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Kren Wregget4 September 2014
It took Sam Raimi to bring fun back to the horror genre, and I'm so glad he did. In a sea of 'torture porn' and 'found footage' garbage, this is a rare jewel that makes you realize what you've been missing as a horror fan.

If you're into Sam's other works, you will greatly enjoy this film as it hits all the right notes and contains many of his trademark moments and nods to his early films. It's light on the blood and guts compared to the Evil Dead trilogy, but I didn't miss it all that much because I was having too much fun with everything else.

If you don't get black comedy, perhaps this film will confuse or disappoint you or come off as 'cheesy', but this is classic Raimi style and I love it. It's good to see many practical effects back in action and his camera work is as great as ever.

I like horror films to be fun and this certainly fits the bill.
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Forget the rating
kosmasp28 June 2010
And by rating I mean the "PG-13" one. Seems like you can get away with murder these days with a PG-13 rating ... Seriously though: While this was one detail that got discussed quite a bit, even before the movie came out, many "fearing" (no pun intended) that Raimi had lost his touch and had gone "soft" on them.

Fear no more (or actually do so, while watching the movie), because he hasn't. This movie is showcase of what Raimi is capable of. Sure you might not like the movie for various reasons, but Raimi does know how to build tension (and torture his protagonists apparently ... ask Bruce "Ash" Campbell and now the lovely A. Lohman) ... and serve as the good stuff. Disturbing images and a nice score, neatly edited and shot. One of the best Horror movies of 2009.

Sometimes it didn't get the recognition it deserved, sometimes it did (it just won another prize the other day). Of course there are flaws. Mr Jeepers Creepers (Justin Long) himself, reduced to a bystander for example. But in the end, it delivers fully on what it promises ...
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Sinister as only Sam Raimi can be
Sandcooler27 November 2011
Personally I thought movies like the "Spiderman"-trilogy, "A Simple Plan" and "For Love Of The Game" were excellent, but they all shared a common flaw: they made Sam Raimi look like a mentally balanced person. "Drag Me To Hell" on the other hand wants none of that, it caters to the "Evil Dead"-crowd and does so very well. There isn't much of a story, but that's pretty much the point. Raimi has always stated he wants his horror flicks to be non-stop fun, and that's exactly what this is. It's a pretty stream of consciousness sort of thing, the feeble plot about Alison "Big Fish" Lohman getting cursed is just an excuse to come up with as much demented stuff as humanly possible. Put some maggots in a pie and then somehow make it bleed, why not huh? Anything goes here, that keeps things interesting throughout. You never know what's going to happen next, which is pretty damn scary. It's also a plus that eventually the movie works up to one of the the greatest climactic scenes I've ever seen in a horror movie, now that's what I call a finale. Overall this is a great movie that won't let anybody down.
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Impossibly awful
thoward122331 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I just felt compelled to post this because somehow... and I can't even begin to understand how... people and even professional critics like this movie. I don't get it. I loved Evil Dead and I still don't get it, because this wasn't campy -- it was just bad. Seemed thrown together very quickly, with a few scenes stripped whole from Evil Dead 2 and some of the worst writing ever... It just didn't feel like camp. It felt like dreck. And the ending was telegraphed so early in the film that the last 30 minutes were almost physically painful to watch. And yet... the Washington Post said the ending was a shocker.

If this wasn't a Sam Raimi film, no one would even have suggested it was supposed to be funny. They would have just figured that it sucked. Maybe that's his joke on everyone, after all.
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loud, predictable, not scary
ajaj11830 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Seeing the trailer to this movie I expected to go in and have a few scenes that were ones that made you jump. But I also expected the movie to have something scary in it that made you think when you left the theater.

If you are looking for cheap thrills, LOUD music, and stuff jumping out at you constantly then this is your movie. I found this movie to be extremely predictable, especially the ending.

The séance scene was laughable. The guy hanging in the air "dancing the jig" was one of the dumbest I have seen in a LONG time. And the "cartoonish" talking goat was a joke. The SFX in this movie were worse than a Saturday night sci-fi channel B-movie. It was a serious WASTE of money. We had a free ticket, and I feel even that was wasted on this movie.

giving this movie a 3 out of 10 is even being generous.
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Intense and Funny - Classic Sam Raimi
indyj130 May 2009
The early trailers for Drag Me to Hell dubbed it as (sic) "the return to classic horror", and for once at least, they are correct.

Sam Raimi manages to incorporate genuine thrills and terror using the old-fashioned format of surprise, misdirection and suggestion. As a frequent viewer of horror films, little surprises me, but in this film I was caught off-guard several times while watching it.

While the majority of the movie is kept on a serious and foreboding level, much like the original "Evil Dead", Raimi can't help but throw in elements of the absurd and slapstick during some of the more horrific scenes, thus reducing the tension and echoing the latter 2/3 of the "Evil Dead" trilogy.

