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5 Jan. 2009
Soup and a Surprise
Kate makes her annual soup that she freezes for the winter, but a stove mishap delays her plans. Then at dinner, Jon and Kate have a surprise for the kids.
12 Jan. 2009
All Smiles
The sextuplets return to the dentist for their six-month check-up. Then Kate takes Mady and Cara to see the orthodontist; Mady will have to get braces, Cara will not for a few years.
19 Jan. 2009
All You Wanted to Know
Kate and Jon sit down, once again, to answer more questions about their family. They talk about everything, from the kid with the loudest scream, to the crew's favorite moments, to Jon and Kate's plans after the kids leave home.
26 Jan. 2009
The New House
Jon and Kate take the kids for their first visit to the new house. Although Kate feels that she is nowhere close to feeling settled in, both parents and all the kids are excited about a larger house with much more space and privacy.
2 Feb. 2009
The Big Move
It's moving day and although the family is ready to leave their old home and start living in their new house, Kate still feels disorganized. With many boxes to label and load and all the furniture to dismantle, the family has their work cut out for them.
9 Feb. 2009
Walk in the Woods
While Kate is away, Jon takes the sextuplets for their second walk through the woods. After the walk turns out to be a bad idea, Jon hopes a tractor ride with each of the kids will save the day.
16 Feb. 2009
Home Sweet Home
Jon and Kate put some final touches on their new house to make it their own. New washers and dryers, a fresh coat of paint, and a re-tiled floor should do the trick.
23 Feb. 2009
The Gosselins get two German Shepherd puppies for Christmas. But it doesn't take long before the family realizes how much work these puppies will take.
2 Mar. 2009
Bye Old House
The Gosselin family returns to their old house to clear out the rest of their belongings and to put the house up for sale. In the process, the family recalls all of their treasured memories and looks forward to enjoying life in their new home.
9 Mar. 2009
Trip to the Vet
The Gosselin family's two dogs, Shoka and Nala, love to chew on anything they can get their paws on, including the kids' toys. So when Nala suddenly gets very sick, the family is not surprised when they discover the cause.
16 Mar. 2009
Slopes, Sleds and Sesame
Remembering how much fun they had in Utah, Cara and Jon return to the slopes to play some winter sports, including skiing, tubing, and bobsledding. Back at home, Kate takes Mady to get her braces adjusted before taking all seven kids to a Sesame Street show.
23 Mar. 2009
B-Ball & More
After the kids get their hair cut, Jon and Kate take them to see the Harlem Globetrotters.
23 Mar. 2009
Family Outing
While Jon is away, Kate takes the kids to paint their own canvasses and explore a "Please Touch" museum. Then Jon and Kate discuss their ongoing challenges with the show and how it has affected their lives.
25 May 2009
Turning 5 & The Future!
In the last six months, Jon and Kate have received a lot of media attention, particularly from the paparazzi. In the midst of planning and holding the sextuplets' fifth birthday party, Jon and Kate look at how their family and, in particular, their marriage has been affected and what the future holds for them, together or apart.
1 Jun. 2009
Sun, Seashells and Scrapes
It's Mady's turn to spend a holiday alone with one parent, so she and Kate head to San Diego for the spa and the beach. Back at home, Jon is looking after the other 7 kids and encounters a few accidents along the way.
1 Jun. 2009
Kate's Birthday Surprise
When Kate's birthday rolls around once again, she expects that she will have to bake her own birthday cake again. But then, the kids surprise her with a trip to Charm City Cakes, where each of them gets to decorate their own cake. During this day, Jon hits the slopes in Utah once again where he helps disabled kids learn how to ski down the mountains.
8 Jun. 2009
Bam! 100th Episode
The Gosselins get a visit from chef Emeril Lagasse. Emeril gives the whole family a cooking lesson on how to make healthy meals for a large family.
15 Jun. 2009
Bikes & Trikes
The guys from TLC's American Chopper surprise Jon and Kate with a visit. The guys take Jon back to Orange County to help him build his own motorcycle and return with a surprise for Kate.
