ?) Mexican immigrants bring their young son to a Medium named Shaun San Dena because he has stolen a necklace from a Gypsy woman, and although he tried to return it, the woman refused (More immigrants, but this time terrorists !). The Medium is unsuccessful in removing the curse and the poor child is Dragged to Hell.

Exposition Scene 2: Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) works at a bank and wants to be promoted to the assistant manager position, her boss Mr. Jacks (the underrated David Paymer) knows this and dangles this as a carrot before her face and lets her know that a new employee, Stu Rubin (the terrible actor Reggie Lee) is a real go-getter willing to put in the hours and make the "hard" decisions. The bank scenes don't work and they lack pace and get in the way of the story. The characters are one dimensional and Reggie Lee is just hard to watch as he tries to act.

We meet Christine's boy friend the Apple Computer guy (Justin Long-a truly listless actor) who is a psychology professor named Clay Dalton. This is a good idea, but nothing ever becomes of it in this mess of a movie. There is some antagonism from Dalton's mother and this is answered to later in the film, but is unnecessary to the plot, in fact they could have written out Clay's parents and moved the film along at a more even pace, instead it just drags...

The Set-Up: A Gypsy woman (saw this coming from a mile away) named Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver) comes in and has defaulted on her mortgage (another hot topic in the news); she asks for more time. Blah, blah, blah the manager says no and goats Christine to turn the woman down. The Gypsy woman has become more disgusting by the moment, taking her teeth out, yuk ! She begs Christine and is suddenly humiliated when Christine pulls away. Not an effective scene at all.

Mrs. Ganush somehow finds Christine's car and waits for her then acts like a terminator trying to hurt the young woman. I had to really bite my lip not to laugh at this scene, it is so contrived.

The Pay-out: There is none. There are some scenes that have promise like a séance with the former mentioned Shaun San Dena that has a moment or two of scares, but mostly this film is a real yawn fest. I can understand that the young reviewers on this page might like it, they are not as jaded as the more adult viewers. It's not scary, it's not even a great idea as Evil Dead was, it is however a waste of money.

I rate it so low because I expected much more from the Rami brothers. It is the Emperors New Cloth of the Summer Films. My advice, if you must see it, wait for the DVD and hope it has deleted scenes and comments...

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88 out of 154 people found the following review useful:

Oh my god, give me my hour and 40 Min's back

Author: Kerri Hunter from United Kingdom
15 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is a complete joke, not even a horror more a comedy spoof, i feel like writing and asking for my money and my time back, when a movie has a killer napkin involved it can only be bad. I feel sorry for anyone that has to watch this movie if your expecting a good or even a horror movie at all, stay at home and watch the paint dry instead. What are the critics on? I couldn't even enjoy my popcorn due to scenes of an old woman with no teeth sucking several times on a persons chin (this was suppose to be some sort of attack i think), the best and only good thing about this movie was the credits. I also found it very hard to concentrate on the movie due to the fact that the main character had blonde hair with extremely dark eyebrows which was very distracting, please as a huge horror fan my only advice is to give this movie a miss.

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