Drag Me to Hell (2009) Poster

Plot Keywords

loan officer curse
psychic button
seer psychologist
hell fight
bank assistant manager
evil demon
crucifix steamer trunk
handkerchief beggar
physical assault anvil
year 1969 cult film
insecurity shame
visual impairment diner
old coin animal sacrifice
panic exorcism
eye gouging blood splatter
train station boyfriend girlfriend relationship
corpse country girl
spirit death of protagonist
esp levitation
fortune teller 2000s
trauma breaking a car window
co worker fear
envelope witch
levitating mexican woman
eating disorder seance
desperation rich family
overcoat year 2009
eyeball dentures
exploding head bare chested male
gypsy curse father son relationship
possessed human medium
obituary title at the end
supernatural power wedding ring
hand through head stapler
hit in the face college professor
blonde graveyard
thrown from a car anger
pawnshop forced decision
supernatural horror gross out
cemetery poltergeist
iron gate ambition
home made cake falling onto train tracks
hungarian killing an animal
dark fantasy oral fixation
grave weight loss
fork in eye younger version of character
rain digging a grave
dutch angle blood vomiting
stealing client witchcraft
silver necklace job promotion
hit with a shovel fly
entity shadow
20th century 1960s
choke hold stabbed in the eye
machete pasadena california
lifting someone into the air revenge
underground parking garage extreme close up
dream begging
bitten hand engagement ring
underground carpark goat
sacrifice imperative in title
palm reader hallucination
falling from height prologue
defenestration subtitled scene
child in peril startled
cat gypsy
21st century macro photography
mortgage security guard
crushed head stuck with staple
stabbed in the throat cult director
ritual nightmare
coin collection cell phone
hit on the head bloody nose
los angeles california female protagonist
wind chime vomit
covered in blood kitten
seven deadly sins lifting a female into the air
bank employee bank officer
dark humor sleeping woman
pulling hair funeral
closing eyes of dead person illustration
mansion digging up a dead body
kitchen knife organ music
demonic possession skepticism
jewelry false teeth
spaniard decayed fingernails
vegetarian split lip
car crash mother son relationship
death of child surprise ending

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