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South-Korean horror thats not to be missed!

Author: gialli from Sweden
7 January 2008

Epitaph is an South-Korean horror film taking place on hospital in South-Korea year 1941.Its during world-war II and Japan occupation on Korea.Its more an mixed horror/love-story as the film has like 3 separate love- stories that at first seems a bit confusing but in the end make sense and linked together.Don't get me wrong the movie has some fine scares and is mostly an horror-film.The hospital look is creepy.I must say one of the best Asian films I ever seen.Its so very beautiful movie and nothing like I watched before from Asia.I also like the music-score that fit the film near perfect.Acting is very good.Not a very bloody and violent film, but it has some nice scenes of pure horror.Story is a bit hard to follow but anyhow its an excellent piece of film.Epitaph played on cinema in South-Korea Summer 2007 and its now out on DVD in S-Korea.Don't now if it was an box-office hit in S-Korea but it would surprise me if not as horror films are very popular over there.Not to be missed if you like Asian horror.I give the move 9/10

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Don't watch this expecting another Ringu

Author: WingsOfWax from Denmark
9 May 2008

...But if you do watch it anyway, you won't be disappointed. Just don't expect an all-out horror film; there's lots of drama and love story in this one too. Yes, the story is a little jumbled because of its non-linearity, but if you have the patience, this movie is worth it.

Parts of this film reminded me of The Cell, which is not a bad thing at all. The surrealistic imagery is successful, and even though it was hard to follow, the stories were entertaining.

In conclusion, this movie requires patience, and it is a little hard to follow, but if you keep with it, the interesting story elements will entertain you.

7 from me.

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Beautiful, Intelligent Horror. A "Pretty Nightmare"

Author: Shadowdog7 . (
17 November 2013

I'd like to start off and say that this is a beautifully cinematic film. Even without the horror element, you can just admire this movie for what it is, simply beautiful. It does an amazing job at combining the horror element with the artistic shots. With both of these working together creates a truly terrifying experience that you can't take your eyes from. I like to call it a "pretty nightmare".

The movie will be very confusing if you're not paying attention because there are multiple stories happening at the same time(However, you'll most likely watch it twice). Each story seems to have its own twist that unfolds throughout the movie and finishes with a satisfying ending. This is definitely worth a watch. While it is not your typical horror movie, it is still very good and will scare you/creep you out.

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A movie worth a second chance

Author: JimmyCagney from Athens, Greece
30 April 2013

Epitaph is one of those films that can very easily disappoint you when you first watch it. Especially if you expect a Ringu type flick. True, it's beautiful visually, but the storytelling is so complex that it makes you feel that either the directors - and the writer- have lost control over their material, or that you're missing something crucial. Actually, the later is the key. Cause Epitaph is not just a creepy horror flick. It's a beautiful film about LOVE. Love through and beyond life and death. Love is the common theme that connects all those perplexed stories and scenes. Having that in mind, I decided to watch it again and I must say, this time I though I was watching a totally different movie. So, my suggestion to you is this. If you're looking for a clean K-horror flick with ghosts and all the classic Ringu themes, don't watch this one. You'll be very disappointed. However, if you're interested in something more that that, give Epitaph a chance. It may not be the best one out there, but it surely has quite a lot of things to tell you.

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visually fascinating, sincere, intelligent horror

Author: jds_revenge_redux from United States
9 February 2012

People that enjoy movies that sustain a horrific atmosphere and internal logic that allows "the suspension of disbelief" should give the 2007 Korean horror movie "Epitaph" ("Gidam") a chance. It is really good looking throughout and I thought the last minute or so was really great.

Even better, the visual effects have accessible meaning the way they do in some of the best Thai movies, aren't just eye candy or so obscure you'd have to be a film student to get them.

It has an irritatingly convoluted plot, but it does come together at the very end. I think the typically Asian sincerity more than makes up for the typically Asian convolution.

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Problematic stories kept afloat by gorgeous photography/art, performances and a solid undercurrent theme

Author: refresh daemon from United States
19 October 2008

Epitaph is a horror film from South Corea. While you could definitely call it an anthology, as it contains three separate stories, all the stories are set in the same place and time, a hospital in Seoul during the Japanese occupation. While, I have to admit that the film is remarkably photographed and has great art, design and production values, and it even manages to be far more coherent and interesting that most horror films, it falls short of its potential when it comes to the stories presented.

The first story deals with a young intern, a ward of the hospital director, who becomes mesmerized by a beautiful new corpse that arrives. This is perhaps the least traditional story and the one that doesn't have any significant weaknesses. Unfortunately, it also doesn't have a very strong point by itself--this character actually bookends the film and so you do get to see and understand a bit of the theme of the overall film through him, but it doesn't have a strong resonance. The second story deals with a young girl who is brought in from a terrible car accident that takes her parents and she's experiencing terrible visions or nightmares. This portion has probably the creepiest imagery of the bunch and perhaps the strongest acting (from the little girl who plays Asako). Unfortunately, the character motivations are a little melodramatic and the segment probably goes on further than it needs to. The last segment deals with an apparent serial murder of a Japanese soldier and a mystery revolving around a surgeon at the hospital. While this segment has one or two really great ideas and resultant gorgeous imagery, at the same time, the resolution of the conflict is done via a series of twists that might even make M. Night Shyamalan roll his eyes. I think if it had restrained itself, it would've actually been a much better story.

Fortunately, even though the stories are indeed separate and focus on separate characters at the hospital, one thing that the film has going for it is that it really does a good job of sticking to its central themes of love, death and loneliness. I found that the frights were present to some degree and I'm sure that less jaded viewers might actually find them terrifying. Even with three stories that suffer from their weaknesses, the film is buoyed by its gorgeous reproduction of an era in Corean history, its beautiful photography and generally sound acting. So, in the end, Epitaph does manage to be interesting and entertaining, despite its faults. And for that, I can recommend it to horror-movie fans and the more curious (or brave) viewers of cinema. Decent. 7/10.

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Tries too hard to be sophisticated

Author: chrichtonsworld from Netherlands
9 March 2008

What seemed like a promise and at least original turns out be dull and very confusing. Now you could say that it takes time to appreciate the story and the construction of this story. But i do think that if that is the case that the story has to be interesting and entertaining. "Epitaph" just isn't. Sure there are some creepy scenes and there seems to be some atmosphere that could have made this movie into a genuine horror classic. The problem is that the story (3 different stories) is not that complicated but because of it's construct doesn't make sense at all. Only if you have the patience to sit through the movie you will get some clarification at the end. What is the purpose of telling the story like this. Is there really more to it? Is there a depth never seen before in a movie? Answer:NO! It just tries hard to conceal it's flaws and in the process have the appearance of sophistication. And believe me that it is pretty flawed. I couldn't tell you if the actors are any good. There are only brief moments of conversations between characters that were conventional but not enough for me to care about any of the characters. Overall this horror isn't scary. And it doesn't offer drama that touches me or is a least bit interesting. Not for me!

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