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Raimi has made the most crazy, fun, and terrifying horror movie in years.
Wall Street Journal
This film is cunningly crafted in every detail--direction, script, performances, comic timing, special effects--from thunderous start to delicious finish.
With that fire in his belly, Raimi's Drag Me to Hell does everything we want a horror film to do: It is fearsomely scary, wickedly funny and diabolically gross.
The Hollywood Reporter
Raimi's still very much up to his old tricks, retaining that deliriously over-the-top brand of Grand Guignol horror that he had abandoned by the mid-'90s in pursuit of other genres.
Chicago Tribune
Raimi knows how to modulate his technique, as with the coolly controlled morality tale "A Simple Plan," but he's a firm believer in the power of an active, expressive camera, as well as the value of insinuation.
Horror-movie heaven.
Drag Me to Hell is unlike any scary thriller in a while: frightening, frenzied and fun.
If you can stomach the projectile-sputum gags and stapled-eyelid attack scene, it's hilarious.
A Raimi-esque mix of gross-out madness and sick laughs.
Miami Herald
The movie is a goofy, ridiculous blast, and yet Raimi means business: Even the precociously cute kitty isn't safe in this one.
A popcorn film that aims to entertain -- nothing more, nothing less -- and it achieves that goal admirably.
Drag Me to Hell is an eyeball-gouging lesson in how to make a genre flick and live to tell about it.

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