WHile I have nothing against the modern trend of horror movies to provide shocks merely in the form of how much blood and gore they spill, this flick was wonderfully refreshing. It's a must-see, not just for Raimi fans, but for anyone who loves a good scary story and a great movie in general.
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Sam Raimi has made his 'Jaws'.
hey_treacle28 May 2009
Drag me to Hell is, really, a throwback in so many ways to the fun of The Evil Dead 2. The camera angles, the excellent score - it all recalls how Raimi played with us in his earlier trilogy. What has changed however, is the sense of pace. We know its coming and Raimi employs all his skills to draw out the tension. The thrills are all there in place, I jumped like there was an electric buzzer under my seat. Perhaps a little too much CGI is indulged in but its easy to forgive in a film as wicked and blackly comic as this. I genuinely found the film disturbing for a 15 as well, again I think this is a mark of tension that Raimi creates with the score and camera work throughout the film. So incredibly refreshing to see a horror film with out the hallmarks of the recent saw franchise. Special mention for the ending, which has conviction and guts and was the proverbial cherry on top of the cake. throughly entertaining.
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A fun but not particularly scary horror film
Tweekums5 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Protagonist Christine Brown is hoping for an important promotion at work but is told that it will probably go to another, more recent, employee as he is more willing to take the tough decisions. Shortly afterwards and elderly woman comes in asking for her loan to be extended when the bank foreclosed on her mortgage. She takes the woman's case to her boss but he leaves it up to her to decide what to do… she decides to take the tough decision and refuses the old woman's request. The woman starts begging and Christine calls for security. She is shaken but assumes it is over; it isn't… the woman later attacks her and tells her that she is cursed. Christine decides to see a spiritualist and he tells her that she has indeed been cursed; she will be tormented for three days then she will literally be dragged to Hell!! Over the next three days she is indeed tormented and, along with the spiritualist, she tries to find a way to get out of the curse.

The DVD box announced that this is "The scariest movie of the decade"… it isn't. In fact it isn't particularly scary at all. There are the expected jump-scares and some creepy moments but nothing really scary. That isn't to say it isn't worth watching… the unpleasant things that happen are at least quite funny in a mildly disgusting way. We have a fly continuing to buzz after she swallows it, a high pressure nose bleed and a possessed goat to give just three examples. Director Sam Raimi does a good job and I liked the fact that the majority of the effects appeared to be physical rather than CGI. Alison Lohman does a solid enough job in the lead role; making us believe that her character believes in the strange things that are happening to her. The only real weak point of the film is the ending; it is just a little too cliché. Over all I'd say this is a decent film for people want a horror film that isn't particularly disturbing but is quite fun.
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A liberation from the hell of mainstream horror
Simon_Says_Movies7 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
After surrendering to the temptation that was Drag Me to Hell, I jokingly announced to a friend that it was 1/3 horror, 1/3 gross, 1/3 funny and 100% fun! Yet as wholly cheesy as that proclamation is, it is no less true. Ultimate B movie director Sami Rami's first horror film in years, having dedicated himself to the Spiderman franchise, succeeds in putting almost all recent horror films to shame. Drag Me to Hell proves that an R rating is not needed for shock scares, nor does a PG-13 rating mean that the film must feel stunted and incomplete, only that it takes a dedicated and competent director to pull all the elements together.

I recently called 2009 the-year-of-the-almost-good-horror-movie, with films like Friday the 13th, The Haunting in Connecticut, My Bloody Valentine, The Last House on the Left et al, simply not measuring up. While I am still hesitant to drop that moniker, the thrills Drag me to Hell brings to the horror genre certainly improves the spread. Aside from the tantalizing premise itself, Rami masterfully constructs atmosphere and amazes even further with a rousing and terrifying score and an absolutely chilling use of sound. Many tense sequences drift between an eerie quiet and a cacophony of anguish born from everyday objects and occurrences such as pots, the wind and garden gates and this is the very best part of the film, even if some other elements don't measure up as aptly.

As a alluded to, aside from Rami's fan base the real reason you would be drawn to this film is the premise; and hell dragging there is. The unsuspecting victim is a young loan officer named Christine Brown (Allison Lohman) who in order to secure a spot in the managers chair denies an elderly lady a third extension on her mortgage. But her timing could not be worse, as the gypsy mystic curses her to burn in hell for her shameful display. Christine now has only three days to rid herself of the terrible curse, garnering the aid of a psychic, Rham Jas (Dileep Rao) and her boyfriend (Justin Long) while trying to ward off the tormenting demon on her remaining days. Lohman is very good in this, creating a character of equal parts spunk and sweetness. Long seems tailor made for a Rami film, as his ability to drift between comedy and drama is a huge asset and is excellent as a result.

