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Reviews & Ratings for
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13 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

Not As Good As Lake Placid, But What Is?

Author: gavin6942 from United States
13 March 2008

A crocodile farm in Thailand is threatened with closure after a few code violations. Behind this surprise inspection lies a real estate developer who wants the land where the farm sits. He will stop at nothing to get the land, even sabotaging the cages to let the crocodiles loose. And when local swimmers are being devoured, people start to notice.

My friend Chelsea and I watched this because she's been on a "bad movie" kick lately, and "Croc" was sure to fit that description, being part of the Man Eaters series (the same series that brought us the worthless "Blood Monkey"). I'm not sure if I was disappointed or not -- "Croc" is infinitely better than "Blood Monkey". Computer effects are used minimally, the acting is decent for the most part and there's an actual plot. And plenty of crocodiles, which was surprising after the absence of monkeys in "Blood Monkey".

I also have to give this film credit for not exploiting Michael Madsen. Madsen appears in the movie and plays a significant role (although he doesn't speak until the second half). Yet, the cover of the movie doesn't mention him at all. I've seen lower budget films exploit the names of mid-grade celebrities so often, I'm really impressed they decided to sell the movie with crocodiles rather than Madsen. Well played, "Croc" -- especially since this would have been an appropriate use for him.

The strength of this film is in the blood and guts. The makers of the film knew that they needed plenty of croc attacks and body parts, and we're treated to it. I also like how they explored a romance, but kept it to the bare minimum, making this more of a man versus beast picture. I learned from Sandra Bullock in "Speed" that relationships that develop during stressful events never work out.

Some things about the movie could be better. Some of the acting is poor (although not as much as you'd expect). And there's a scene with a crocodile in a swimming pool. How did he get to the pool? Can a crocodile hang out all day in a pool of chlorinated water? Granted, this scene ties up what would have been loose ends (watch it to see what I mean) with the plot... but what little I know about animal biology made this a bit hard to believe.

If you like animal-based horror pictures, let me say in all honesty: "Croc" isn't a bad choice and wasn't half as bad as I expected. It beats "Blood Monkey" by miles and even makes the boring "Prey" seem stupid. I'll always be a fan of "Jaws", but if you want a second-rate water movie (and you've seen "Megalodon") then this might be worth a spin. Hey, they made a "Croc 2" and who would make a sequel to a bad movie?

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Hungry croc chews up scenes and co-stars

Author: MartianOctocretr5 from Redondo Beach, CA
29 August 2009

Another in Sci-Fi (SyFy) channel's never ending quest to rip off famous monster movies with silly copies, and rip human victims to pieces to accomplish this.

Mutant crocs develop a taste for human cuisine, and run amok in some Asian coastal town. Victims rarely have names, but plenty of spurting red paint when a croc makes a Big Mac out of them. Few characters get even one click above nameless slaughter-meat: an animal welfare agent (who also handles animal social security and animal medicare), a croc hunter (a Capt. Quint clone from Jaws), a carnival barker guy who does a sea-life Shamu type show, carnival barker's moronic cousin, and a stereotypical sunglasses and black suit bad guy in a limo (who looks like he was supposed to be in a kung-fu movie, but got on the set for this one by mistake). Said baddie has countless stooges who end up as croc snacks, of course.

The acting is questionable, but I've seen worse. The director gives this routine hungry monster flick some good pacing, although the script writer has offered nothing new. The croc is just some Animal Planet footage, and the dozens of decapitated heads are obviously Halloween masks with red paint splattered on them. I did like the puppy's acting; his barking was very realistic. He and the croc are the standout performers.

You'll know two minutes in who's gonna get devoured, and the fact that this film will win no Oscar awards. It is however, good cinematic fast food, which is all it's trying to be.

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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Another rubbish Sci-Fi Channel 'Creature Feature'.

Author: Paul Andrews ( from UK
28 April 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Croc is set in Thailand where American Jack McQuade (Peter Tuinstra) runs a zoo for locals & tourists with his nephew Theo (Scott Hazell). Greedy property developer Cao Konsong (Wasan Junsook) wants to shut the zoo since he wants to build a road through it & resorts to underhanded tactics to achieve this, Cao's younger brother Andy (Tawon Saetang) hears that someone has been killed by a Crocodile & sensing an opportunity releases the Crocodiles from Jack's zoo in order to make it look like his Crodile's were responsible. At first everyone buy's it which leaves the real huge man-eating Crocodile to carry on killing people. Evetually the authorities realise the mistake & Jack take sit upon himself to find the real Crocodile & stop it...

