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Give it Up After the first half

Author: dnewwmann from United States
2 February 2009

The first half of this TV film is pretty good. OK, well at least it is watchable and interesting. However, right at the 56 minute point, the film takes a turn that makes the rest of it almost unwatchable. The actors seem to know the story has gone astray, because their once fine acting in it, becomes really sophomoric. While not a total waste of time, it comes very close. Too bad! Shannon Elizabeth, Christian Campbell (Neve's real life brother) and the actor who plays Chris really deserve better than this piece of junk! It's also unfortunate, though understandable, for the actors and actresses who are in films for the first time. This won't look good on their resumes. Save time, look for another LIFETIME film to watch. Some are quite good, but this one isn't.

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Standard TV fare for "Lifetime" movie channel suspense yarn...

Author: Neil Doyle from U.S.A.
1 February 2009

SHANNON ELIZABETH is a young woman being stalked by a co-worker and there's no big surprise as to whom the stalker is once that plot development occurs. And the first half of the story is good enough to be convincing up until the point that something happens which destroys their relationship forever. No use going into the actual details which would spoil it for anyone watching for the first time.

After that, the yarn has a hard time seeming credible although the suspense is mild enough to keep the viewer watching. ANDREW KENNETH MARTIN is convincing as the woman's boyfriend who wants to find out who is stalking his fiancé and Christian CAMPBELL does a good job as the man who creates all the problems.

Technical credits are fine in this made-for-TV movie which strains believability but has enough intrigue to keep one guessing as to how it will all end. It all feels like something inspired by a Mary Higgins Clark novel--even the title.

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Author: canuckteach from Canada
1 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*mild spoilers but read this instead of losing 103 minutes of your life* Like others, I started to watch this, had other commitments, and taped the last 90 minutes.. how do you define 'fast'? the speed with which I taped over that 90 minutes of media! the audience was expecting the 'new hire' to be the real culprit stalking our heroine when the 'plot' was pointing to the abusive ex-husband. of course, we were waiting for a twist so we could start to poke holes in the story. instead, we got some supernatural bizarre climax that looked like it came out of a short story written by a 10-year old... oh: and two people jump out of a speeding car and land on the grass with only a few bumps & bruises! hmmm -- I'm not sure which part of that conclusion was more juvenile.

How sad: clever young writers of novels and screenplays are out-of-work and THIS gets made?

Movietime? 'time' to get a real 'movie'...

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One wild unforeshadowed twist

Author: SnoopyStyle
7 May 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Alex Wilson (Shannon Elizabeth) is a Seattle book editor. She's worried about her son Danny being stalked by his father Julian from whom she has a restraining order against. Co-worker Denise Fisher likes new guy Michael McBride but he seems to like Alex more. A mysterious figure injures her boyfriend Chris and she immediately suspects Julian. The police clears Julian. Michael starts stalking Alex and falls off a cliff after struggling with her. She keeps getting harassed and then it turns supernatural.

This is never going to be a great movie. The woman stalking movie isn't much but at least it makes sense. I am willing to follow the twists and turns. The movie is alright for the first half. Then out of nowhere, the movie turns into Poltergeist. It's a bad turn and the movie crashes. Shannon Elizabeth is a solid actress. Nobody else really shines in this. The first half is a solid 6. The second half could be a 5 but the turn in-between is a big fat zero.

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You Belong to Me is too Possessive- Escape from This **

Author: edwagreen from United States
29 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have rarely seen a movie deteriorate as quickly as this one did. After 45 minutes it is determined that the most obvious person causing the mayhem is not to blame. Instead, the focus turns on a co-worker who seems to have become obsessed with the heroine of the film.

The picture falls apart as it becomes the macabre. With all sorts of mayhem occurring, a seer is called in as we saw with the late Zelda Rubinstein in "Poltergeist."

This is just too much to take. Our female lead soon discovering that this co-worker had a very similar life to hers and that she looked just like her.