The only real determent I found in this film was the ending, which I will not spoil. It was actually a rather odd feeling that came over me when the credits rolled as usually a sub-par ending leaves me either infuriated or disgusted. Drag me to Hell's ending left me feeling mostly indifferent and numb to the events of the entire film by which it was preceded. Many will disagree with me and I am glad, as I thoroughly enjoyed the film and wish the ending had satisfied me accordingly. But the good certainly outweighs and bad and this schlocky gross and funny horror flick is very re-watchable, and above all unique. If Rami can still turn out quality B movie thrills after all these years, perhaps there is hope for liberation from the true hell; which is the Hollywood horror scene of today.

Read all my reviews at simonsaysmovies.blogspot.com
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A much needed revival for the horror genre.
Drag Me To Hell is exactly what it should have been. It effortlessly takes a dump on 90% of the rest of the horror movies this decade has offered us.

In 2009, we are flooded with brainless remakes and Saw rip-offs, which was never a great series in the first place. Only Sam Raimi (the king of horror in my opinion) has the power to bring a completely original horror movie back to the big screen in this day and age and capitalize with it.

It was one of the most intense movie-going experiences I've had in some time and I see it as a wild ride that no one should miss out on. It is guaranteed that you will be either jumping or cringing in your seat half the time, unless you are one of those people lacking heavily in the department of sensitivity and/or general thought processing.

The movie is entertainment and horror fun in it's purest form.

A lot of people complain about CGI, and in a lot of cases I agree, but in Drag Me To Hell, they were never trying to hard with it - it was always in good fun and in a movie paced like this, with it's Sarcasti-Horror, it is certainly fitting.

It is, without question, a new horror classic - thanks to it's basic yet innovative plot, likable blondie, loads of bodily fluids, and an ending you will not forget.

Let's hope Hollywood takes some hints and allows studios to start making original horror movies again.

Thank you Sam Raimi. Loved it.
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Ha... whatever.
yourwarmembrace31 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Apparently this studio has deep enough pockets to pay people to come here and rate this film highly. This is a 6 star movie AT BEST! It has its share of spooks but they are short-lived. And the cliché's? Where do I begin?? They had me and everyone else around me checking the time... and I was in the last/ top row... could see everything. Sighs were coming from my right and the people to my left were getting restless. I wanted to ask someone else the time; hoping that my phone had jammed and this "picture" was farther along than it seemed. Go into it expecting a Comedy with shocks & frights but you won't be losing any sleep. The ending was a surprise albeit lame... I mean... you'd think someone would check before going through the trouble of digging up a grave...
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This is no master piece. So bad....
horsecoach4hire2 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm still trying to find out why everyone thinks this film is wonderful.

First off, we have no storyline. We don't know if this film is funny or scary, the acting is at best 10th grade (and I'm a huge fan of Alison Lohman) I think everyone is forgetting about the fact that there needs to be a strong storyline (it doesn't have this. It has an idea, a concept, but never is fully developed, unless you think the old fashion, standard cop-outs work), good acting and most importantly, characters that you care about.

The characters make no sense. The girl can kill her cat, but not give away the object to foist this horrible thing onto? Where's the logic in this? If she is so focused on herself to kill her cat, when she's stating she's a humanitarian, then she should have no trouble passing along the button to some miserable slime. So, when did she develop morals? Secondly, plot??? Story?? Hello??? Evil Dead had a strong storyline. This does not. in fact, this movie seems to have had an idea, and was made off an idea, and did a typical, Hollywood cop-out ending instead of thinking of a valid way to make this film wrap up in an intelligent way.

Don't waste your money. Go see Knowing. At least the story in that film is strong, original and to me, unique.
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Sam Raimi's Return to "True Horror" is a Triumph
PoisonKeyblade21 May 2009
From the intense opening scene to the stellar and shocking finale, Sam Raimi has officially returned to the horror genre with vigor and spark in the year's best horror film so far. Starring Alison Lohman in the leading role (Ellen Page was originally cast as the lead but dropped out of the project early in production), Drag Me to Hell feels like much more than your average, predictable horror popcorn flick. It's filled with plenty of twists and turns and, like any good ride, a satisfying conclusion. And the PG-13 rating? Forget about it! You hardly notice that little factor because of how immersed you become in the story. Also starring are Justin Long, David Paymer, and Lorna Raver.

Christine (Lohman), a loan officer at a bank with a lovely boyfriend (Long), is being considered for a promotion. Jumping at the opportunity, she comes across an old gypsy woman (Raver) who requests a third extension on her house. Her boss (Paymer) tells her it's a tough decision, and its her call, so she refuses the woman's payment. Absolutely infuriated, the woman stalks Christine after work and bestows her with a supernatural curse, one which she has only three days to overcome before the spirits drag her to hell.

Lucky enough to have won tickets to a pre-screening of the film, I had heard nothing but great things about it. I was hoping for the best, but I wasn't sure how the comedy and horror would mix together. Much to my surprise, the horror and comedy in Drag Me to Hell are that rare perfect mix of perfection that one craves in horror movies. If too funny, they can go overboard, but not this one. In fact, I don't think I've seen quite a proper mixture since Raimi's own Evil Dead II.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about the movie is how well it's made technically. It had all sorts of interesting shots and the real work of a master filmmaker. Having both written and directed the film, Sam Raimi more than proves his worth to the horror genre despite his long absence since Army of Darkness. In ways, this is also a sort of revival of what people with think of PG-13 horror movies. Drag Me to Hell is one of the most intense, scary horror films in quite some time, despite the PG-13 rating which many tag as already crap.