Diretced by Stewart Raffill this is yet another awful 'Creature Feature' that premiered on the Sci-Fi Channel, why do they keep making & showing this rubbish? I suppose someone must like them, I mean someone must keep on watching them surely? If not they wouldn't get made, right? Anyway Croc has all the usual 'Creature Feature' flaws, a terrible script that almost totally ignores the main monster & instead focuses on a couple of really boring sub-plots like Jack not paying his taxes & the property developers trying to get Jack's zoo shut down. Listen guy's we creature feature fans don't want to see that crap we just want to see the huge Crocodile kill & eat people. The character's, dialogue, plot, narrative & logic are all well below par & overall Croc is just a terrible film that bored the life out of me. The film drags, there's nothing to engage or interest the viewer & it utterly predictable in a Sci-Fi Channel 'Creature Feature' sort of way.

Unlike most Sci-Fi Channel 'Creature Features' Croc doesn't have that much bad CGI computer effects work in it, sure it has some but most of the Crocodile attack scenes are a mixture of quick cuts, bad editing, people splashing around in the water & stock footage of real crocodiles which looks like it was lifted from some wildlife documentary. There's a definite shift in picture quality, lighting & you can tell the Crocodile isn't twenty feet long like the film claims as the surrounding terrain like grass, stones, splashes & the like reveal otherwise. The attack scenes are horribly edited, you can barely tell whats going on & they just look awful. There's a bit of gore, there are some severed limbs & in particular a decapitated mangled head, having said that it really doesn't amount to much though.

With a supposed budget of about $750,000 this obviously had a small budget & it shows. Actually shot on location in Thailand the scenery looks quite nice & is the only reason I am giving Croc two stars out of ten rather than one. Michael Madsen is really slumming it here & turns in an absolutely awful performance, I guess he either needed the money or wanted a free holiday in Thailand or both.

Croc is another awful Sci-Fi Channel 'Creature Feature' that has all the usual flaws, it's boring, predictable, stupid & infuriating to sit through. Watch the infinitely better Lake Placid (1999) again instead.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Always listen to your dog......Some SPOILERS

Author: raven_1-1 from Bristol, England
28 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An (apparently) huge man-eating killer croc' is on the loose in Thailand, chomping its way through various locals and tourists along the waterways and coast of a gorgeous looking country. Although the croc did not appear to be particularly large I was pleased that footage of actual crocs (yes, plural!) were used in the main as the villain instead of that usual laugh-fest called CGI. This, and a dog by the pool, were the plus points.

Enter a cast of the most boring people imaginable. At centre stage is the hero, 'Jack', a wannabe Jack-the-lad, who should really have been hunting for a personality instead of a croc; ditto his annoying nephew. Jack runs a sort of zoo and runs afoul of a local 'Mr Big', who wants Jack's land for development, and employs various means to try and get Jack's zoo shut down ('Mr Big' has the local police, tax inspectors and city officials in his pocket - you get the picture). Mr Big causes a beautiful-but-boring animal welfare inspector to inspect Jack's zoo with a view to closing it down. Jack teams up with said beautiful-but-boring animal welfare inspector (did not see that coming!) to hunt the hungry croc.

These two join forces with Mike Madsen, a croc hunter who has been hunting this particular croc for some time, and obviously cause Mike to yawn his way through the film (as I did). It is very obvious Mike found Jack and his nephew tedious in the extreme as in the last 15 minutes he sends Jack under the water to kill the croc armed only with a small spear and Jack's nephew of in a small rubber boat armed only with a revolver! When this fails Mike later urges someone to cut off Jack's leg when it is trapped in the jaws of the dead croc; which met its demise under a lethal shower of lead from Mike's AK47 (bet he hoped Jack was in the croc's vicinity!).

Cast aside, I have to ask....does no one speak Thai in Thailand? Police, local officials, TV reporters, children, 'Mr Big' they all spoke English even if not talking to Jack (who would be too dense to learn any Thai) - I can read subtitles if necessary. Even the beautiful-but-boring animal welfare inspector did not appear to be able speak with the local water-dwellers and she was meant to be Thai!

Best actor? The dog by the pool that tried to warn its master ('Mr Big')that the croc was lurking in his swimming pool. The dog was of coursecompletely ignored with dire consequences for Mr Big and his brother; but fortunately not for the dog!

