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Sex & Nudity

  • 6/10
  • Frequent sexual content throughout the series, mostly in graphic references to sexual activity.
  • [Season 2]
  • Apart from the frequent sexual references made by the characters, there are many sexual scenes where thrusting motions with moaning and panting sounds can be clearly heard. However, they are brief and without strong details.
  • [Season 5]
  • Sexual scenes consist mainly of a man having sex with a woman in Episode 1 which includes thrusting and sexual moans; and the gang hiring the services of a transsexual in Episode 5 to frame an unconscious man in incriminating sexual positions, with no intercourse depicted. This sequence is prolonged and tinged with sexual humor and banter between the gang and the latter.
  • [Season 7 (Final)]
  • There are two scenes involving same-gender sex (Episode 10: Faith and Despondency) in this season.
  • In one scene, two men (one is a crossdresser) is seen having sex in bed. Here, some thrusting and grunting can be heard as the act takes place.
  • The other is an explicit scene showing a man being raped while he is in prison, with thrusting visible.[DISTURBING]

Violence & Gore

  • 10/10
  • This series contains brutal and sometimes graphic violent content.
  • Examples of this are beatings, stabbings, torture, fights, shootings, etc.
  • Particularly strong examples include:
  • A woman is shot in the back of the head with an Uzi, resulting in large blood sprays. This happens twice.
  • In an episode, a woman is brutally gang raped by villainous characters as a form of sending a message. No nudity is shown.
  • In an episode, a man is beaten to death with a lead pipe while others are made to watch.
  • In an episode, a woman is graphically lit on fire and burned to death while her father watches and screams in agony. This scene is incredibly disturbing.
  • In an episode, a man has his abdomin cut into four pieces and one of them is torn off with tongs. We hear him scream and see the aftermath.
  • In an episode, a man's wife is shot in front of him, while he is restrained. The Sons beat the man to death with a snow globe, as disturbing music plays. Very disturbing, even though the man was evil.
  • In an episode, a man is asked for information by the police. He sticks his tongue out and slams his chin on a table, biting his tongue off. Lots of blood.
  • In an episode, the Sons pursue a rival gang member and find him a dogfighting ring. Dead dogs can be seen in trash cans and a dog fight is seen, however, the dogfighting ring is then destroyed by the Sons.
  • In an episode, a BDSM dungeon is depicted in which women are being physically abused. A gunfight ensues and a sadistic man is drowned in a tub of urine.
  • In an episode, a woman is graphically stabbed repeatedly in the back of the head while she is being drowned. This scene is very brutal and emotionally impactful. In the following episode, someone is tortured before meeting a similar fate. It is worth noting that this is the only episode rated UK18 for this scene alone.
  • A character, throughout the series, is in prison and he is often subject to very gruesome violence such as maiming and rape. This same character kills several people in various grisly ways, such as stabbing someone through the ear and stabbing someone with a crucifix repeatedly in the neck.
  • The final season featured a storyline involving a main character being brutally tortured. His eye is gouged out and his fingers are cut off. In retaliation, the series protagonist takes revenge by doing the exact same thing to the torturer, featuring a crushed, hanging eyeball. This "retaliation" scene is one of the show's most brutal and graphic scenes.
  • The violence in SOA is usually very brutal, but the violence is never depicted as fun or cool. It is shown in a responsible negative light and has consequences. Unlike most shows, the violence is not glorified.


  • 7/10
  • Cursing is present throughout the series, but there are no instances of "fuck".
  • The most frequent profanity heard in the series are "shit", and "asshole." Also the exclamation "Jesus Christ!" is heard often as well.
  • Racial slurs are often heard due to the presence of race-based gangs. "Nigger", "wetback", and referring to people by "brown", "white" or "yellow" is present in the series.
  • Sexual slang such as "dick", is heard somewhat often.
  • Insults such as referring to women as "bitch", "whore", or "gash" have been heard in an episode or two. Insults to adult film actresses such as "cum catcher" has happened once or twice as well. "Faggot" and "retarded" have also been used once or twice as insults.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 6/10
  • [Season 2]
  • There is a drug scene in Episode 10 where two of the characters are seen taking in 'mushrooms'. Subsequent scenes show them in a state of high. The depiction of drug use in the series, however, does not promote or endorse drug abuse.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • 9/10
  • 'Sons of Anarchy' tells the story about the various members of a motorcycle club in the small town of Charming. Most of the members in the club have "day jobs" at an auto repair shop run by Clay (the presidentof the club), but their main source of income is derived by importing illegal weapons and selling them to drug gangs as well as collecting protection money from businesses in the town.
  • [Season 1]
  • This season contains multiple depictions of some violence and sexual scenes.
  • [Season 2]
  • This season contains scenes which are more suitable for the mature audience as there are various depictions of sex, drug use and violence throughout the episodes.
  • [Season 3]
  • This season contains multiple depictions of violence and sexual scenes.
  • [Season 4]
  • This season contains multiple depictions of sexual scenes and violence.
  • [Season 5]
  • There are depictions of sexual scenes, drug use and violence throughout the 13 episodes. The violence mostly consists of fighting and shooting scenes with some blood spurting.
  • [Season 7 (Final)]
  • There is a depiction of obscene sexual activity in this season.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In season 2, the club members are faced with a posse determined to bring their gun business down. Meanwhile, Clay and his step-son, Jax (the Vice President), are constantly bickering with each other due to their different opinions. When Gemma, the President's wife, is brutally raped by the posse, the Sons of Anarchy come together to exact revenge. This season brings the viewers closer to the emotional conditions of the main characters as they struggle to juggle their personal lives with their responsibilities as club members.
  • Season 5 starts off with Jax taking over the club while trying to ensure that Clay pays for his betrayal.
  • Season 7 starts off with Jax trying to take revenge on Tara's death. Believing the Chinese gang is the cause of her death, he decides to kill the leader only to learn that Gemma is the murderer. He decides to kill Gemma before promoting Chips as the new president of the club.

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