Drag Me to Hell is full of its epic shocks, and the less you go in knowing about it the better. I could go on for hours about the movie and spoil everything there is to know, but that would truly ruin some of its appeal. Which is certainly not to say that it is lost after a first viewing, just that it's an experience unlike any other going into this movie watching virtually no clips and reading very little about it. It becomes a truly rewarding experience.

Mrs. Ganush is one truly phenomenal villain that provides plenty of scares. Lorna Raver infuses the role with an enthusiasm - an terror - that is rarely seen in big-screen baddies. She has more personality than The Ring's Samara for sure. Clay's character provides a much-needed balance between the goofy and the horrific, and helps make the film's heroine, Christine, all the more believable. It was an interesting twist to see Justin Long in a horror film, despite the nature of his role. I believed his performance and the sincerity of his character. Lohman had a lot resting on her shoulders with this movie, and she totally pulled it off with flying colors. Nobody plays the terrified, but headstrong and determined female lead better than Lohman, and she proves her worth over and over again in this movie. She totally has a career ahead of her.

Overall, Drag Me to Hell did more than just impress me nonstop. It was a masterpiece of a horror movie, with unrivaled intensity, scares, and one killer of an ending. More often now, horror directors/writers seem to have such a difficult time ending their movies properly. This one has an ending which snugly solidifies the movie as an early contender for best horror film of the year. Don't miss Drag Me to Hell... you will never look at handkerchiefs the same way!
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Predictable and Clichéd
weirdstrike30 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw the preview for this movie, I thought it seemed interesting enough.

But no, the movie started for only 20 minutes and I figured out what was going to happen throughout the whole story. Guess what? I was right.

The movie is not scary, if that's what you were hoping for. It is only scary because the low then loud music they play every five minutes for supposed "suspense", will blast the living life out of your ears. The graphics are cartoonish, and it is more gore than actual fright. And that Mrs. Ganush lady sure liked sticking things in Christine's mouth, didn't she? And let's not forget the clichés. The skeptical boyfriend, the high-strung parents of the boyfriend, the being cursed by an old lady thing, the traitor co-worker, and the whole you think it's all okay but then the protagonist dies in the end unexpectedly, and when I mean unexpectedly, I mean you saw it coming if you have common sense. . Yes...she dies. DUH. The poster is actually a spoiler. That only happens in the end.

I watched this with my 11-year old sister and we both laughed hysterically at the "horror" scenes.

The end.
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What a disappointment
Beginthebeguine2 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A Lamia is a Greek fairy-tale demon who murders children and originally was the daughter of the gods Poseidon and Lybie. That has nothing to do with this story, I guess the writer thought it just sounded like a good name. Here it is a goat-head/cloven foot devil who drags peoples souls to hell on the curse of filthy, old gypsy women. What hog wash.

Horror tales confront the times in which they are written and even though the Rami brothers claim to have written this in their Evil Dead era, it's major themes are all from today's news...

Exposition Scene : Two California (illegal ?) Mexican immigrants bring their young son to a Medium named Shaun San Dena because he has stolen a necklace from a Gypsy woman, and although he tried to return it, the woman refused (More immigrants, but this time terrorists !). The Medium is unsuccessful in removing the curse and the poor child is Dragged to Hell.

Exposition Scene 2: Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) works at a bank and wants to be promoted to the assistant manager position, her boss Mr. Jacks (the underrated David Paymer) knows this and dangles this as a carrot before her face and lets her know that a new employee, Stu Rubin (the terrible actor Reggie Lee) is a real go-getter willing to put in the hours and make the "hard" decisions. The bank scenes don't work and they lack pace and get in the way of the story. The characters are one dimensional and Reggie Lee is just hard to watch as he tries to act.

We meet Christine's boy friend the Apple Computer guy (Justin Long-a truly listless actor) who is a psychology professor named Clay Dalton. This is a good idea, but nothing ever becomes of it in this mess of a movie. There is some antagonism from Dalton's mother and this is answered to later in the film, but is unnecessary to the plot, in fact they could have written out Clay's parents and moved the film along at a more even pace, instead it just drags...

The Set-Up: A Gypsy woman (saw this coming from a mile away) named Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver) comes in and has defaulted on her mortgage (another hot topic in the news); she asks for more time. Blah, blah, blah the manager says no and goats Christine to turn the woman down. The Gypsy woman has become more disgusting by the moment, taking her teeth out, yuk ! She begs Christine and is suddenly humiliated when Christine pulls away. Not an effective scene at all.

Mrs. Ganush somehow finds Christine's car and waits for her then acts like a terminator trying to hurt the young woman. I had to really bite my lip not to laugh at this scene, it is so contrived.