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Good, But Flawed, Script, With Poor Execution...

Author: fearfulofspiders from United States
31 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If one were to read the script of Croc, it probably could've been a modest B-movie. Yet, with poor acting, lame special effects, and some inconsistencies, it's execution equals poor quality.

The Croc's pretty much a huge cliché -- and a rip-off of Jaws in a sense. Michael Madsen's lecture on the Croc's rampage and killing spree is adequately written, and is probably the best scene out of the entire movie. Yet, where the monster came from is obscured or not mentioned period, and whenever it appears, what we get is a highly predictable attack with no purpose to the plot.

The acting is horrendous. Michael Madsen seems bored out of his mind, while the the Asian actors seem to have no idea what enthusiasm is. The rest of the cast (mainly the Caucasian members) seem insecure with their parts, and the result leaves much to be desired.

The music is terrible and sounds like it belongs at a Busch Gardens' attraction, or a Lowry Park exhibit.

The special effects aren't that bad, but the size of the Croc is altered so many times, it's the biggest inconsistency in the flick. The film claims it's 20 ft -- which is actually quite small for a Salty, which can grow to 30 ft -- but in some shots, the thing is either 10 ft, a different crocodile, or just plain b-i-g. The attacks are lackluster and provide nothing to the advancement of the "plot". It's just all so muddled, bloody, and cliché, making it one dull experience.

Overall, while Michael Madsen is the saving grace, he's still terrible in this, giving a bored performance -- given the mediocre quality of the script. From the acting to the music, this is just garbage through and through and is only good for background noise like the rest of Sci-Fi's movies. I can only recommend it for that and only that.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Average Sci-Fi Channel Creature Feature

Author: GL84 from Los Angeles, Ca
23 March 2015

Stuck with a series of professional crises, the owner of a croc farm and a group of locals team with a croc hunter to stop the rampaging crocodile leaving a trail of blood across Thailand.

This was overall a pretty decent killer croc film with some really good points about it. One of its better elements is the rather impressive amount of attacks throughout here which has a large pull on the whole film. There's a wide variety of attacks here, from the brief ones like the attack on the fishermen in the lagoon or the chomping on the dock to get at the dog which are built-off surprise ambushes and shocks, while the more prolonged sequences throughout here from the family's encounter in the bay or their hunting party's first encounter out along the off-shore reefs that really showcase a lot of action within this. Both of these situations give this one some great points here by really making for a frantic pace that keeps the film at a brisk, enjoyable pace by managing enough attacks and encounters to keep this one quite exciting. That all of these attacks also brings in some really worthwhile blood and gore from the chomped-on bodies and severed limbs makes for some really good times here which makes this hold up somewhat against the few problems here. The biggest issues here is the fact that there's way too many subplots and alternate story lines that just drag out the film in the first half. The different issues between the gang-boss and the animal zoo isn't the slightest bit interesting, almost as much as his difficulty with the personnel in his own gang and really drag the first half out with these pointless rivalries and internal squabbling. Otherwise, this one really has a bit of schizophrenia about its titular creature which is quite distracting how this deals with the beast. While it's commendable to use real-life crocs here, there's a series of shots which not only fail to get the species right but also manages to flip between different ages as well. This one is played for both alligators and crocodiles of vastly different species, and on top of that the monstrous beast is played by full-size adults and babies which is quite distracting against the CGI and animatronic crocodile props for a wholly unsatisfying creature. These issues hold this one down.

Rated R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Nice scenery, terrible movie

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
28 July 2012

Seeing as it was SyFy I was not expecting much, but you'd think Croc would be a little more watchable than it actually was. The scenery is very nice, quite luxurious and colourful while allowing a little bit of foreboding also. However everything else equals to a truly terrible movie. The editing and photography are not awful, but there were times with techniques like the quick cuts that they did get rather obvious. A big let down here is the croc, a lame adversary if there ever was one. It is not menacing in the slightest, nothing is done with it as next to nothing is done to explain its origins or why it does what it does and there are even contrived attempts to make it quirky. Even worse is how it looks, not only does it look crude but it seems as though those behind the film were never sure of what size the croc should be as it kept changing in size and length, often alarmingly so. The music is not much better, generic and never enhancing what was going on, while the script is aimless and stilted, the story suffers from too many underdeveloped character sub-plots and contrived attacks and not enough suspense or genuine horror, the pacing is sluggish and the characters are ones that are little different than the usual SyFy creature movie characters and the exposition is so uninteresting that you don't identify with them one bit. The acting is terrible, even from Michael Madsen who looks and sounds as though he didn't want to participate. In conclusion, the scenery is good but the movie is not. 1/10 Bethany Cox

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

Reasonable killer croc movie

Author: Red-Barracuda from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
1 November 2010

A large crocodile terrorizes a Thailand resort. An American croc farm owner gets accused by a couple of local brothers of being the one responsible for this creature. So this guy hooks up with a crocodile hunter to deal with the beast.

