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My son love's it...

Author: D-PaC from Maastricht, The Netherlands
2 August 2009

The first time I saw this show, I wasn't very impressed. My little boy is 2 years old and just love's this Shaun the Sheep spin-off. Where Shaun the Sheep is good for laughs, even for adults... Timmy Time revolves around Shaun's little nephew Timmy, who's going to pre school for the first time - good fun for kids from 2-4.

Timmy has quiet a few friends in school; Ruffy the dog, Stripey the badger, Paxton the pig, Finlay the fox, Yabba the duck, Otus the owl, Mittens the cat, Apricot the hedgehog and Kid the donkey. I wonder if Ruffy the dog is family of Blitzer & Paxton is family of those 3 naughty pigs.

The stop-motion animating is done very nicely, even in small detail.

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It IS Citizen Kane

Author: NeonLoveChicken from United Kingdom
1 June 2010

Timmy Time is my favourite toddlers show ever and I only started watching it when I was 18. to triumph over my actual childhood favourites is quite a feat but Timmy truly does deserve it.

Firstly Timmy himself is almost offensively adorable in whatever he is doing. My personal favourite is his shocked face. The array of characters that he goes to nursery with are truly lifelike in their different personalities; you have the laid back badger, annoying, anal Mittens the cat and the seemingly schizophrenic Otis the owl with his weird puppet friend.

Secondly and more importantly, the story lines are really beautiful and simple in a parable-like way. Best examples of this would be episodes like Timmy's Tractor or Timmy Wants to Win. It teaches kids, without being preachy, that if you show kindness to others that's what you'll get in return and that friendship is more important winning. Some of the episodes are more whimsical but you will never be bored with the endless supply of hilarious sounds and facial expressions these creatures can make. The stop motion is PERFECTION as is everything Aardman seems to touch.

You'll enjoy it whatever age you are because it is just damn good storytelling.

It also has a BLOODY BRILLIANT theme tune. Now go watch it.

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Great show

Author: Eminenima from Canada
1 December 2010

In the vast wasteland of trite garbage that is children's' programming this is a brilliant gem of a show. If we've been watching TV for more than an hour when this show comes on I'm probably more excited by it than my little girl.

Without a word of dialogue (ever!) the show imparts a rich narrative to which any kid, or any adult who remembers what it is to be a kid, can relate.

This show, more than any other, holds the key to good children's' programming: engage the children without driving the parents insane. This show is as fun for me as it is for my daughter.

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Timmy Time is FANTASTIC

Author: Sara McAllister from Phoenix, AZ
16 September 2010

As a mother of a nearly four year old daughter, I am quite impressed by Timmy Time. My daughter has seen Shaun the Sheep before and loved it too, but she just becomes absolutely engrossed in Timmy Time. I believe that this is because Timmy Time is completely non-verbal. It requires little ones to really think about the elements of the story. They must listen to the intonation of the cute little noises each animal makes and decipher emotions and meaning. I truly believe that Timmy Time encourages higher-order thinking, thus being a show worth a toddler watching.

As for an adult's perspective, Timmy Time is very tolerable. There are some toddler shows out there which I would be more than glad to never see again. Although I wouldn't call Timmy Time my personal favorite, I would definitely say its not half bad. The noises that the animals make are hilarious and they are just oh-so-cute.

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Appeals to both kids and adults

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
15 March 2011

I love the work of Aardman Studios. When watching Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, Creature Comforts or Shaun the Sheep, you see great animation, a memorable theme tune, wit and charm, likable characters and a format that appeals to both kids and adults. As an 18 year old girl, I love Timmy Time, while I marginally prefer Shaun the Sheep I love it and so do some friends of mine and they're toddlers.

One of the main reasons why Timmy Time appeals to me is that it is so cute and charming. The characters are affectionately adorable, Timmy is every bit as lovable as Shaun was and even without saying a word his facial expressions and gestures speak volumes, and I love Mittens, Stripey and Otis just as much. Like Shaun the Sheep, Timmy Time doesn't have any dialogue and this is a decision that works. The joys when it comes to the humour is in the visual gags and gestures and facial expressions of the characters.

Why do I say that? Well I think the facial expressions work wonders, all of them range from very funny to priceless. And then there are the sight gags which are equally impressive, and the noises the characters make are cute and never annoying. Timmy Time isn't just funny though. The way the stories are structured, the show is quite whimsical as well with lessons that don't preach but effectively get their point across.

The stories are very simple and gentle, but always fast-paced and satisfying with any situations and lessons easy to understand. Another thing I love about Timmy Time is that it doesn't rely on fart jokes, idiotic catchphrases, obscenities, profanity or overly-cartoony violence as part of its entertainment. In fact none of that is here, and a good thing too, I have no problem with any of these elements being used as long as they are incorporated well and are used in good taste which is why some animated shows/movies nowadays don't entirely work. Its entertainment lies in its characters, simplicity, cuteness and charm and also its ability to appeal to anybody.

Not only that, the stop-motion animation is very good. The backgrounds look colourful with a wide array of beautiful colours and all the characters are appealingly modelled from the lead characters to the secondary characters. Also, this show has a truly infectious theme tune, it is never repetitive or dull, instead it is sweet and fun and like Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit I find myself humming it.

Overall, a great show that comes across to its audience very well. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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