The Pay-out: There is none. There are some scenes that have promise like a séance with the former mentioned Shaun San Dena that has a moment or two of scares, but mostly this film is a real yawn fest. I can understand that the young reviewers on this page might like it, they are not as jaded as the more adult viewers. It's not scary, it's not even a great idea as Evil Dead was, it is however a waste of money.

I rate it so low because I expected much more from the Rami brothers. It is the Emperors New Cloth of the Summer Films. My advice, if you must see it, wait for the DVD and hope it has deleted scenes and comments...
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Oh my god, give me my hour and 40 Min's back
Kerri Hunter15 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a complete joke, not even a horror more a comedy spoof, i feel like writing and asking for my money and my time back, when a movie has a killer napkin involved it can only be bad. I feel sorry for anyone that has to watch this movie if your expecting a good or even a horror movie at all, stay at home and watch the paint dry instead. What are the critics on? I couldn't even enjoy my popcorn due to scenes of an old woman with no teeth sucking several times on a persons chin (this was suppose to be some sort of attack i think), the best and only good thing about this movie was the credits. I also found it very hard to concentrate on the movie due to the fact that the main character had blonde hair with extremely dark eyebrows which was very distracting, please as a huge horror fan my only advice is to give this movie a miss.
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Deliciously pulpy return to horror for Raimi
ametaphysicalshark29 May 2009
"Drag Me to Hell" might be the victim of unfair expectations, or just plain incorrect assumptions. This might partially be down to the advertising campaign, which could lead audiences to believing this is purely serious horror, when in fact it is pulp silliness in the vein of the old EC comics, and fully aware of it. Sam Raimi, for whom the childhood experience of reading those pulp tales served as an inspiration for his now-legendary "Evil Dead" movies, and hence gave him his career, has made his most fun and entertaining film since "Army of Darkness", and probably his best since then as well (although I do need to see "A Simple Plan" again) in "Drag Me to Hell", which feels like it could be an adaptation of one of those horror tales.

Hopefully audiences will be expecting something along the lines of "Evil Dead" mixed with its sequels when they go in, or they could leave disappointed. Unless you're scared by old women and supernatural mumbo jumbo, unless you're a superstitious person, "Drag Me to Hell" probably won't be giving you any nightmares. Then again, I'm not scared by anything really. Still, one can't help but feel that this sort of thing (if done seriously) doesn't belong in today's age of rationality and would work only in the 50's, or maybe even then would be too late to really pack a punch.

That's why this is, like the "Evil Dead" movies, a cartoon. It is one cartoony horror set-piece after the other, more often than not with an overt comedic edge, and always, always with its tongue firmly in cheek. The characters are well-realized enough for the movie to be endurable, and well-played too (Justin Long is perfect for the role regardless of how limited his range is and I can't imagine anyone but Lohman playing this particular role), but Raimi doesn't really care about them. He cares more about piling on the pulp gross-outs, resorting here to all sorts of unsavory things (including embalming fluid gushing out of a corpse into Lohman's mouth, one of a multitude of things Raimi takes pleasure in introducing to that particular orifice of Lohman's body), but not much blood at all. It isn't needed either, the PG-13 rating may sound like a limitation but it's hard to imagine this movie with much more gore, although there are a few things that happen off-screen that I would have LOVED to see on-screen, but that might be because I'm a horribly sick person.

Utilizing an active, expressive camera akin to the sort of thing we saw in the "Evil Dead" movies, Raimi stages these ridiculous scenes with gusto and passion. This is not going to terrify many people, but it is absolutely terrific at being what it sets out to be- a live action EC comic. As long as you go in expecting that, you'll probably leave satisfied. I'd like to leave you with the wise words of AV Club critic Scott Tobias: "He wants viewers to jump out of their chairs, to laugh and scream and cheer, and to nudge each other over the transcendent ridiculousness of what they're witnessing. This is junk film-making at its finest."
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Worst. Movie. Ever.
lhamlin22 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot believe how many comments say how genius this movie was. If someone asked me what the worst movie I have ever seen I would without a doubt say Drag Me to Hell.

The gypsy lady was crazy and cursed a girl for not giving her a loan even though she had defaulted on 2 loans already. She went buck wild in the parking lot gnawing on the girls face and everything was just so absolutely ridiculous. The girl then found out she was cursed and had 3 days of torment before she was "dragged to hell. "At one point the spirit of whatever was coming to get the girl went in a goat that screamed at the main girl calling her a bitch. My sister and I had to laugh at how stupid it was every 2 minutes.