This is a typical Sci-Fi Channel movie. The Sci-Fi Channel sure likes its water-based monster movies – crocodiles, octopuses, sharks, piranhas – it's never ending really. This one is pretty much no different to the rest; it's a completely derivative creature feature, full of bad CGI effects. Michael Madsen is the name actor and he sure looks like he just turned up for a paid holiday in Thailand. I can't say I blame him mind you as the location photography is often very nice, the Thai setting is the one thing that sets the film apart from others of its ilk. There are a few gory set-pieces that keep things quite lively, such as the attack in the swimming pool and the croc does get to burst up into a water-based house. Although the ending is a bit lacklustre to say the least.

This is a pretty watchable film to be honest. Not exactly good but passably entertaining.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Sure, blame Global Warming again…

Author: Coventry from the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls
14 June 2012

Michael Madsen, Guinness Book world record holder for appearing the most in insignificant and cheap B-movies, receives top billing in killer crocodile creature feature! This can mean two things… Either he depicts the killer crocodile itself or he depicts a lonely, grumpy and embittered hunter. Sadly, the makers opted for the safest second option. In spite of his top billing, Madsen doesn't properly appear in the film throughout the first forty minutes or something. The main plot revolves on the sly and hunky American Jack McQuade who owns and runs a popular crocodile farm in a touristy beach community in Thailand. However, when a mean local real estate agent and his sidekick try to get hold of his property to build a highway, they attempt to bring Jack in public discredit by releasing some of his tame crocodiles. When several people are brutally killed, Jack is obviously blamed by the authorities even though the real culprit is a gigantic Saltwater Crocodile. This species exclusively appears Australia waters, but the enormous critter took a side-swim away from its usual territory towards Thailand because of … global warming! Ever since a handful of years, global warming has become such an easy and grateful excuse for horror authors. They happily use it as an explanation for all sorts of grotesque occurrences; even adrift crocodiles. Personally, I have a weakness for giant killer shark/crocodile movies, so I'll pretty much watch everything, regardless of quality level. "Croc" of course is a very numeric and unsurprising effort, but it nevertheless provides some decent entertainment, laughs and bloodshed. There's a high amount of virulent croc attacks, including the devouring of a young child, and a wide variety of chewed off body parts on display. The croc also has a quirky sense of humor, as he sneaks into someone's private pool and patiently waits until the owner goes for an evening swim! The monster effects vary from adequate (puppet) to easy (borrowed documentary footage) to downright stupid (computer engineered effects). Because of this, the animal often seems to differ in size; from a rather small cute croc to a genuine prehistoric monster. Hilarious! Director Stewart Raffill, in the 80's and 90's mainly specialized in lame family and adventure movies like "The Philadelphia Experiment" and "Tammy and the T-Rex", managed to cast several beautiful Thai actresses. Their English accents are horrible, but they sure are nice to look at. Michael Madsen clearly also was happy with his free vacation in Thailand, as his performance is *slightly* more vivid than usually the case.

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Author: dukeakasmudge from Parts Unnknown
13 March 2017

I was flipping through movie channels, looking for something to watch & Croc was about to come on in 5 minutes so I thought, why not? The description sounded interesting & it had been given 3 stars so it had to be an OK movie, right? Wrong!!! How & why did this movie get 3 stars? The only reason at all I can think of that this movie got 3 stars was the scenery.I can understand if it got 1 or 2 stars, but 3? Croc was a complete & total time waster.The thing that really got me was how huge the croc was at times, but other times it was normal size.Most of all it wasn't scary looking.After it was over I wondered why did I sit through the whole thing? The best thing I can say about Croc is at least I didn't have to pay to see it.If I did, I would've wanted my $$$ back.I can't recommend anybody go see this movie unless you're a Syfy channel movie fanatic or you LOVE extremely bad creature features.There are better creature features out there, I'd suggest watching 1 of those & skipping this 1

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