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(I) (2010)


Sean: [talking about the money Tess needs to save the club] It's just money. It's just a number.

Tess: I know, but... do you think I could do it?

[Sean shakes his head]

Tess: Tell me a lie.

Sean: I need your expert sewing skills.

Tess: Tell me a *new* lie.

Sean: I don't love you.

Sean: [from trailer] So, is Ali short for anything?

Ali Rose: Oh, yeah, it's short for Alice.

Sean: Alice, hm? Well, welcome to Wonderland.

Nikki: How come I don't have a nickname?

Scarlett: Oh,you do.

Nikki: Well he never uses it.

Sean: Oh,I do.

Nikki: When?

[walks down stairs]

Sean: When you leave the room!


Sean: Slut!

Nikki: I heard that!

Ali Rose: Jack, why did you leave Kentucky?

Jack: Well, why did you leave Iowa?

Ali Rose: Because I looked around and realized there wasn't one person whose life I wanted.

Jack: Exactly.

Nikki: [annoyed] Didn't your mama ever tell you it's not polite to stare?

Ali Rose: You-You're just so damn beautiful, I...

Nikki: Well in that case, screw your mama and stare away.

Ali Rose: No one would *ever* know.

Nikki: Know what?

Ali Rose: That you're a dude.

Nikki: What the hell is that waitress doing here? I want that bitch *out*.

Sean: And what did she *ever* do to you?

Nikki: She said I looked like a drag queen!

Sean: Well, that can't be the first time that's happened before.

Ali Rose: If I'm not 20 times better than "boobs for brains" over there, you don't have to pay me.

Tess: [upon seeing a nauseous Georgia emerge from the bathroom stall] Oh, God, Georgia. Tell me you don't have the flu.

[Georgia shakes her head and starts crying]

Tess: Oh no... please have the flu!

Nikki: I will not be upstaged by some slut with mutant lungs.

Nikki: I don't get why everyone's having a conniption over her, she's just a tacky farm girl from Iowa.

Ali Rose: And we know a cow when we see one.

Vince: I may not be "Mr. Tess" anymore, but I still own half this place.

Tess: Mr. Tess?


Tess: That is *so* hot.

Vince: Nice. But it won't pay the bills.

Ali Rose: Where I come from friends don't chew on each others earlobes!

Marcus: Aren't you glad you left?

Sean: [talking about Ali's audition] Well, I couldn't keep my eyes off her.

Tess: Try harder.

Alexis: Get a room!

Sean: Get away!

Ali Rose: Hey! I'm talking to you!

Tess: You didn't tell me you could sing like that!

Tess: They'll come to hear HER sing.

Tess: [Ali is auditioning] Hey Dave, cut it.

Ali Rose: H-hold on a second, I can do this!

Tess: And I think that it's sweet that you think that you can.

Tess: He didn't even look me in the eye! He just sat there playing with his wooden thingy on his desk.

Sean: What thingy?

Tess: The long wooden block thingy.

Sean: The nameplate?

Tess: Yeah. Nameplate.

Vince: Have you read this letter from the bank?

Tess: Vincent. How many times have I told you? No business during business hours.

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