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Can it get worst than this ?
dixietrixie-13 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This was definitely a mind blower...in mediocrity ! Sad that money was actually invested in making such an awful film. Childish humor with the dentures, plastic vomit, toothless chin sucking! If you believe in the devil and afraid he'll suck your chin, or that a fly will enter one nostril and come out the other, this movie is for you !lol Or if you wonder if one can dig a big grave with a tiny garden shovel ! We're just thankful we didn't pay full price to watch this in a small theater with a handful of people, all of which walked out without a word at the end. I certainly hope it's one of those movies made "under the influence" which could excuse such disgrace in movie making. Saddest part? Messed up a really cute coat at the end ! I can understand why some actors need to medicate=trying to use your acting craft in such low budget "movie?" Imagine watching yourself in this thing on opening night ! Wow, I'd run out in tears !
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edwithmj18 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Firstly I HAVE to give this film a 1/10 to get the ratings down. I just got back from the cinema after watching this crap and I expected the IMDb rating to be 5 or lower. Imagine my surprise when it has 8/10!

This film is all too predictable. Think of Stephen King's Thinner meets The Haunting In Connecticut.

I walk into the cinema and there is NO ONE else there. The film starts with some Mexican boy being possessed and I thought the film was going to be one of those spoof horror-comedies when I saw over-the-top creepy shadow hands crawling over the ceiling. He gets dragged off to hell because he was cursed by a gypsy whose necklace he stole. Some Mexican woman looks on and promises to get revenge on the spirit that did it. When that scene finished we're taken to the life of Christine Brown, a loan officer for Wilshire Pacific Bank. She's after a promotion to position of Assistant Manager but so is her rival - the Asian Company Agent from Prison Break season 2.

She's day dreaming when some old gypsy woman starts asking her if the bank could give her more time on a mortgage repayment she missed. Christine, wanting to impress the boss, says no and so the gypsy then begs her, lunges at her and is then dragged out kicking and screaming. To be honest I thought that was simply horrible and I thought immediately that she deserved what happens but then we cut to a spooky underground car park (a setting used far too much for suspense and cheap scares) where the gypsy is waiting in Christine's car. Now here is the only time in the film where I WAS surprised. I thought the gypsy would curse her like in Thinner but instead starts attacking her with great strength and agility and it was quite funny to watch. One bit that was funny was when the gypsy's false teeth smash and she tries biting Christine with gums. Anyway, the whole fight seemed pointless as all she did was take a button from Christine's coat, curse it and give it back and THEN the predictability starts.

Christine and her boyfriend drive home where she starts getting creeped out with noises and seeing scary things with sharp teeth. Before she goes home she sees an Indian fortune teller who just happens to know EVERYTHING about the curse and was luckily just next to her boyfriend's parked car. He says she's cursed and makes no attempt to help her. After a half hour of miscellaneous scares and going to see the gypsy to retract the curse again just like in Thinner (I KNEW the old bag would be dead), she sees Indian man again. He says make a sacrifice so she kills her pet cat instead of finding a stray and I KNEW it wouldn't work. Meanwhile at work, she has a nose bleed so intense that she sprays blood everywhere and no one phones a doctor or anything. They just do nothing while she runs away. So back she goes to Indian man who says he knows this woman and you know what's coming: a standard Hollywood scary exorcism scene done by the Mexican woman from the first scene in the film (what a coincidence).

Here we're told that to remove the demon, Indian man, Christine, Mexican woman and another Mexican man have to hold hands, summon the demon and transfer it to a goat. Kill the goat and it's over. The goat starts to talk when it's possessed but of course the plan doesn't go ahead properly and the Mexican man gets bitten and is possessed. Mexican woman chants and the spirit is gone but Mexican woman dies for no reason. Indian man puts the cursed button in an envelope and says to give it to someone else and THEY will be dragged off to hell instead. She lies to her boyfriend saying it's all over and drops the envelope in the car and picks it up again. She ponders giving it to the Asian man from Prison Break but can't so back to Indian man again who says to give it to the gypsy's corpse. So over she goes to the cemetery, digs up the corpse and puts it in her mouth.

Next scene, she's all happy and I KNEW it wasn't a happy end. When she dropped the envelope in the car she mixed it with another envelope with a coin in it so she never got rid of it. She's dragged to hell while boyfriend watches and cries and it's over. Predictable standard horror.

If gypsies can curse people so easily, they should be ruling the world. Why didn't she use those powers to make payments or whatever? It makes no sense. Why this has such a high rating I don't know. It relies on shock scares too much with the plot being too ridiculous. The Indian man was ridiculous. Why didn't he just say give the button back to the gypsy or take her to the exorcist in the first place?
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Really? Am I this out of touch?
tempestnam11 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I consider myself an avid movie goer. Not only that, but I try to watch many, many films from all different genres in different time periods.

I thought this movie was terrible. It was not scary even in the slightest. Comparing it to Evil Dead, IMO, is a complete disservice. Bruce Campbell was the perfect character for the off the wall humor, non-scary, horror style.

The difference is, this movie is trying to be scary. They are not purposely making a joke. They were trying to make this a serious, scary, well acted movie. It's not a satire, I see a lot of people posting in that thought.

A floating hanker-chef? Are you serious? And they do try to make even that scary, by it suddenly flying on the screen, and with a sudden tone in the music.