The ending scene at the end of the mountain is eerie at best and certainly not pleasing. The use of mysterious devices doesn't work here.

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Hopeless made-for-TV horror/thriller

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
3 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Another piece of junk TV movie from Canada, YOU BELONG TO ME is a film of two halves. The first is a typical and cheesy stalker thriller in which a young mother, played by American PIE's Shannon Elizabeth, finds herself stalked by persons unknown, a psycho who stands around outside her house and provides a few POV shots.

This being a made-for-television movie, you know things are never going to get too serious or violent and so it proves. There are sex scene cutaways and about two non-violent deaths in total. The writer gets bored with the whole predictable stalker plot around halfway through, so throws in a twist and then turns the film into a supernatural horror film. Elizabeth's character is consistent in that she still isn't believed. There's one special effect in the film, right at the climax, and it's very cheesy indeed. Elizabeth was pretty much the worst actor in the American PIE films and so it proves in this hopeless effort.

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Heading for a fall

Author: Prismark10 from United Kingdom
13 December 2016

You belong to Me is a stalking thriller with a supernatural twist. Shannon Elizabeth is Alex Wilson who works in a Seattle publishing firm. She fears that she is being stalked by her ex, Julian who is also the father to her son. Although settled with a new boyfriend Chris, Alex thinks Julian is hanging about in the background despite a restraining order.

At work she deals with a project with a new colleague Michael who also takes an interest in her. Things come to a head as Chris gets seriously injured in a mysterious incident and Michael reveals that he is seriously unhinged and falls off a cliff.

This does not stop Alex having an eerie feeling that she is still being watched. Her son is having mysterious conversations with someone. Is Julian still stalking or Michael whose spirit is stuck in some kind of limbo?

This is a badly written tosh full of clichés and bad acting. Elizabeth looks pretty and that is about it. The story could had gone in some interesting directions that would had made it at least average but resisted all temptation to be competent.

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A Very Poor Movie

Author: Murli from Bermuda
3 May 2008

I feel sorry for TV movies- honestly I do. It's as if they were made for one reason only- that they were not good enough to bring out on the silver screen i.e. movie cinemas in wide releases, and most seem to be targeted towards a single demographic audience- mature women. Many new TV movies (and I've unfortunately seen more than my fair share) have a woman as the lead in some sort of sad, pity-me tragic sort of role which requires them to take a huge challenge/mystery upon themselves and try to solve it and save themselves and everyone else that matters to them. The writers seem to give them the qualities of Xena, a model like look, and the skills of Nancy Drew which means that the police "detectives" in the movie are either too stupid or don't really have a clue as to how to do real police work.

I have yet to see a really good female led TV move (and I really want to see one as I'm not a sexist pig!) but as far as this movie breaking new ground it actually takes a big leap backwards.

Shannon Elizabeth looks good. And that's the only positive thing I can say about her. The plot, which started out interestingly enough, descended into the depths of garbage after fifteen minutes had elapsed. If the director or the screenwriters were attempting a shock twist in the who is it part they must have missed that lecture in their film school classes because it's a dead giveaway after the first few minutes of the movie. If anyone is surprised when the "revelation" is revealed...I would recommend that you buy some Where's Wally books and study them hard.

I digress- back to Shannon. Her character commits every cliché that B horror/thriller/suspense movie leads are supposed to do. Her acting's never been her strong point but it wasn't as painfully evident until now. She pouts and screams and whimpers- none of it sincere nor believable. The rest of the cast ham their lines in either a bored fashion or one that suggests that they're only doing it for the paycheck.

The plot became so ludicrous that I actually stopped watching so I don't even know how it ends but given that it's a TV movie rest assured that all's well that must end well. For my sanity it's best that I am blissfully ignorant as I can't imagine wanting to know what really transpires.

So, if you're a HUGE die hard Shannon Elizabeth fan (send me your address and I'll send you a get well soon card) ignore this rant and enjoy yourselves before they turn out the lights in your padded cells. The rest of you can move onto something that's more watching paint dry.

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