22 Jun. 2009
Houses & Big Changes
The kids get new playhouses called Crooked Houses, one each for Mady and Cara, the sextuplet boys, and the sextuplet girls. Then, after much discussion, Jon and Kate make an announcement about what they have decided to do about their marriage.
29 Jun. 2009
Jon & Kate Plus 8: The First 10 Years
It's been ten years since Jon and Kate first met, and since then their lives have changed dramatically. In a look back at their time together, from Jon and Kate as a couple then, to their large family of ten now, we revisit the family's highs and lows, their milestone moments, and a sneak peak at their plans for the future.
3 Aug. 2009
Renovations & Vacations
It's time for the kitchen renovations that Jon and Kate planned many months ago to begin. So Kate and the kids head to the beach to relax and to forget about the stresses of life back home.
3 Aug. 2009
Camping Out
It's Kate's first time alone with the kids since she and Jon decided to separate. With her new "can do" attitude, she and all eight kids have their second backyard camp out, complete with tent, fire pit, and s'mores.
10 Aug. 2009
Beach and Kitchen Reveal
With Kate and the kids still at the beach, Jon oversees the remainder of the kitchen renovations at home. Then Kate and the sextuplets return to the see the brand new kitchen.
17 Aug. 2009
Battleship & Barber
While away in North Carolina, Kate takes the boys to explore the USS North Carolina before going to get their hair cut. Back at home, Jon, Cara, and Mady go rock climbing, go-carting, and play in a game arcade.
31 Aug. 2009
Dude Ranch and Dress Up
While Kate takes the boys to a dude ranch to becomes full-fledged cowboys, Jon goes on a scavenger hunt with the girls at home, followed by a check-up at the dentist, and a game of dress-up.
14 Sep. 2009
Movie & a Catch
While Kate is at home with the kids, she organizes some fun in the pool followed by a grilled dinner and a movie on the lawn. Then, with Jon, the kids try fishing for the very first time and make their own pizzas.
21 Sep. 2009
Farm to Table
Kate returns with the kids to an organic farmers market she used to visit regularly and buys fresh produce for that night's dinner. After the meal, she and kids play games together but an injury forces a late night visit to the hospital.
28 Sep. 2009
Tea Party
While at the beach on vacation, Kate takes the little girls for a horse-drawn carriage ride and a tea party. At home, Jon stays with Mady Cara for their last few days of school.
5 Oct. 2009
Time to Organize!
Even though the Gosselins moved into their new home a while ago, there are still many boxes that have not been unpacked. So Kate brings in two organizational experts to decide what should goes where.
12 Oct. 2009
School Days
The day that Kate has been thinking about for years is here already; the sextuplets first day of school. With book bags, lunch boxes, and new shoes to buy, Kate has a lot to do before she says goodbye to her eight at the bus stop.
19 Oct. 2009
Butterflies & Water Rockets
Kate faces her fear of bugs when she takes the sextuplet girls on a trip to Florida to visit Butterfly World and ride in a hot air balloon. Back at home, Jon, the boys and the twins play with water rockets and water balloons.
26 Oct. 2009
You Ask, Kate Answers
For the first time since she and Jon announced their separation, Kate sits down for a full length Q & A about her life with the kids. She answers many questions, all from fans and viewers of the show.
9 Nov. 2009
Viewers' Top Moments
Kate takes a walk down memory lane as she revisits the viewer's top ten moments from seasons 1 through 5. Which moment was the most shocking to viewers? And which family vacation was the best?
16 Nov. 2009
Gymnastics and Baseball
Kate and Jon have a limited amount of time alone with the kids these days, so they try to do as many things together as possible. Kate enrolls all the kids in gymnastics and then Jon takes them all to a baseball game.
16 Nov. 2009
Never Before Seen
In the flurry of changes that occurred over the summer, lots of footage from episodes that were never made was never aired. In this episode, Kate takes a look at some moments that were left behind.
23 Nov. 2009
It's a Crazy Life, But It's Our Life
As this chapter of the Gosselin's life wraps up, Jon and Kate each discuss their plans for the future as one family.
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