Story line was bad, Justin Long is the completely wrong actor for the role he was playing, every single thing that is trying to be scary just turns out so bad that it's funny.

I guess you could give it that, it's so terrible that it's funny.

The ending? OK...I'll bite. What did she shove down the old ladies throat? You could clearly see the envelope she was holding had a circular object in it (a button one assumes) but yet at the end, *SHOCK* she dies! The movie was more vile than anything else. Going for shock humor by having the old lady be ridiculously disgusting and spilling various liquids mouth to mouth to the young lady thru out the film.

Everyone in the movie theater panned it. The one I was in. That's why it grossed 7 mil on the opening...cause it stunk!
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Dragged to Hell: Another Experiment in Grueling Terror
amarcordforever14 May 2009
To properly (and fairly) access my experience with seeing "Drag Me To Hell" Sam Raimi's (The Gift, Spider Man) much anticipated and blogged about new opus, we must first take a little trip back in time to the year 1995. As a kid, I had always been intrigued by the horror genre, most of which likely spawned from my parent's extreme hatred towards it. While they perused the Comedy and Drama sections of our old video store (then stocked to the brim with VHS tapes, I might add) I found myself sneaking off to the far left corner among the gory, trashy, at often times downright pornographic cover art that adorned the paper sleeves for films such as "Invasion of the Blood Farmers" and "Deadtime Stories".

Like a college freshman introduced to mass quantities of alcohol for the first time with no guidance in sight, I was on overload. What were they attempting to keep me from? If I slid this threw the door of my old Sony T-120, what exactly would I be getting myself into? One would like to think I found the answer that day instead of being forced to watch "The Jerk" for the ten thousandth time, but alas, my first experience with the "terror" genre began that same year, late at night, in the comforts of my own bed, with a remote control, a freshly fluffed pillow and the Sci-Fi Channel.

The words flashed onto the screen, "The Evil Dead" in blood red, bold faced lettering. As I watch the plot unfold I found myself paralyzed by the images I was seeing. Humans being possessed by demons, dismembered by their own friends, maniacally laughing in a distorted, demented all together frightening way and above all jumping out at me when I least expected it. I was changed. My outlook on movies changed. My fear of the dark was created and that was WITH commercial breaks. Of course, I have only one man to thank for getting me hooked on the "Terror" genre and that is Sam Raimi.

After almost twenty years (since "Army of Darkness" the final installment of the Evil Dead franchise) Mr. Raimi returns to his old stomping grounds with "Drag Me to Hell", the tale of Christine (Allison Lohman, Matchstick Men) a loan officer whom forces Mrs. Ganush, a sick, decrepit gypsy woman from her home by denying her an extension on an already delinquent bank loan. As fate would have it, after work in a desolate parking garage, Christine is attacked and the curse of the Lamia is placed onto her. In the days to follow she is brutally attacked by unseen entities, experiences visions of a deformed Mrs. Ganush and attempts to reverse the curse by contacting psychic mediums. Time is of the essence, but taking the curse off proves to be much more difficult than it was to put on as we witness Christine attempt to silence it before she is dragged to hell.

Earlier on, I referred to my obsession with the "Terror" genre. Terror differs from Horror in that its goal is to completely terrify the audience as opposed to simply scaring them. "Drag Me to Hell" falls into one such category. From start to finish, you make the first plunge down the drop of a 100 minute roller coaster and in the end feel as if you've been tossed around and abused by a master manipulator, Raimi. It is evident, through the use and placement of scares, gore, mixture of comedy and horror as well as pacing of the plot that Raimi didn't have to do much dusting off to get back in the game. He clearly knows that, in this genre, simplicity is often times the best course of action. The storyline and its unraveling is basic, often times boarding on naivety, but the absolute madness that ensues within its walls is comparable to a warm piece of chocolate cake.

Allison Lohman (who replaced Ellen Page in early stages of development) does a fine job of portraying Christine and the character arc that she goes through. Page would have brought a bit more grittiness to the role, but that's beside the point. Lohman is able to bring the charm and diversity to the part. Justin Long as Clay, Christines boyfriend, delivers as always and manages to keep it real in a role that could have very easily turned corny had it not been handled correctly. Supporting cast, Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver) and Rham Jas (Dileep Rao) the Medium are both convincing in their extremely demanding parts.

What's so special about "Drag Me to Hell" is that it knows its roots. It takes us back to the days when it was a true "experience" to see a horror/terror movie. When you went into a movie theater and the audience jumped, yelled at the screen and quivered in shock and disgust. At the conclusion it brought them to their feet with a standing ovation and all along with the mindset of, "Okay, we're all in this together, let's make it out in one piece." "Drag Me to Hell" is what a good experience at the movies is all about. There will be those who hate it, loath it even, but for the handful of us that were transformed into obsessed fans of this niche market by a master director, it will validate our love for the genre and will forever stand as a true testament of the best it has to offer. As for myself, for a short moment in time I was a thirteen again, curled up under my covers, frozen with fear, and loving every single minute of it.
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Simply Horrible, almost unwatchable
AJ Lysiak30 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Going in to the movies to see this I really didn't know what to expect. I had seen MySpace ads around as well as a commercial I barely glimpsed at. Still like a typical horror movie I went in expecting greatness, despite being disappointed 9/10 times.

Now, prior to going in I was unaware the man who made this also did the Evil Dead series. In all fairness I loved those movies as a kid when my dad showed me them on VHS. They were scary and weird so it was still enjoyable despite the oddness.

Drag me to Hell on the other hand, well I seriously considered leaving the theater. If you want to simply jump throughout the movie you're in luck, it uses about 20 or so cliché suspense moments to get you scared. Now, I've watched plenty of horror movies in my day so disliking the movie had nothing to do with disliking "gross" things- but the amount of goo in this movie was just unnecessary and only there for the sake of being gross. While I now understand the comical-horror scenes in this movie (As I'm now aware of the creator) for newcomers to the maker, or just casual moviegoers in general it doesn't make sense to be in there. If we come for a scary movie we don't expect to see Looney-Tune situations. Laughter amidst a horror movie may be a nice break and all, but it just makes the movie look silly, low budget, badly written, and not serious considering the rest of the movies mood.

The acting for this was mixed, it was either over the top and unneeded or just awkward. Later we meet the Boyfriend's parents who are clearly wealthy. While they went for a "smug rich people" act it just seemed like acting of a cheap television show.

Personally I found the music and sounds to be terrible in this movie, I apologize if this is coming off as a rant but I'll explain. Drag me to Hell is LOUD, extremely so; in the suspense scenes people were covering their ears due to the loud pitch. Musically it was just inappropriate, during one particular horror scene they chose a Jazz-like bass rift.

CGI in the movie was decent, nothing award-winning but it worked despite certain scenes looking as if they were from the 1987 Evil Dead film. The style mirrored that of "My Bloody Valentine" where everything appeared ready for 3D (assuming you didn't see that in 3D)

On paper, the plot is good. Or at least it started good, though realistically its just your typical "Somethings going to possess you and haunt you, we need to do an old ritual to end it" film (See also: The Eye, The Unborn, Etc.)

To sum things up, I wasted my time and money by seeing this movie. While I would like to appreciate it as the "Comeback of a great horror director" I just refuse to call it anything more than a cult hit. Don't see this movie, its a jumbled mess of random acts thrown together to create suspense just for the sake of doing so.
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What a load of hokum
jimspeedjae-130 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm going to tread what for some reason seems to be a lonely experience with this film and tell that it's the biggest load of hokum I've seen for a long time. It's so bad if I hadn't been with someone else who wanted to watch it I would have walked out - something I haven't done for a while.

OK - the story has promise, but it's the endless use of the same tired old movie clichés and techniques to create any suspense. Yes, I'm talking underground car parks (do small bank branches have underground car parks? And even if it was a shopping mall, when she leaves work how come there are only half a dozen cars left in this place?). A big swollen lip one minute and then one minute later in the film (later that night in movie-time) she looks perfect and giving full on frenchies with her fella. And what the hell happened to the goat?

As for the twist...well you'll only miss the signposts to what's going to happen if you're completely dumb or asleep, which there is a reasonable chance of.

All in all, I wish I been dragged down to see Hannah Montana instead. It couldn't possibly be less entertaining than this drivel.
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I really enjoyed this old-fashioned creepy horror with a touch of humor.
Peter Pluymers7 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Woehaa, this was a flash back in time when I hired VHS tapes from the local video store with totally unknown, strange, low budget horror movies. Everything you could see in those movies comes back in this one ... the tilting filming at critical moments (yep also used in Evil Dead! The mother of all horror movies for me), the meat maggots, the whirling autumn leaves, the plopping eyes, puking a dead cat, the arm penetrating a mouth.... etc.

Some scenes are just slapstick material: the scene in the car where old Mrs. Ganush loses her false teeth and then lies drooling on the lower jaw of Christine ... magnificent. Death Mrs.Ganush tumbling out of her coffin in such a way that the putrid drool runs over Christine's her face and she starts gagging ... masterful. The fly that causes a terrible nosebleed ... irresistible.

Yes, I've seen it all before ... all the scary moments are used a zillion times before ... the ending was so predictable ... But nowadays a real horror/scary movie (small nuance) are sparse. It's always some found footage film and paranormal nonsense. "Drag Me to Hell" is a fresh wind in horror-land and a guarantee for a raunchy evening of shuddering and chuckling.

I really had to laugh when Rham Jas proposes to make an animal sacrifice after which Christine starts protesting in a bewildered way, saying : "I'm a vegetarian ... " Hehehehe timeless.

Conclusion: Every horror enthusiast should see this one. Pure nostalgia.

More reviews at http://opinion-as-a-moviefreak.blogspot.be/
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